Home Project Now Rolling

26 October 2014

Moving forward towards happier times. One of the things that's been keeping me away from my regular routine online is furniture shopping. Finally, the moment has arrived when we get to choose the stuff for our new home. Personally, I don't want fill our unit in an instant. I want to do it slowly so that we can also get the furniture that is perfect for each room. And of course, we can't afford to buy and change and buy new ones again and again. I told my husband that if we're to rush things, everything else might go bonkers at some point.

It turned out that my husband had that same thought in mind. Planning was made easy because my husband and I are attuned with the same ideas, stuff we want to put in and certain themes for our new home.

The only request I have was a signature chair for myself. A high back chair. You know the idea, when guests will see that chair, they know it's mine and I own that small space in our home. Same goes with my other half, he requested for a LaZBoy, I didn't argue because he granted mine and I want him to get his too.

My chair was an easy find. SM Home World is now selling sleek chairs, home decor and other furniture. I was in heaven when I saw the line of high back chairs on display. It comes in different sizes, designs and colors. But it's a different story with my husband. Since a LAZBOY costs so much, he's still on the hunt "for the worthy recliner".

So we've settled our chairs, this afternoon, we went through the list of kitchen appliances we need. As much as possible, we want to go for things that are economical, environment-friendly, safe and easy to maintain. It's our own home, it's new, so why not make a good investment.

Still Coping...

The last time I found myself in this very position was when my father-in-law passed away 6 years ago. It has been weeks since we lost one of our most treasured friend. Life had to continue as if nothing happened, my husband tries his best to proceed with his daily tasks at work even if he is grieving inside. It's hard, very hard... 

For us, we didn't lose a friend, but it feels like we lost a family member. 

There are moments when we look at old photos, we reminisce the old times, how this wonderful person has affected us through his principles in life... For some reason, the passing of this friend of ours was the hardest thing to accept. Maybe because it was very sudden and that until his time was about to end, he was still there thinking of our family's welfare and he stood strong being a mentor to my husband.

Maybe it will take a few more months to finally accept the reality that he is gone... but we will never forget the things that he has done for us...

09 October 2014

This entry is going to be emotional...  for the first time I am pouring my thoughts and feelings out on this blog on how 2014 was made sad for me and my husband. Better this way, than writing about it when a new year is about to begin. 

It may look that I don't have friends or a "barkada" to hangout with... I do have friends and there's a handful whom I treasure simply because of their extraordinary way how to bring friendship a level higher than the usual. Same goes with my husband. 

We are surrounded by people who have accepted us for who we are, people who embrace every moment we spend with them, people who will never forget, kindhearted individuals that became family to us. I don't need to mention each one... We know how important we are to them and how special they are to us.

2014 began with the death of an old friend of mine. His passing was very sudden... I don't want to go into details, but few of us knew why and how his life was cut short. Second quarter came with the death of one of my husband's close workmate from a previous company. 

When I say close, even if they don't work under the same roof anymore, they still make it a point to keep in touch even with their busy lives. Knowing somebody is not just physical or through his/ her everyday life. We look deep inside on what makes up this kind person.

Following the losses was the passing of another... Mikah... 

It feels like for every quarter of this year, we lose somebody. We don't attend parties, we go to funerals instead...

And the latest news was the most devastating... Remember my post on owning a Volvo... Our friend who wanted to give us his car joined Our Creator last Friday... I haven't shed a single tear yet, though my heart's been crying since I found out about it... I'm still in shock, in denial... It feels like we lost a big brother. My husband's working off his feet just to be able to move on. I don't know how my eldest son will take it. My heart feels so heavy right now.

We owe our big brother so much... We wanted him see our new condo... he was a brother, a mentor, a friend... He is THE MAN! Nobody will ever take his place. He has always been there for us. He was the life of every party. He was the sunshine and rainbow in every gloomy heart.

It's such a great loss. The Holiday Season will never be the same again... our summer will never be as hot, fun and exciting... 

As his last words to my husband... "Whatever we have here on earth is temporary. Do or get whatever that will make you happy. At least when you go, you know that you enjoyed your stay, you made people happy, you're happy."

His life was very colorful. He lived a beautiful life. We know him for being happy, fun and adventurous. Now, life continues with him watching over us all the time. We move on as we carry his legacy to inspire others. Share his wisdom and inspirations, his love for gaming, his passion for work and his truthful side on being a good friend. 
Cheers to that!

We lost 4 of our good friends this year... I hope it stops there. Yes, we now know that we should give value to what we have in life and what matters are the moments we share with each other... but we pray Lord not to give us meaning by losing another good person again...