Blog Hopping Inspired Me

30 October 2008

I'm in the process of reconstructing my blogger account. It's been stagnant for about 4 months. Stagnant, in a way, that I wasn't able to put some stories in it since I had it. One purpose I got Blogger, is to be able to read and appreciate the stories outside Multiply. You see, Multiply is originally my home. You can visit here:
Some people in the scene, inspired me to continue with this site again. My thank yous for your lovely stories of Life&Love. You encouraged me to share the sweet nothings that makes up my day as a Mom and Wife.
As I went my way. Widget by widget, joining exciting and fun activities. I saw articles with the same goals. I wondered, how do these bloggers make it, when at the other side of it, another one is doing it too? Then I realized, it's the stories they tell. It's the one that makes them unique from one another. Parents who wants to share their version of excitement when it comes to Family.
Who are these Inspiring Writers? Check my sidebar: "Stories That Define One's Self"
Continue making us smile and inspiring us with your musings-deep thoughts.
*Thanks to Entrecard, it made surfing easier & fun.

The Convenience Of Grocery Lists

28 October 2008

It's been a ritual for me to make a list for the things I needed to buy, whether for grocery goods, office supplies or even some stuff from the sari-sari store. The list serves as my guide to buy what is only needed. I have the tendency to go way beyond my budget. Which is really bad, if I may say.
Last sunday was Grocery day. The usual, I also had my good 'ol calculator with me. Got a cart, took out my gadget and found out that I didn't have the list inside my bag. I was like: "what! I know I made one". This is the result I get, from a heavy week. I miss on some things. Sometimes, I even tend forget to bring cash. Thank God for Credit cards and atms.
I resulted doing my shopping for another extra hour. I needed to do it aisle by aisle and product by product. I must get it right. A list, particularly with regards to my groceries is a must. The things I buy, are the goods that makes up my family's daily routine. And just last monday, I found out that I missed to get some of my regulars. That eventually, made it hard for me to finish some chores today. With my list at hand, surely, in no time, I will be done with my shopping and I will have everything that I need.

Toy Hunt---Coca-Cola Teddy Bear

I just joined When Mom Talk's toy hunt. The week may be over, but the month isn't. So here is my "pahabol" toy hunt for something that sings or with music.

The Coca-Cola Teddy Bear
This was a gift from my mother-in-law to my son. It is a pretty old toy. But Franky loves listening to it. (a few years back, it used to have something on it with a coca-cola label). When you push the button on the left part of the foot, it automatically plays Jingle Bells. And it is just in time when I brought it out, cause I was already decorating for Christmas.

My Birthday Wishlist and Me On Aging

27 October 2008

Less than a month from now, I will be hitting the big 3 zero. And what makes it more exciting? thinking on how will I celebrate it this year. I decided to make it simple. Dinner with my family and afterwards, out with my birthday cake & end up the night by making a birthday wish for a brighter future.
Birthdays are all about aging, we get older every year. And it should never be an issue to one's self. As a matter of fact, my husband & I would talk on how will we look like with white hair. For me, a salt & pepper look, plus a rockin' hairstyle, will do. It is one of life's wonders.
My wishlist?
-good health for my family
-a never-ending happiness
-more wisdom
-and a housePhotobucket
I really couldn't ask for anything more. Though, I wanted a DSLR before. But then, I realized that my Canon Digital Camera is good enough. I'm learning to rid myself from any material. Instead of me getting what I want, my child and my future children will come in first. On my 30th birthday, my life will change to become a better person. Numbers doesn't count anymore. Age is all about what God has gifted me with. And that is... spending my entire life being a Mother to my child, a Wife & a Partner to my loving husband.

Mom's First Banana Split Wth His Little Boy

Yeba! This may sound and look impossible. This is not only my first shared ice cream with my son, butit is my first Banana Split too. Dairy Queen served us with a big portion. I was very delighted to help Franky finish his ice cream.

Delicious DQ soft serve covered in luscious strawberry, pineapple, and chocolate toppings, with whipped topping and nestled between a sweet banana.
One day last week, we decided to dine out for dinner. With a full tummy, we thought that ice cream would still be great! I fed him and he fed me back. Seeing my son bloom into a sweet & loving child, made my heart beat at its softest. I see myself in him as he grows older. Sweet nothings as this one should always be remembered. For when the boy, who once shared some sweet time with his mom, is bound to have his own ice cream moments with his special someone sooner or later.
My thank yous for this short moment. We will both cherish this forever.


26 October 2008

Ok. I think I'm still full from my recent "smorgasbord" frenzy. It's been a long time since my last visit to the buffet table. I kinda gained weight after giving birth to my first child. So as much as I wanted to taste everything that's delicious, all I can take is a well- balanced plate.
Last night, my husband took me and my son to one of the famous restaurants known for it's buffet style of dining. Dad's Restaurant in SM Megamall. Last time I ate there was in 2006. Actually, I need to congratulate myself, I was able to avoid that place for 2 years. Ha! All that just to lose "a bit" of my fat.
Anyway, I had a fantastic night. So here's what I got:
a plate of my favorite japanese delight

mixed tempura (prawn, crab meat and vegetables)

my dinner platter
I'm into japanese lately, that's why i concentrated on this international delicacy. The fish was fresh, the sauce was amazing.

Dad's Restaurant offers a wide range of dishes. From Filipino, Japanese, American, Norweigan and a lot more. Don't forget the line of desserts that will make you go ga-ga, that you just keep on coming back.

If you're from abroad or from the Philippines looking for an awesome Filipino dining experience, Dad's is the place to visit. Sure you don't wanna miss it!
Yellow plate: Covers Filipino dishes only P300+
Blue plate: Covers International dishes, including Filipino P580
No sharing and no left-overs
Kiddie Plate P180

Where Did Sesame Street Go?

24 October 2008

A friend refreshed my mind somehow with her blog just recently.

Where did Sesame Street go? I used to watch it as a kid. It helps with the child's development. How I wish they bring back this show on local T.V here in the Philippines. It's going to be a different experience for our little ones.

Pure Jazz With HIM

My husband's heart for music is with Jazz. And when we heard that two of the jazz legends are coming, we couldn't explain the excitement that overwhelmed us. But while we're at it, work for became a hindrance. My heart broke when he told me that it might be impossible for him to experience Scofield. I then, looked for ways & researched for the important stuff online like the ticket prices, venue, time and other activities like the workshop. I don't want my husband to miss this particular event in his life.
And so, I was very successful, we went, we watched, we enjoyed. On the side, he was reunited with some old friends from the music industry. I gave this night to him. It's been a long time, since he last played. At least a good chat with his buddies might pull him back into playing his guitar again.

Us enjoying the night with Cervesa Negra
Him Happy & Fulfilled

To watch two of the amazing Jazz Icons together
John Scofield and Joe Lovano

I felt fulfilled myself. I was able to give something that no material could ever replace. An experience to cherish with something he is so passionate about. Jazz...

What We Took Home From Church Today

My son & I went to a nearby church to hear mass. When we got out, there's this line of vendors waiting, selling kid's toys that light up in different colors. I myself wanted to buy for myself. Hopefully, I can use or play with everytime there's no electricity.

Prices range from P20 (which is the smallest) to P50 (the one in the picture). Isn't it nice. Looking at the colors alone is already entertaining.

Sweet Nothings Now Official

One thing that inspires a mom are the shallowness of being a mother itself. Pretending to be your child's favorite cartoon character, making meals restaurant style for your family or simply losing a set of french tips over some chores. My sweet nothings are the fun stuff I share with my loved ones. It's really nothing, but it's something sweet that you will always remember for the rest of your life.
After some months of concentrating on One Woman's Tale, I decided to proceed 'seriously' with this site where I can share the other side of being a housewife and most of all, the Sweet Nothings of a Mom.