Celebrating An Extraordinary Life

26 October 2011

In celebration of this blog's 3rd Anniversary, after a picture or two of my baby bump, here I am again, this time, with a big smile sharing how happy and grateful I am for this wonderful journey. In a few months, I will be heading into the brand new world of being a mother, not only to a child but to two precious little boys.
As I Enter My Third Trimester... I thank the Lord for giving me this extraordinary journey...
How Extraordinary?
It was a challenge at first but I was graced with peace of mind that everything will turn out just fine... and here I am, officially celebrating my 7th month being pregnant. I can't wait for the day when I'm going to be holding both my little boys. Motherhood is a gift and a blessing. The whole process of child bearing makes a woman's world stop and makes her glance at what life is all about. The purpose and reason why she was created by God and the mystery behind the overwhelming joy of the experience.
I radiate love and happiness.
Everything is getting better every day.
Right now, I am having this unexplainable level of happiness... maybe because when everyone else is going to celebrate the holidays their usual way, here I am at with a bigger family, celebrating not only the birth of Christ on December... but also the birth of my very own son at this special time of the year... A bigger family, a new beginning, a whole new level, understanding and appreciating the deeper value of life and love and another path on becoming a better person worthy of the new life granted by our Creator.

The Magic of Old and New Baby Clothes

I would like to apologize for not being to keep this blog updated for the past weeks. We have been busy preparing for the "Big Day". As I reach my 7th month, I'm in the process of preparing the things needed for the baby. Aside from the clothes, my husband and I are also making our house spacious. Getting rid of the things that are not being used. Moving drawers, getting rid of old clothes in order to give way for new ones. Sacrificing our personal spaces in the master's bedroom so we can convert it to a baby corner. Everything that's been going on gets us even more excited.

It sure is a blessing to have another baby boy around. When we found out that the next baby is going to be a boy, I immediately thought of a new theme, color combination, the works! then we realize that we still have old baby stuff from my previous pregnancy. We were able to keep them clean and was able to preserve the quality of the baby clothes. With my second pregnancy, we decided to stick on the practical side by recycling Franky's baby clothes. Well, most baby clothes, especially those from 0-3 months are new, but, luckily, I was able to keep Franky's (my eldest son) baby clothes from 6 mons. up to 2 years they all look new.
 It's been 7 years, honestly,  I feel like a first time mom. As I was going through the first batch of the things needed, I did missed on a lot. Had to call my mom to double check and even brought her with me to help me shop.
With my second pregnancy, not that we're not prepared, but with the sensitive state of my first trimester, I had to give way and settle with whatever I can come up with the small amount of time given to be able to go around and search for the baby sweet nothings that my heart desires. I know it's not yet too late, after giving birth, that's the perfect time to bundle up the baby with so much cuteness. One of the great finds we had for baby Immanuel was this set of baby beddings.
My husband was actually the one who found it. We went our separate ways at the baby section of the department store and then this... Being married to a musician, this is an extraordinary find for us, I mean for him.
Baby Clothes of Franky (my eldest son)
Still nice right? all we need are some baby shorts, pants and shoes to match them.

It doesn't end here, after the clothes, of course we have the bags. Again, we didn't have to buy new baby bag/s. I bought the baby suitcase 7 years ago. I just thought to be different. A baby suitcase instead of the typical shoulder bag. Later on, more bags came in from our relatives in America. Don't you just love it when everyone gets pretty excited and all of a sudden cute stuff starts pouring in.
With a new baby coming, I was thinking of getting myself a new "Mommy Bag". It's something personal, and I'd always thought that a new bag can wait. But...
A few months back, my husband came home with this surprise... I haven't used it yet. I'm waiting for the big day, the day when I'll be filling another "Mommy Bag" with all sorts of stuff,  and this time, for my 2 boys.

It's not always about the new things that we can get or buy. The magic of mixing both old and new things brings the joy and excitement of remembering some memories from the past linking them together with new beginnings. It does give family life a more meaningful perspective, and sometimes, big surprises comes along the way... and I love surprises!

Wishing The Sun Will Shine This Weekend

14 October 2011

It's difficult to move around especially when the weather is not cooperating. Friday is here once again. I am going to take things positively. I know the sun will give us a warm smile this weekend. This week, I wasn't able to post anything. Though I have stuff to share, but time won't really permit me. This is just a quick recap of what has been happening with my week. Of course, in terms of household chores, I was busy finishing my laundry. Doing it almost everyday, because I couldn't load everything in just one spin, especially now that my tummy's bigger.

It's been raining hard, so most of my tasks were held for 3 days. Rescheduling day trips with my husband's relatives who came from Georgia and the stressful fact that I missed my doctor's appointment for this month (which was moved later today). It's one thing on top of the other... 

I just wish that sun will brighten up our weekend...
Woke up early today with this blog, sending a big smile for a lovely weekend. It stopped raining... I'll start my day by having our humble car washed, then will be spending the day here at home, hoping that I can update my blogs some more. Later, I will be seeing my doctor and see how the baby's doing, will shop for more baby clothes. I just know that from this day, it is going to be dry, warm and sunny. The sky is clear... my day is going to be magnificent.

A Pedicure At Home

06 October 2011

It's a task I promised myself, that whatever the situation may be... it is going to be a must to get at least a pedicure once a month. When I was a teenager, I tried doing my toenails and fingernails myself. But as always it didn't turn out as nice compared to how a professional does it. From then on, I relied on experts to do my nails. At this time I had to make an exception. Since I didn't get my anti-tetanus shot for my present pregnancy, aside from hair treatments, manicure and pedicure are also not advisable. Later on, it became uncomfortable for me looking at my sore feet with an unexplainable- looking toenails. I can live without having my fingernails done... but my toenails... well, that's a different story.
To make the long story short, I ended up cleaning and painting my own toenails. I have been doing it since June. I don't want to risk getting exposed to pedicure instruments used in salons, but at the same time, I still want my feet to look good. It's very basic, cleaning, brushing, cutting of nails, disinfecting then I paint it, usually with a deep shade of red. It may not be as perfect as the ones done from the salon. Personally, I think I'm doing a good job. Well, at least to make my feet look more presentable (lol!) it's still better without nothing at all. I never thought that I'll be able to do it, I'm so bad when it comes to nail polish application... It's one of those days when I was left with no other choice but to do it myself. It's fun... It's relieving to know that I don't need to go to the salon all the time to have my nails done.