Avent Infant Starter Set

15 December 2011

Our online baby purchase came in today. One thing that my mom taught me was never to take products that are essential for granted , especially during the first 6 months of the baby.  And on top of the list are feeding bottles. I am very particular when it comes to this matter. Simple, aside from breastfeeding, milk formula is the next option on feeding the baby. And we all know how sensitive these little angels are, as a mother,  it is important for me to use the safest and the most reliable when it comes to baby products.
Avent's been a trusted brand.
1. It's unbreakable
2. It does not contain Bisphenol A (which can cause future health problems)
3. Colic Free
4. and a complete Infant Starter Set was made available
It's been my choice even with my first child.
But before, with my first baby, Avent was only selling a set of 3 bottles. It's good to know that now, they have more options.
I waited for about a month to finally get my hands on this Avent Infant Starter Set. It's the only thing that was missing in my list of essentials for the baby. At first, I was highly considering and was about to purchase a set in a local department store for Php4000 and that does not include a Milk Powder Dispenser, a Bottle to First Cup Trainer and a Newborn Silicone Pacifier. Then, my husband suggested that we search online for possible sellers. You know what, I totally forgot that I can go online anytime and he was right, there were tons selling Avent products, not to forget Amazon.com. I was like, thank God I didn't buy the one in the department store! because online, this Avent Starter Set is being sold for a very affordable price of Php2200 and it came with some bonuses.

This Infant Starter Set contains the following:
2--- 9oz/ 260ml feeding bottles
3--- 4 oz/ 125ml feeding bottles
A Milk Powder Dispenser
A Bottle Cleaner
Bottle to First Cup Trainer
Newborn Silicone Pacifier

Now I can say that we are officially ready!

W0W's Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

13 December 2011

No I haven't given birth to my second child yet.
No I wasn't out doing any last minute Christmas Shopping.
No, I wasn't cooking...
And Yes, I am playing online again this time under a new World of Warcraft guild.
My husband and I purposely got ready for the baby about 2 months ago. That way, on my 9th month, I won't be thinking of random stuff anymore. All we have to do is wait whenever the baby is ready to rock 'n' roll. We both want to be relaxed as we welcome our second child this month.

I enjoy playing with my new guild. A close friend invited me and my husband to move to a different realm in the Warcraft Universe. I was originally from Cho'gall. I gotta be honest, the players I work with are more friendly and they're nicer in the realm where we're at right now. There's less stress and we can work on things like raids, dungeons and even plain questing without any complaints.

So W0W has been keeping me busy lately...