My Partner for Summer 2014: Cath Kidston Spot & Dots

26 May 2014

Summer's about to come to an end, but before it does, let me share a thing that made my summer experience complete. Aside from wearing the nice halter sundress that I shopped from Zalora, there's one more thing I looked forward to... the perfect summer bag.

I started this "Partner for Summer Bag" thing last year. I got a bag from Marc Jacobs as a gift for myself. It just so happen that summer in the Philippines was about to come, so I thought the timing of a brand new large tote and the beach combined was perfect. 
Then, mid of 2013, my husband gifted me with a Cath Kidston bag. It arrived in GA days after the order was placed and it came straight from London. The bag itself landed on my hands around November, because it was shipped in a bigger box with the other gifts from my in- laws.

I didn't really use the bag as much until summer of 2014 came. Not only that, my younger sister is also a Cath Kidston user. Our bags are filled with dots in different sizes and both are unique. 

Cath Kidston is known for its pretty floral prints and patterns. It does not end with bags, these designs are also available for fabrics, clothing, wallpaper, accessories and home essentials. The whole collection goes around a wide range of selections which includes spots and dots. 

For summer 2014, Cath Kidston is my/ our partner. The color, design and style are playful and fit for any activity bound for the whole of summer and so on. It also goes well with our Havaianas.
I'm impressed with how sturdy Cath Kidston bags are. Like the rest of my large bags, my red polka dot bag was full not only with the regular kids' stuff, but it was doubled with some beach items for myself and my children. Our Cath Kidstons were perfect. I didn't have any trouble figuring out a place where to put my bag. It's the beach, I don't want to bother myself all worried whether my bag will get dirty and wet. 

I might just consider another item from the Cath Kidston, a Weekend bag which I can use for road trips and quick getaways. This time, I'm gonna stick with Cath Kidston's nostalgic floral prints.

Beach Day in Subic

08 May 2014

Let me take a break from making posts about our Baler trip. Here's another fun- filled journey I took  with my family. For summer 2014, as always, we went back to Subic. It was my sister's birthday celebration and at the same time, we wanted to take the kids to the beach. Summer will never be complete without the beach, and Subic is a great destination.
Our parents did not go with us. Our dad was on a business trip and my mom opted to stay at home. Since we're down to 2 cars, one of my sisters stayed with me and the other stayed with our brother. We convoyed our way to Subic early Saturday morning. Our check- in time at Forestview was at 2pm but we still went early so we can enjoy the cool road trip with less vehicles around.
The road to Subic was smooth as usual. The part that fell off mid of last year is still being fixed, so expect merging lanes at some point before hitting Porac.
Along the way, we were greeted with so much green scenery. The kids loved it. We traveled all the way to Subic with the car's a/c off and the cool morning was just breezing through. Leaving early graced us with the rising of the sun. It's as relaxing as watching the sunset.
We made a quick stop in SCTEX and took some photos. It was actually for my brother and his family. Since it was their first time to drive along SCTEX, we just have to give them a little token, a shot by the road.
It was a perfect day to go to the beach. We had reservations at All Hands Beach Resort so we were able to get a good spot. Our hut was located near the bar that is beach front. As soon as we got there, we unpacked our stuff, got the grill going as the kids were accompanied by my husband for a swim.
Since we're early, the beach wasn't as full, but around brunch time, people started to come in. Most of the huts were already reserved, so imagine those who just walked- in that day, they didn't really get any tables. For summer, it's always best to plan and make reservations ahead to avoid disappointment.
There were a lot of water sports available including Kayaking. The kids enjoyed the kayaks with their Titas.
I never experienced sunset in Subic in my years going back and forth in that place. This trip was truly inspirational. For the very first time, I was gifted to view the beautiful sunset from this part of the country--- and with the people I love.
Our brother Nano needed to attend to a bulk delivery at the restaurant he is managing that weekend, that's why he wasn't able to come with us. But we made sure to get the whole family together once we get back in Manila.
Personally, trips spent with family makes me feel grateful again and again... I feel so blessed knowing that my family is together. Anytime we want to see each other, everyone is a call or even just a text away. Yes, we didn't "have much then", but we are gifted with such "colorful and blooming relationship now". We're made happy through simple things such as spending time talking and laughing... 

Thank you Lord, thank you for giving me this family, my family to spend my lifetime with.

Cheers for another memorable summer!