To Baler, Aurora

20 March 2014

Going back to Baler was a plan that didn't push through in the past 2 years. It's a trip we all looked forward to. As we all know, our family got busy with a new baby on board, same with some friends of ours. That's why if you'll notice, with our recent trip, there were more kiddos around. Within those 2 years of waiting to make a trip back to Baler possible, our adventure for 2014 resulted with a new set of unforgettable memories as if we've never been to Baler before.

For starters, let me share about our road trip. Also, to give information for those who are planning to visit Baler, Aurora this summer.

Compared to our travel to Baler, Aurora in 2011, our trip this year was shorter and more relaxing. For a smooth road trip to Aurora Province without lengthy stopovers and slow traffic, it will only take 5-6 hours at most via Pantabangan.

Road to Baler, Aurora via private transport: 

Nlex--- Sctex--- La Paz, Nueva Ecija--- Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija--- Aliaga, Nueva Ecija--- Talavera-Llanera--- Rizal (Pinagpanaan-Rizal/PantabanganRoad)--- Pantabangan Road--- Maria Aurora--- San Luis, Aurora--- Baler Aurora.
We entered NLEX around 7am. We took a short break at the first gasoline station in NLEX to get our tank full and the tires checked, spent 15- 20 minutes.
Our next stop was already in a Total gasoline station in La Paz, Nueva Ecija. We arrived around 9-9:30am. We stayed to have some refreshments for about 30 minutes. From there, we didn't have anymore stopovers or any bathroom breaks, we went straight all the way to Baler.
Along the way from SCTEX, you will encounter a lot of road signs. I greatly advice to take note of  each signage or any landmark as you enter one town to another for this is also going to be the road back to Manila.
Sign along Pantabangan Road
Pantabangan Dam
Entering San Luis, Aurora
Hello Baler! It's nice to be back!

We safely reached our destination exactly around 2pm. Our recent visit to Baler, Aurora this year opened our doors to summer of 2014. The weather was perfect, it was sunny but since we're still in the month of February with the Amihan still around, it was also pretty cool. It was awesome!

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