Recovering From A Tooth Extraction

29 June 2009

Last saturday, I had an emergency visit to my dentist. I planned my weekend perfectly. I thought a quick prophylaxis and tooth extraction will be good. Everything turned out to be a visit from hell (nothing against my doctor). This one tooth extraction gave me a hard time. The tooth was too hard to be pulled out. I had hunches that the root must be hooked to my gums, exactly what my dad and my sister had.
If something like this is hereditary, most likely, I have it too. My dentist tried her best to pull it out. I had two rounds of anesthesia and my dentist ended up hammering some bone part of my tooth to make room for movement.
I was sitted on that freakin' dentist chair for 3 hours. My dentist was getting exhausted. I gotta give it to her. My dentist's position wasn't easy. I mean, she's trying to put force to pull the tooth out, at the same , she was also making sure I was comfortable enough to handle it.
In the end, she was able to pull the whole thing out. The tooth was really big. As predicted, the root was curve. I felt like I'm a vampire. I have human blood all over my mouth. By the way, that is, a vampire missing a tooth. LOL!
Anyway, I had to take meds to stop the bleeding and some anti- biotic.
The heaviness and pressure brought about by the extraction stayed with me the whole weekend. But inspite of everything, I enjoyed ice cream from Dairy Queen and a late night show of The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the Gateway Mall after. (Movie review in a while).


Jacris said...

Reading this post palang I imagine your dentist trying to pull your tooth out I feel so scared,ouch. but dear you are so brave talaga grabe!!! Btw I nominated your blog as an Emerging Influential Blogs. You truly deserve this nomination Enchie. Enjoy mo lang yung Ice cream and take care always =)

Have a wonderful day =)

onlinemommy said...

Ouch! This is really painful. I haven't experience tooth extraction but the way you describe it, I am really hoping that I will never need to have one...

☆☆WILLA☆☆ said...

ouch! I can almost feel the pain, although I never experience having tooth extraction before, even a toothache (keep my finger crossed), but seeing my sisters and Patrick suffering with the agony of it,I know it is painful. I hope you feel better now.
and if you have time, I nominated you as one of the Emerging Influential Blogs Of 2009.Thanks! Take Care Enchie!

fedhz said...

yup. going to the dentist is really a visit to hell. i remember when I was in highschool i had 2 molars extracted. the worst week of my life. funny ha, coz boyfriend had his wisdom tooth extracted nung sunday:

Karen said...

Ouch!! I'm scared of hospitals and doctors, i try as much to stay away from them. Injections are no fun AT ALL! ahahaha That must have been hell enduring all that hours, i can just imagine. But you're Brave!

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