The Convenience Of Grocery Lists

28 October 2008

It's been a ritual for me to make a list for the things I needed to buy whether for grocery items, office supplies or even some stuff from the sari-sari store. The list serves as my guide to buy what is only needed. I have the tendency to go beyond my budget, which is really bad, if I may say.

Last sunday was Grocery day. The usual, I also had my good 'ol calculator with me. Got a cart, took out my gadget and found out that I didn't have the list inside my bag. I was like: "what! I know I made one". This is the result I get, from a heavy week. I miss on some things. Sometimes, I even tend forget to bring cash. Thank God for credit cards and atms.

I resulted doing my shopping for another extra hour. I needed to do it aisle by aisle and product by product. I must get it right. A list, particularly with regards to my groceries is a must. The things I buy are the goods that makes up my family's daily routine. And just last Monday, I found out that I missed to get some of my regulars. That eventually made it hard for me to finish some chores today. With my list at hand, surely, in no time, I will be done with my shopping and I will have everything that I need.


Felicia said...

I agree.... lists save so much time and money!

Go Graham Go!

Momachie said...

you said it! :) thanks for dropping by

Pia said...

making a list is so very me. i always have one... i do this so i won't forget anything. but it is a treat for me when i go aisle by aisle and stop a while to check out new items. i get such pleasure when i do this. hehe... it gets me around 3 hours to do my grocery. =D

Liza said...

i always make a list too, saves a lot of time. ako pa naman napaka forgetful ;)