A Personal Touch To It

03 March 2015

How does it feel to have your own home? It is the most rewarding I have ever experienced. I mean, my husband's the only one working... and yet we're able to purchase of great value and something important for the whole family. Among anything else, to provide proper shelter has always been our main goal from the beginning of this journey. Speaking of beginnings, like our wedding, any event that come into our lives, we always put a personal touch to it. 

With our condo, we didn't hire a painter. We just went with the idea that we had to do it ourselves. We're not experts, but we're blessed with friends who knows these things and they helped us. They taught us how to paint like we're good at it. I gotta say, it will take a lot of skill to paint. It may look simple and easy, but doesn't run that way.
In the end, all the hard work paid off just looking at our walls and knowing that we did all the painting. (please excuse our photo we decided for an impromptu  photo op hehehe!)
It's been a month since the plan for the home improvement of our new condo was rolled out. We started as we worked with our contractor for the design we want, particularly for my kitchen. Then, we had to accomplish proper permits for the build out and security requirements for our workers. The purchase of construction materials followed. In- between the process, we go on location to personally inspect the furniture we had custom made. On top of everything, life continues. 

Please bear for my absence. We're at the last leg of the build out and we will be moving- in soon. I really can't wait to share this new chapter in our lives... Until then...