4 Facebook Accounts

04 August 2017

I started joining social media in 2002. Friendster was so famous then. Through the years since the boom of the internet, the only applications I got involved with (aside from Friendster), was Multiply and Facebook,  I maintained both with my blogging sites. 

Like everyone else, I enjoyed the whole idea of being able to connect with friends from distant places. Schoolmates whom I haven't seen for years, and just the whole idea to be able to connect to people and voice out ones thoughts. My story goes around why I ended having 4 Facebook accounts in the last decade.

My first Facebook account was running smoothly. It was linked to my blogs and I'm very much friends with everyone until... it was hacked. My life was so open then sharing stories on my blogs thinking that I'm just an ordinary mom, I have nothing to lose. The problem started when somebody tried to get log-in info through my details online. You see, aside from blogging, I am also an active gamer until 2013. I play World of Warcraft online. W0W requires so much and if millions are playing it, millions are also interested into getting an account for free, no matter what. To be able to join, one should purchase the game itself, create an account and pay on a monthly basis for game time. My
account was a gift from a good friend of ours.

Throughout the process, an account with a good setup can also be sold (for a good amount) to another interested gamer. Given that, later on, aside from my Facebook, my Blizzard account was also targeted for phishing. I deactivated my Facebook immediately, I changed all of my account info and I simplified the things I put on my blogs and online over-all.

My second Facebook account was made as soon as I deactivated my hacked FB. It stayed for awhile until... My husband requested me to deactivate it for a very important reason. You see, my husband is a private person, he is my opposite. If I like posting stuff, you won't hear a thing from him. So prying  irks him a lot. If they can't get through him, the next person was me. It just so happen that I wasn't blogging as much too and I seldom make posts that's why this next deactivation process was not difficult to do.

My third Facebook account is supposedly for business purposes. With the deletion of my second FB account, my husband got rid of his own too and we decided to create this third as a business marketing instrument. For about a year, we were able to run a specialty loaf business. Then mid- 2016 we went out of the country for a long vacation. When we got back, everything changed, our lives changed and we did not push with the business anymore. 

Coming from a good 4- month vacation, me and my husband agreed that I convert this FB "business" account as personal so we can share photos to our families. Later on, this third account went crazy (even with the most private setting) I got several requests from people I/ we have no intention of adding. When I mentioned crazy, there was just too much going on that it was already annoying so... deactivation time.

This fourth Facebook account I just made yesterday was carefully considered. I must admit, Facebook has become an essential in a sense that we want to be in touch with the "important people" in our lives. This account will serve close family members, relatives and friends I want to keep and "I'm actively" in touch with. Not much posting, no comments, no likes (maybe) but I'll be there for anyone who wants to share a conversation with me.

4 Facebook accounts... 

Throughout this transition I also learned a few things specially when it comes to privacy. From having hundreds of contacts composed of family, friends and acquaintances, I was able to filter it down to less than 50.

People worth keeping are those who were and still are very supportive and generous of their time to us, those who inspire us, precious beings we value because we matter to them...

My family is in transition, we want a fresh, clean beginning, and  this is one part where we choose people we know that are true to us and who can be part of this new journey we're taking.

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