Home Project on Its 1st Phase

27 January 2015

It's been a month since I announced the turn over of our new home. As of the moment, we've already accomplished the requirements needed to be submitted to the building manager for home improvement. Materials are ready, we have people working on our cabinets and even our dining table is custom- made. 

But at some point there had been a turn of events. My husband asked for my consent if he can be the one to take care of the design, color and fixtures. In other words, I'll have to trust him on everything. Also, I will not be able to see our unit until the whole build out is done. It's a surprise. I think he's making up for the spoiled surprise from last month's plans. I gave our engineer (who's also our friend) my word that I'm okay with whatever my husband wants. Knowing him, he is more particular with these kinds of things. We both have the same taste that's why I'm not bothered with the whole idea.

I did gave my concerns though, like an alarm system and that he needs to look for a trusted alarm Monitoring company. For our first home after we got married, we installed an alarm in the house we rented. Not that we we're waiting for somebody to trespass, it's to double security. My next concern is my kitchen. Any neutral background will do, as long as I get proper storage for my kitchenware and then I can play with the shades I want to use to highlight my favorite spot in our home. 

The room for our little boys is going to be Lego inspired. Since they have tons of Lego toys,  we plan to keep the present color of the walls and then accentuate thru color blocking from the bedding, the study table and other things to be brought in. As a matter of fact, they already have a 2015 Lego calendar for starters.

We basically got stuck with our old things for the past 10 years. We have been renting for the past 10 years as well.  Preparing for a new home can be pretty stressful but it's all worth it especially, because it's ours now. We can put anything we want. As the queen of our castle, the thing I love about this whole event is to shop for new furniture and appliances. Now, I can surely put every detail I have in plan to use.

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