Home Project Now Rolling

26 October 2014

Moving forward towards happier times. One of the things that's been keeping me away from my regular routine online is furniture shopping. Finally, the moment has arrived when we get to choose the stuff for our new home. Personally, I don't want fill our unit in an instant. I want to do it slowly so that we can also get the furniture that is perfect for each room. And of course, we can't afford to buy and change and buy new ones again and again. I told my husband that if we're to rush things, everything else might go bonkers at some point.

It turned out that my husband had that same thought in mind. Planning was made easy because my husband and I are attuned with the same ideas, stuff we want to put in and certain themes for our new home.

The only request I have was a signature chair for myself. A high back chair. You know the idea, when guests will see that chair, they know it's mine and I own that small space in our home. Same goes with my other half, he requested for a LaZBoy, I didn't argue because he granted mine and I want him to get his too.

My chair was an easy find. SM Home World is now selling sleek chairs, home decor and other furniture. I was in heaven when I saw the line of high back chairs on display. It comes in different sizes, designs and colors. But it's a different story with my husband. Since a LAZBOY costs so much, he's still on the hunt "for the worthy recliner".

So we've settled our chairs, this afternoon, we went through the list of kitchen appliances we need. As much as possible, we want to go for things that are economical, environment-friendly, safe and easy to maintain. It's our own home, it's new, so why not make a good investment.

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