Hair Fall to Virgin Hair

29 November 2012

6 months after giving birth I suffered hair fall. Suffered because I think I had too much of it.   My doctor told me that my body's hormones were adjusting. It's normal for me to shed some strands after pregnancy. I got scared because it went on for almost 3 months, and the last time I was pregnant was 8 years ago and I can't remember having it as bad, so this hair loss experience freaked me out. It's one of the things I dealt with why I wasn't feeling so inspired to post pictures.
One of the solutions I came up with was to have my hair cut short to lessen the weight.  I knew I made the right decision of not getting a perm,  imagine hair fall with treated hair... that's going to be a very big prblem.
When I met up with my college friends,  one of them gave birth a month ahead of me, one of things she asked me was--- "France, did you ever experience hair fall?"  My hairstylist shared similar stories that happened with some of her clients after their pregnancy too.  Thank God it's just a temporary thing.
Now, my hair is growing back. Had it trimmed last month, the hairstylist told me that I have "virgin hair". Funny because I didn't know that such term exist. I had my hair rebonded 3 years ago, but that's it. I had the remaining rebonded hair removed last year when I was pregnant. I didn't have any form of hair treatment since then.  So yeah, consider my hair virgin. Lol!

When Emo Met Jazzy

Just a couple of weeks back, we brought Emo to meet a female Beagle named Jazzy. It was Emo's first time to encounter a female dog. A friend of ours asked us for dog studding services. As pet owners, it was also our first time to get familiar with the studding process of dogs.

We dropped off our kids at my parents' then brought Emo to meet Jazzy. It was nice to be able to bring Emo out again. It's just amazing how Emo thinks of us as family, I mean the way this dog acts towards us, his sweetness... unbelievable!
Talk about being man's best friend... In the family, he has always been close to my husband. They say, the first one who'll hold the puppy will automatically recognize him or her as its master. I guess there's truth to that with what I've been seeing between Emo and my husband. Emo is turning 2 years this December, but everytime he's around his master he acts as if he's just a puppy...
We're very excited for the puppies... Jazzy is a beautiful dog and I heard that's there's another female Beagle waiting...
It's been a month again since my last post and boy I really feel bad leaving my blogs with nothing. I made this post because just over the weekend, we had dinner with a family from America.
He asked me: "Ench, how come you don't post pictures anymore?"
So I answered: "Tito my hands are full taking care of the boys, I never thought that it is going to be this hectic."
Somewhat, my Tito's question inspired me to share my life for the past month since my last post. Not only I stopped posting or sharing pictures on Facebook, but as you noticed, I seldom make articles on my blogs including my food website.
As always, I've been very busy being a mom. I wake up at 6am go to bed with my 2 boys at 8:30pm. Within the day, I do chores, play with my baby, hang-out a bit with my husband and been busy with errands.
I knew that it will take some more from my part as our family grows bigger, and one to consider is time for myself and time for the things I love to do. Life is like that. My reward is far greater than the time I lost for myself because I was given 3 individuals that makes my life more colorful each day.
My son Frankie had another school presentation entitled One for Africa. I was very busy preparing him for this event, mostly, bringing him to school and coordinating with his teachers. Of course, as a parent, I want what's best for my children, I will do anything to support my kids in whatever they do.

At home, Mikee kept me occupied. He's now trying to walk, talk and his 2 front teeth came out already. In a few weeks he'll be turning 1 year.
Everyday our youngest son shows a lot in terms of development. The amusing part in the process is being able to distinguish the difference between Mikee and Frankie when it comes to personality.

Over-all, my boys are both intelligent and charming.

I am thankful that for each day given to me, I deal with milestones, happiness and good news. I am grateful that I was given this privelege to stay at home and witness life's wonderful gifts through my children, my loving husband and emo.