Life's Small Gifts

07 March 2011

Living each day as it is and definitely, to the fullest... Life is what we make it.

A good night sleep,
A smile from a love one,
The innocent cry of an infant
Your child greets you good morning everyday
A pleasant hello from a total stranger,
A hug from a friend,
A pat on the back from a co-worker,
Laughter shared while having a good meal,
The scent of freshly brewed coffee,
An old lady crossing the street,
The tricks on driving an old car to help you get to work on time,
Being able to listen to an old favorite love song,
Chewing on your favorite candy,
Disappointments that makes us smarter
Moral support for a person in need,
Basket of fresh laundry with your favorite shirt at the bottom,
Your favorite shops on sale! 
Breaking Free, detachtment 
Marshmallows for breakfast
Blue Skies and windy afternoons
The relaxing sound of ocean waves
Dreaming and Reminiscing

Lifes Purpose
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Chris said...

have a great March :D