A Beachless Summer

18 May 2015

This is one extraordinary summer for me and my family. Often times, as early as October, we already have plans for summer. This has got to be an experience to remember with summer being beachless.

It all started when we received a call late last year that we're already approved to move- in our new place. We got all excited and executed every plan for our home. Planning was easy, but the roll out got a little delayed because of the requirements we needed to submit in order to do the finishing touches. Having a friend who is a contractor is a blessing because he made things fast, sure and easy for us. With all these, it looked like our summer will go around with the adjustment and fixins of our new condo. But all is good for the whole family because we have a large pool to enjoy as part of the amenities of the community we chose to live in.
Every week, we go swimming. To a point that it feels like we're in a resort, only we don't pack our things to go home, we're here permanently and that's awesome! It's summer but the pool is often empty. We were told that most residents are balikbayans or prefers to hangout somewhere else or even go to the beach at this time of the year.

Not only that, we didn't have to enroll  our son for swimming lessons, because with a pool around, my husband personally instructs our son. And still to our surprise, a famous swim school  offers swimming courses here in our place. Perfect! we'll never run out of choices.

Summer 2015 may be beachless, but we sure do love the fact that anytime we want to freshen up from the tropical heat, we'll just take an elevator down and yeah, SWIMMING!

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