Lasting Love

04 June 2009

A woman can always be satisfied with her favorite item given by her husband on their special day. I as one, is contented with a simple card my other half gave me. With all the gifts, flowers, especially gadgets to give away...the simple thought of getting me a card to say what he feels is already grand.
His message was moving, and I plan to keep it to myself...But the card's message was also as meaningful.

"These days when so many people seem to have lost track of what marriage is all about, you two (We) seem happier than ever...and that's beautiful."

Important words he said: "The both of us make it work because of true love..."

We celebrated our anniversary with a bunch of sweetness. He stuffed me with Krispy Kreme's cheesecake collection. New York Cheesecake, Blueberry, Greenapple, Redapple, Cookies and Cream and their Yahoo! donut.

As on my part, when we go out, I plan to buy him a new pair of comfy Loafers. I also cooked Carbonara and prepared Sugarfree Magoes in Cream.

Another memorable anniversary passed. I'm so excited for the surprise the next one will bring.


fedhz said...

haaay... kinikilabutan ako sa mga sulat mo, mommy. poet ka ba? hehe.

Beth said...

ang sweet! sabi ko na e, happy ending pa din to, i know how full of love naman kyong dalawa for each other. :)

I really think wala sa gifts un, it's always the thought that counts. :) I also love to receive doughnuts on special days! :)

Enjoy the anniversary week! heheh, meron ba nun?! :)

Bambie said...

wow you see... no matter how busy, special dates will always be special... =) sweet

""rare*jonRez"" said...

waaaaah! di ko kaya ang ka-sweetan dito! haha! pahingi na nga lang, kahit yang blueberry lang! hahaha!

what a remarkable anniversary! congratulations for the amazing 5 years of true loving to both of you!

joy said...

ang sweet naman! even if it is a simple celebration, it is indeed a one very loving, and truly memorable anniversary! nakakakilig!

Enchie said...

I am very happy and thankful for this wonderful gift of love. I heart you girls and I admire your life too.

Jes said...

aw ang sarap =) naiinggit ako minsan kasi ang hubby ko walang asukal sa katawan ahehehe =) me ibang way sya ng pagpapakita ng sweetnessnya kaso hanap ko mnsan ang romantic ek ek eh eheheheh =) nice! congrats sa nyung dalawa...more years....more love....=)

Chris said...

how sweet! literally and figuratively! :D

Karen said...


Sarap naman nyan o! heehee