Life In Capones

02 May 2013

Last time I island- hopped was when I was 10 years old. My Auntie would take me and brother with her every time she would go to the beach. As a kid, it was one of the good memories I had. I can still remember getting pricked by a sea urchin. It was really great to be able to experience to go to an isolated island again.  Isolated, because even with tourists around, the people of Zambales was able to control the crowd and they were able to maintain the original feel of a deserted island in the middle of the ocean.
I went to our balcony around 4am in the morning. I just thought of having some "me time". When I got out, I saw the moon shining over the islands of Camara and Capones. When I went to bed the night before everything was dark at that very same spot. This has got to be one of the treats I enjoyed during our stay in Zambales. The moon served like a spot light over the islands. The sky was clear and the stars were shining brightly as well.
After my short sight-seeing of the moon over the islands, at 6am, I went to the reception area to reserve a boat for our island hop. With our experience, it's best to go island hopping early in the morning. The water is calm and it's safe to get a healthy exposure with the sun. After our reservation, I had our breakfast packed so we can eat at the island. At 7am, our boat was ready and waiting.
The boat was equipped with life vests both for adults, kids and even for a 1- year old. Our boat ride went smoothly. In the middle of the ocean, we saw through the crystal blue green water, enjoyed looking at corals and fishes.
Capones Island
 Breakfast in Capones
We chose Capones because the beach area is bigger than in Camara, with lesser visitors also because most would prefer Anawangin Cove. When we arrived in Capones, there were tourists around. Most of them, slept at the island.  When our boat man told us about tourists sleeping, camping over at the island, I feared that we might end up with trash everywhere. I'm really happy that they kept the place clean.
Me and my sister Les
One of the things we enjoyed in Capones was the clear water that housed some shells, corals, crabs and small fishes. It was quite an experience for my kids. My youngest son, played with sand for the very first time... swam in sea water. My eldest went snorkeling with his dad. It's wonderful to see my children love nature.
Like I mentioned earlier, there were tourists but the beach remained the same. Everyone had their own spots to enjoy.
The sand was white and fine. But near the water, you'll find shells small stones.

For me, it's instant paradise. I don't even have to fly some place, beat a number of people for a spot.  Define beach, adventure and fun all together, here in Zambales, we have an untouched treasure. Let's take care of it, respect and preserve the beauty of the famous islands of Zambales.

Island Hopping: 
Camara, Capones, Anawangin Cove: Php3,500
Camara only: Php 1,100
Capones only: Php 1,300
  • You can stay on these islands for as long as you want during the day and even overnight. It is important to make clear arrangements with the resort management and boat man before going.
  • Bring umbrellas, tents or anything for cover. 
  • Bring lots of drinking water.
  • Food is allowed, but make sure to bring your excess/ trash back with you.
  • Fishing, snorkeling is by request. Ask your resort management with regards to this matter.
  • Ask your boat man about the famous lighthouse in Capones.
  • Going to San Antonio Zambales


Beth said...

Hi enchie,
sarap nman ng summer vacation nyo. Namiss ko tuloy ang Pinas. I really would love to go to those islands someday. And I look forward to sleeping the night away there for a more adventurous getaway. :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

I'll make sure to go to Capones next time I'm in Zambales