Stress Relief

28 July 2009

Let me start my week with some affirmations. Since my husband and I got married, we never really had the chance to go on a vacation. If we plan, something more important always go in- between. It has been a goal every year to seek time to take a break.


Last night I was just talking to my husband about stress. And the result of stress are showing lines and a dull glow on his face. I understand his concern. He is the only one working for the family. Since he started working, he literally never went on leave. We all have our limits. I think he reached his first. As we went with our conversation, we thought of other alternatives to make things a bit easy. Let's be realistic. Work pays high but it eats up a lot of your time. When it doesn't require so much of your service, it pay less.
Its only either of the 2...or you start a business for you to call the shots. So, we ended talking on going for a short break from our everyday tasks... we don't have to spend just to be able to say, "hey, we went on a vacation". Straying away from the usual is already big. Work off your mind, means good relaxation. Then the body reflects the good thoughts, it rejuvinates.
Over the weekend, we arranged a spa-like area in our home. We bought meditation music, scented candles and oils. We went on Youtube to watch some techniques on massaging. Its even better than the real spa, because we can go over more than an hour. :D

Try it! -photo-

I will do anything to make things easy for my husband. As a SAHM, a spa treatment is all I could ever give to make his system feel relaxed.

There are benefits behind this stressful story. My husband still wanted me to stay at home. We want to invest on a good business soon. We haven't thought of what kind, but definitely, we will be considering. Personally, I would prefer handling a business, than working. Our conversation helped tone down stress a bit for my husband.

Through stress/ challenges, we thought of new solutions, a new light--- putting up a business. we're able to have a healthy conversation, we seeked to understand each other and comfort each other.



Jacris said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I like your idea of having a spa-like in your home. mas relaxing and you have all your time there.And your points of views about seeing stress as a challenge dapat siguro yan ang maging views ng lahat ng tao.Nice post Enchie and ang cute ng picture na kaka relax na habang tinitignan ko.
Have a lovely day =)

Jacris said...

BTW.I have a cute tag for you here.

Chris said...

kudos to you mommy enchie! :)

Momma Bams said...

wow you just gave me an idea.. Eversince our baby was born, we rarely go out for leisures out of town. Thanks for the idea, di pa masyado magastos. Anyway, treating ourselves is always essential for our body and mind.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice ang idea mo enchie...nakakarelax sa picture pa lang.
hope maging ok ang lahat sa inyo ni hubby mo. God bless.

Ai said...

we'll definitely try this at home. hmmm, we rreally need this enchie :-D

tks for sharing

chubskulit said...

Hi Enchie, thanks for adding me to your list, added you also on my Marveling blog.. mwah

Tammy said...

It is a constant struggle in our household. Stress seems to affect me more then my husband. Or, he is just a lot better at dealing with it. When I see that things are getting to him, I try to do something special for him, even if it is just sending him fishing with his brother for a few hours.

Evan's Mom said...

How thoughtful! We all need a break from time to time :)

Lulu said...

this is a nice idea...

kikamz said...

this is indeed nice idea ench. my hubby has been complaining of body aches lately too, a sign that he is indeed stressed. i give him a back and foot massage when he gets home but this one is truly a nice idea. it would help relax his senses too. but no scented candles for him. he is allergic and goes a-sneezing all over!

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