3's A Celebration 2014

22 January 2015

My Birthday Celebration
Like the past years I've celebrated, I planned my birthday for 2014 to be simple. I'm happy to be able to spend my special day with the people I love. My supposedly "special day" turned into almost a week of fun. From a weekend lunch at YABU and dinner treat from my mom. My birthday lunch at Tender Bobs with my boys, birthday dinner with our good friend Ricky at City Buffet and my birthday celebration at Yakimix, all my favorite places to eat.

Prior to all of these, I gifted myself with a brand new induction cooker and range hood. A coffee machine to add will make everything fantastic. As you noticed, whatever I got as gifts are all going to our brand new condo.

I wait each year for my birthday because I truly feel that it's the best time to get anything or at least treat myself to whatever will make me and my family happy. Well, the "waiting part" has always been the most rewarding. I thank the Lord for such wonderful blessings.

 Christmas 2014
 As we all know, my family is set to move - in our new home. In between celebrations, from my birthday, my youngest son's 3rd birthday and the Holidays, we have been poured with so much new things to cherish. Like spending Christmas in our new condo. Even without furniture, we chose to spend both Christmas and New Years at our humble abode.

In 2013, after typhoon Yolanda, we felt like there's not much reason to celebrate. It was a bit depressing, the whole vibe, the feel of the season at that time was very sad. But the Holidays for 2014 turned amazing. In a way, we made up for what was lost during our 2013 celebration. We were also graced with the presence of some relatives from America. It was our first time to spend the Holiday Season with some loved ones from GA. It feels good, it feels extraordinary and exciting to be able to celebrate Christmas with people we don't often see.

Welcoming 2015!
2014 was a wonderful year. There were more easy times than tough ones. The year just started and blessings are already pouring in. I can't wait for what's in store in the next coming months. Here's to another great year, let's make more miracles happen 2015!

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