I Almost Owned A Volvo

10 September 2014

That's right, I almost got a Volvo for my first car. Well, it's a second- hand car. The former owner is a friend of ours who loves European cars and all of his cars are well- maintained. So when the deal was offered to my husband he had a tough time weighing things out. 

Here's why. We just recently acquired our own condo. Next in our list is to get a second vehicle so both me and my husband will not have to wait on each other with 1 vehicle. Of course, the plan is to get a brand new car. Our minds were set for an SUV since we have kids and we like going on road trips. 

Then a sudden opportunity knocked and someone or let me say "an angel" gave us a ridiculously good deal on owning a Volvo. Come on guys, a Volvo is a Volvo. It's one of the best cars and not to forget, its safety engineering.  It's an ideal car for family adventures. 

Our friend who owns the Volvo mentioned that he chose to make the offer to my husband because he is a family man. Knowing our family, he trust that we will take good care of his car if we get it. So, my husband went for a test drive. True enough, it's a powerful car, very sleek and luxurious even if second- hand. Personally, my mind was made up to buy the car in cold cash, with my own money. I got overly excited and was easily persuaded.

To make the long story short, we turned down the offer simply because we feel that it's not for us. If we're going to look at it, maintenance is going to be hell, especially we're not too familiar with European cars. Japanese or American cars we will surely take it... but something we are not familiar with... we'll have to pass. We believe that in buying a car, a buyer should also gauge his or her capability on maintaining a vehicle. It's useless if one has a car but doesn't know the rules of maintaining one.

Anyway, having a friend who can make such offer is already a blessing. Besides, he's also into American cars (wink!) maybe one day he might just let go of some.