Pumpkin Patch

11 October 2017

In my previous posts, Fall marked our trip in the US last year. We arrived in June and our planned stay was just 2 months. But since it was our first family trip and we haven't seen our families in GA in years, we decided to extend our stay until at least we can celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday, my son's birthday, our great grandma's birthday and to experience Fall. 

As I was told, its during Fall that the Pumpkin Season begins and so is Halloween preparations and Thanksgiving. It is also the most liked season because of its warm colors and cool breeze.
My youngest son grew fond of pumpkins since. It became his favorite vegetable, he loves Halloween and he even uses his pumpkin container for trick or treating all- year round as toy basin.

At this same time, for the past 2 weeks we've been driving by from church, we noticed that they're slowly setting up the patch. As first- timers, we got really excited. Until the day has finally arrived, and again from church, we went straight to have our first pumpkin patch experience.
It's like a mini fair. There's an ice cream truck, small rides for kids. One of the things we enjoyed was the scary maze. The whole affair was for the whole family to enjoy. The set- up was perfect, nothing too intense.
These pumpkins are for sale. Price will depend on the size of the pumpkin. Wheelbarrows are made ready so it would be easier to tow pumpkins around. We bought small ones and displayed it by our kitchen window. Pumpkins are often used as decorative lanterns (jack-o'-lanterns) for Halloween. By tradition, it is cooked or baked for Thanksgiving.
Since we live in the south, the Country feel made it extraordinary. It was my first time, it brought out the kid in me. I mean, pumpkins of different sizes, with hay under my feet and Country music playing... I don't get that everyday, so I'm one happy mom.

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