The Gift of Inner Peace

31 January 2011

I am very, very, very happy... Happiness Is Overflowing.
What I am feeling right now is all about happiness. 
Laughter, smiles, simple joys and friendly faces. 
All I know is... everything is falling right into place.
The gift of serenity:  Calmness of mind, undisturbed state, and coolness.
We are on the right path, 
I am on the right direction. 
I've never felt this light before.  
Thank you Lord for this gift, thank you for this extraordinary life...

My Little Boy's Thomas Creation

My son got his first Thomas Train set back in 2008. That time we were just aiming for the idea of our son experiencing on having his own train set. 
We really didn't know that Thomas and Friends will develop a more interesting set up for both the kids and those young at heart.
I have been posting that my son is so into Thomas and Friends, but I never really shared any of his creations. To be honest, we've been visiting various toy stores looking for hard to find train tracks or track set which comes in different sizes and lengths. Building an unusual train station was quite a challenge because it's a little pricey and most toy stores have limited supply of rare train tracks and accessories for Thomas Trains. They only have the basic train tracks. 
For the past holiday season, we went our way and visited almost every toy store within the city. Toy Town in Eastwood City, Toy Kingdom (Podium, Megamall, MOA, North EDSA, and SM Department Store's Toy Section). Not to forget, Toys R Us (Shangri-la, Galleria and Alimall). We were lucky enough to find a box set of tracks and accessories for Php1200. Other than that, we bought some more tracks sold separately for Php100-300 each.
"Building" itself is a form therapy for my family. We like creating things together. Especially my boys. My job is to keep the whole place clean all the time.
And my little boy's latest creation is this set I'm sharing with you today. It took him 15 minutes with the help of his dad. From the bedroom, I asked him to transfer it in the living room. And it took him 10 minutes (alone) to create the exact set which he created with his dad earlier. Other than the Thomas Train set, my son added other toys to make the whole thing look like a city with matching Transformers cars. Now we have a happy Thomas!

Happy Birthday To My Dearest...

27 January 2011

 I thank the Lord for this day, for he has given me someone who is full of humility, wisdom and love... Today, I celebrate with my husband his special day... I am truly honored to have met a man beyond the person I've dreamed of. You're such a blessing in my life. When I'm with you, everything just fades away... All I can see is your face, with the warm smile that makes me giggle all the time... Each day spent with you is cherished. The hugs and sweet nothings we share means a lot to me and your son... On your birthday, you gave somebody else a very special gift... You shared your life with us... May you be showered with more blessings, happiness and love.
More smiles, more laughs and more funny stories. Birthday gift? You want new mags for your car?
Happy Birthday to our dear Papa Bear... 
We love you...

His Adorable Surprises

26 January 2011

I'm not much of a shopper. I go shopping once or twice a year. That's why I end up wearing stuff over and over again. Sometimes, I wear same old pair of shoes for years. Well, lifestyle here in the Philippines isn't as demanding since we only have summer and the rainy season to mind.
And with less to think about, my closet ends up with old clothes or I even get to keep an empty one, this is when my knight will come in.
Last year, he requested me not to blog about the surprises he gives me. But with another touching gesture... I just gotta share how sweet my other half is.
You know what I like about him being thoughtful and all... He can go shopping without me. He knows my colors, the style I adore, my size for both clothing and footwear. He can shop blindfolded and nail the right stuff that he knows will make me happy. 

Today, my dear husband surprised me again with another pair of chic sandals. For me, it's not the shoes, it's not the goody bags he brings home to surprise me... It's the wonderful thought that I am being appreciated. For every gift handed to me... it comes with a sweet note from my husband: "Ench, you deserve it... you even deserve more than this..." You have no idea how important and valuable these words are to me. 
To my husband... it is you and our little boy who inspire me everyday to be at my best. The both of you are the reasons why I always look forward to a brand new day. Even a stormy day can be sunny just being with you guys. But, thank you, thank you for the loving thought. Anything is welcome, anything is considered as a gift and a blessing.

A Courteous Little Boy

24 January 2011

My son knows how to ask permission.
My son knows when to say: "excuse me"
My son says "please" if needs and wants something. He waits until he is told to.
My son says "thank you" and "welcome".
With a simple cough or sneeze, my son will ask you: " are you okay?"
My son helps any person in need. A kid drops his toys, he will stop and help the kid.
My son doesn't know how to fight... he'll just ignore the sad little monster. Later on, you'll be surprise, that  the sad little monster is his new playmate.
My son is a contented person. He never asks  for more, and he greatly appreciates the small things we give him.

These are my greatest achievements in life as a person and as a parent. At this early stage in life... having a courteous little boy around makes me a proud mother. I am a happy mom, because I am able to raise a child who's loving, caring, patient and kind... Witnessing these values grow in him is the most rewarding part as a parent. When he was just a baby, I think of  simpler situations. Like wanting him to stop with bottle-feeding, or potty train him as soon a possible. But after all that, it's the child's personality that really matters. It's the Being in him that must be guided towards the right path. And it's true , that we parents greatly affect that personality. How we discipline and educate our children and the attention and time we give them. 

I must admit, when my husband and I were starting, I had thoughts and troubles if I will be able to raise a good child. I'm just human, I've never taken this road before.
The simple gestures of my son is showing at the age of 6 are precious to me
 It only means that I am on the right path with him...

After A Short Break...

22 January 2011

For those who are wondering why this site was not accessible for the past week, here is the answer. It all started on Facebook. I took precautionary measures to save my accounts and to prevent these culprits from stealing my identity.


3 days ago, I received a notice from Facebook, that a log-in attempt was made from Makati using my account. A hacker in action. It continued for 3 days, which forced me to close Sweet Nothings temporarily, until everything is secured again. This was not the first time when someone or a group of people tried to steal account information from yours truly. Aside from my websites, Facebook is the only personal account I am presently maintaining. How personal? Well, whatever you read on my blogs, those are just parts of a more colorful journey which I share with my close friends and relatives.

Phishing, hacking, identity theft, these are risk once you start making online transactions. But this time around, I felt very uncomfortable. The fact that I don't have a single clue why, made me nervous.  Of all the bloggers, and of all the Facebook users, these questions bothered me: Why me? what's so special with my account? I've been at my best since I started blogging following all the security measures online.

This hacker was very persistent.  It continued for 4 days, at least before I deleted my Facebook. Whoever you are, stop this nonsense, you won't get anything from me.  I can get rid of anything that may become a threat to me and my family, even if I need to give up the things I am very passionate about.

Some people had it worse. In my case, the hacker was not able to access my account, thanks to Facebook's preventive measures. But it didn't end here. After closing Sweet Nothings, I found out that a link from my food blog was being viewed from a Facebook account. For sure, this person may have been trying so hard to get through my blogs too. But thank you for linking my food blog on your Facebook. Eventually, I had to close From My Kitchen and Beyond as well.

Now, Sweet Nothings is back... I'll take it slowly. It's a free world. It's up to me to create posts that can still be interesting and exciting to read. But at the same time, security is there. Pictures are going to be lessened , and over-all, everything is going to be moderated for now.

It's always healthy to have a fresh start. A little change in- between our busy lives. It's good to be able to take a rest from going online. I gotta be honest, it's like I'm back with life without the internet. I may have lost my Facebook, but my family and friends will always be there with or without Facebook.

A Colorful Surprise

12 January 2011

While welcoming 2010, we were a bit sad, because we needed to move to a new location right after the New Year. For the past 6 years, the condo we lived in gave us the most amazing fireworks display every New Year. These fireworks we looked forward to each year came from all parts of the metro. Imagine our building located in the middle of Quezon City, we go to the rooftop and there, we watch the communities that surrounds us lighting and displaying fireworks of all kinds. It was a lovely sight.

Now, that we're in a different place and when we thought that we will never be able to watch some fireworks on New Year's Eve...  these came by surprise...
We were overwhelmed by these wonderful colors... A positive sign that a great year maybe waiting for us. My blog post just a few days ago A Year Set Without Expectations was inspired by this experience. And it feels great. I mean, we weren't expecting it, but look what happened. To add,  during our New Year's Eve celebration, another blessing happened, something unexpected, (which I'll keep as a secret) gave us our ultimate year ender.

On a personal note, I saw the beauty of not setting any expectations at all. Most of the time, we plan, and there's nothing wrong with that. I know, it's looks and sounds impossible to live a life without expectations. As a stay at home mom, my life is so simple that I can afford to put myself in various unexpected loops and turns in life. I believe I have nothing to lose and that's one of the blessings I am cherishing. Fear, being lost and the struggle of detaching one's self are humbling moves to make us stronger and wiser. A renowned author once shared with my husband, that it's Not Time we manage to be able to cope with life... it's The Life given to us that needs managing in order to survive and to be able live in this world without undergoing too much adversities.

An Afternoon Of Frisbee

06 January 2011

It was quite a workout I must say, and we're not even in any of our sports wear. Imagine running and jumping around in slippers. It was also my son's first time to play Frisbee. This could become a regular workout. It's easy, it's fun and it is an activity fit for everyone.
A good recreational activity. It nurtures the relationship between family members and improves the motor skills of a child.
To make the story extraordinary, it was also my first time to throw a Frisbee. Believe it or not. And please take note that safety is always considered even in the simple game of Frisbee. It's best to play within a secured place, wearing  proper attire like a pair of good running shoes and armed with bottles of water. Have fun!

A Year Set Without Expectations

Early morning of January 1, 2011, while having breakfast with my 2 boys, I opened up to my husband about my perception of the new year. Last year, I kinda expected too much. I didn't rely on making plans but I aimed for some goals. Plans, goals they're the same. Lucky enough, I was able to meet those goals and didn't end up frustrated. Still, expectations were made.  

2010 was pretty colorful for us but well-balanced. Let me put it this way, it was not too good, it wasn't too bad either. For the first time, I experienced something solid that placed my role as a mother and wife to a test.  That was when my husband got hospitalized. I was torn apart. I prayed for strength to be able to take care of both my boys, when  at the same time, nobody else was available to assist me. I was successful, it was just a breeze, now I know, I will do my best all the time even if I survived this particular challenge for year 2010.

I am stronger now...

There's so much in store for all of us, it's just a matter on how we take it.  This time around, I want to be wiser. I want to take the load off thinking on what may happen in 2011, for both myself and my family.  A thought shared by my late father-in-law: "If there's food on the table, EAT! If there's none, that doesn't mean it's time to feel miserable".  "Life" per se, we all have it. Discontentment makes it complicated. Material, money? it comes and goes. It's important that we're living each day to the fullest and making the most of the time given to us by our Creator.

After my meaningful talk with my husband, true enough, the following day, January 2, 2011, we witnessed  and participated on events that made our year opener awesome. 
The most awaited day for 2 people in love...
  a get together
  and a relaxing vacation for the family.
 All welcoming a new chapter.  
 Living, Laughing and Loving all year round!

The Flying House Collection

05 January 2011

From one generation to another...

This was one of my favorite cartoons I grew up with, not to forget Superbook (stories from the Old Testament). I was browsing on a bunch of Dvds on sale from Astroplus when I saw this lost set of Flying House collection. I wasn't able to get the last copy of Superbook,  but it's okay, better than nothing at all... and I was told that Astroplus will sell more copies, so Superbook will follow soon.

I was literally jumping for joy. I have been looking for this set for a very long time. I did several research on possible sellers, I even looked online if I'm lucky enough to download it.

 We were having fun, playing hide and seek, when a summer storm appeared
Corkey got afraid, when it started to rain
Then we came upon a house, should we go inside and hide
Come on and go with us, Lord who knows where
It’s so fun to fly through time in the flying house
Oh, it’s great to fly in the flying house
I just want to get back home again

It's such a big deal on having a copy. I'm able to share a part of my childhood with my son. When I was a kid, I never missed an episode. I would always ask my mom if I could eat my snack in front of the television while watching and promised to finish my food.  Of course she'll agree to that because it's all about Jesus and I always finish the food on my plate everytime I watch it.

It's so nice to bring some old memories back.  I'm watching it again in full color, on a bigger screen  and with my little boy.

*This Flying House Set contains 4 volumes with 8 episodes. It holds stories from The New Testament.

So This Is How We Celebrated Christmas

Our Christmas celebration has always been about family.  Joseph and Mary was gifted with their own when Christ was born. And that's what we honor as one unit... because of Christ, we are blessed to have a complete family every Christmas Day.
The night of December 24, 2010, I prepared a small feast.  We had Lasagna, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Fruit Salad, Decadent Cake, Roasted Rib Eye Steak, Crispy Chicken Fillet with Mayo-Garlic Sauce, Queso de Bola, Holiday Ham, and my Leche Flan.
Gifts from friends and relatives surrounded our small tree. A few weeks before Christmas, this section of our humble home was empty. And in a day or 2, suddenly it was filled with presents.
Most of the gifts went to our son. We spent on  things that he really loves and  stuff that will enhance his skills. My husband and I divided the tasks. I came up with a set of Crayola's Kids Art Tool, which includes a 96 ct. Crayola Crayons, Crayola Explosion, a 24 piece set of Crayola  Twistables and a drawing book. From his dad, instead of getting our son his own PSP, we decided to lower it down to a Game Boy. Kids at this age should be out running around, nature tripping, listening to music and spending time with arts and crafts. But with the modern trend, we still got him a Game Boy just to make him feel that he is not being left out. We know the feeling... been there lol!.

This year's Christmas celebration was filled with so much happiness, contentment and surprises. We look forward on Christmas because we also take it as an opportunity to give thanks on the moments given to us throughout the year. It is actually the best time to look back, take a few minutes and meditate on the events that made you, as a person complete and what made the family stronger than ever.