When 2 Events Meet

27 August 2010

I wanna bang my head on my computer desk right now. 

Just when I confirmed to Chris of The Mommy Journey that I will be attending ParenTIN Talk Series 3, I was told that another activity was set on that very same date. Well, the second activity isn't sure yet, but if it's going to push through, I will be prioritizing it because it is an out of town gig of my husband, and with his come back to the music scene, I wouldn't want to miss it. Plus,  we might go diving too. Who wouldn't want that right?

But! I am also feeling awkward and sad because I told Chris that I will be coming with my mom, and I even invited my sister-in-law and another friend of mine who's going to become a mother soon. What a situation right?
ParenTIN Talk is a great event. The topics for this talk is going to be helpful  not only for us who are already parents, but also for those who have plans on having children in the near future. I have been wishing to attend even just a single session , especially if it is hosted by Tintin Bersola- Babao herself. And I'm thankful that Chris sent me a personal text message as an invite. Another reason I wanted to attend is to be able to meet and greet some bloggers for the first time.

So what do I do? Actually I can't figure anything as of the moment. I plan to wait at least  a week before September 11. Once the out of town gig is 100% sure, I just gotta break the bad news to Chris. Or if you're already reading this, I hope the trip will be moved so I can still go and enjoy ParenTIN Talk with you and the rest of the parents.

I say: "Semi-charmed"

26 August 2010

So Much Has Happened for the past 2 weeks, and here I have an empty blog. I never felt this way before--- getting bored. Or maybe it's just that time when I feel to keep it private. I 've been hanging out with some of our friends lately, and I guess it broke the chain that's keeping me indoors for the past 3 years. Within 2 months, or let's say within weeks so much has changed.
1. I'm happy for my parents because in a few months I will be revealing their biggest accomplishment. That surprise is one of the things that's keeping me busy on weekends too.
2. Like I said, I get to hangout with our friends more often.
It's my first time to share the circle whom I've been hanging out with for the past years. Same friends who completed our wedding, Uncles and Aunties to Franky. Actually, we're more of a family. Love you guys! Hugs!
3. Planning for another vacation.
4. September is almost here. Not only it marks that the holiday season is around the corner, but it is also the birth month of my son and the feast of Our Lady of Mediatrix in Lipa.
5. My husband and I agreed on a common gift for ourselves this Christmas.
-photo source-
Yeah, as early as August everything is set already.

6. I enjoyed 3 movies this month: The Last Airbender, Inception and Salt.
7. Celebrated 2 birthdays just last Sunday.
Well, it's good to have a normal life. This I can say is the so-called "semi-charmed" kind of life. Realistically speaking, there will always be directions heading downwards and upwards.
Meaning: There will always be times when we get bored out of our wits, feeling dull thinking that we need more color into our lives... and aching for something more... but at the end of the day, even with  the smallest things left unnoticed, something good will still happen. 
*A busy weekend it may seem, but the finish product will be very rewarding.
*Shared a simple dinner, but the company was great!
*A vacation? we're not yet there, but planning makes it fun.
*September comes once a year, it's in the middle, but it's full of occasions, that's why it's one of the much awaited month for us.
*It may not be a brand new car, but being able to have a vehicle of our own and being able to maintain it well are things to be thankful for.
*A movie date means quality time with the family and my one and only.
*Birthdays: A chance to celebrate for the gift of family and love for life.
It may not be the most extravagant, but it will definitely make you feel complete, and that's important.

New Bedroom Footsies

19 August 2010

While my husband was out over the weekend, I did a little shopping. Aside from the goodies I got from my Dad, I was able to find the cutest bedroom slippers in the department store. It was about time I replaced my old ones. Well, I also have a pair which I use around the house, and another exclusively for the bedroom. These slippers keeps my feet comfortable, relaxed and healthy. And it feels good to walk around with something soft and fluffy.
At night, I match it with a pair of socks and pajamas. I always make it a point that when I'm already inside our bedroom, everything is set to get some pampering. Meaning: I just finished a warm bath complete in pajama, the air conditioner  is on, my favorite show is up, all I have to do is to lay down on the bed hugging my pillow. Of course same goes with the rest of the family. 

As a matter of fact, my husband also has his own pair bedroom slippers.
It's one of the things that he really loves. Not all of his friends knows about this soft side of him., Ooppps! Boys can wear bedroom slippers too you know. When my husband comes home, it makes his feet cool down from a hot and hard day of work.

Thanks to my son for lending me his play mat for the last picture :)

Express Yourself and Embrace It!

16 August 2010

"I am responsible for my life and always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy."
This is an affirmation and realization I discovered first thing today. Nobody can tell me when to be happy or not ,except for myself. It's how I level my perspectives in life, it's how I view things, and how I control my emotions.
Never let "situations", and "people" dictate what you should feel. If you feel like crying, cry it out, if  it feels like it's something exciting, do it! jump for joy! if you think you deserve happiness, just smile, shrug it off then laugh it out. Never fear what others will say towards your freedom of self-expression. Keep in mind, that we just can't please everybody and God granted you that privilege to express your feelings, nobody else.

Wishing Weekend Is Over

12 August 2010

When everyone is praying for weekend to come, I on the other hand, is wishing for it to be over. And maybe some of you will understand if I say, that my other half is going somewhere and he is leaving first thing Friday morning. First thing and our  first time when we will not be spending our weekend together. It's a 3 or 4 day affair. It's work for him.

I just finished packing the things he will be needing for this trip. I still can't absorb the reality of it. I'm so attached to my husband. He completes me.

And ladies, I can't imagine what our fellow wives are undergoing whose husbands are working  far away from the family. I salute you for being so strong. I mean, here I am acting like a baby. For me 4 days is like 1 week or a month or even a year. Every time my husband goes somewhere, there's this space in me being  pulled  away.  Well I never thought that I will be not as flexible, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I was thinking of some activities with my son. Aside from  having a date with my little boy at the mall,  there's nothing left but to stay at home, do whatever we can accomplish and play the waiting game until papa bear comes home.

Among The Boys

11 August 2010

These games may not be familiar to most of you. Maybe you've heard about it. But what I'm trying to share here is the unique experience of a girl being the only  female in a guild or group of male players online. On the gaming perspective, how does it feel to be one of the boys?

1. I'm treated like a princess. Well, not literally, but that's how I feel every time I know I'm taken cared of.

2. Great respect. Since I'm the only girl in the guild, even if my shots at some quests or raids are a bit off, the rest of the guys are still very courteous. Instead of nagging at me, they teach me and assist me with whatever I need to learn.

3. Being part of a guild with my husband is a one of a kind gaming experience.

4.I get a lot of freebies!

For every online game like The World of WarCraft one should always buy original. Since I'm just new in the guild, I bought my account straight from the Blizzard Store. From the first installment, to the second. But guys, these games aren't cheap, that's why it took me some time deciding whether I should get the third part or not . Like I said, with the guild I'm in, some of the guys were very nice to buy me the third part. They even surprised me. My husband met up with Mr. Mu so that they can install it under my account without me knowing it.

The next thing I know, I am now playing Wrath of The Lich King and trying my best leveling up to 80.

And our latest, was the new StarCraft II. StarCraft has been the most awaited game within the past years. If I'm not mistaken, the first StarCraft was released back in 1995 or 1996, and it was a big hit. The story on how we acquired this game was very simple. I can say, everything was done "all for the love of gaming". Summer of this year, it was announced that Blizzard will release StarCraft2 sooner than expected. 

A Collectors Edition is up for grabs for those who will make reservations. It's kinda heavy on the pocket for  when we found out that it will cost $165 per CE set. Of course it came with a lot of freebies, but $165 is still big for us. So we decided to wait for the price of regular box set to go down.  Since we're part of a group of gamers, and everybody was just waiting for my husband and me to have it, a very nice person bought it for us instead.
You know what, after expressing my thoughts on this blog, I think I forgot to mention that we have wonderful friends to be thankful for. Some of us were just mere strangers to one another when we started this group. But as the guild began to add members and we started playing together, friendship blossomed. 

So there, let's hear it: Thank God for StarCraft, thank God for the World of WarCraft, thank God for instances, and most of all, thank God for this rare gift of Friendship.

By the way, Thank you Mr. JSP for the Original StarCraft II T-Shirt!

No String Attached

10 August 2010

This is one achievement I am very grateful for. I'm very supportive of what my husband is very passionate about. At his gig last Saturday, the crowd at The Penguin Bar loved his music. And with that, every time my husband was asked on how he manages to play music and work , all he answered was: I have a very supportive wife. 
I learned to open myself to all kinds of music because of my husband. And it was very fulfilling to appreciate the core of each genre. 
Through His music I met new friends and I also learn from this people. His music brought out the best in me. It gave me an open mind, it's very liberating and knowing that my husband is the one giving me the music to my ears, it boosted my confidence. From the moment he started playing again, I made sure that I will be present not only to give support, but to inspire him more.

Last Saturday, when we arrived, as he was setting up his guitar, he noticed that he was missing a guitar string. I don't know how to play guitar but I felt the pressure. I told him that: I know you're a good guitar player, you can make it sound like you're not missing a string. I just know that he can work his magic. And he did, he blew the audience away. He played perfectly, better than having all the strings attached. Nobody noticed, but we told sir Richie Quirino after the gig. 

Dolf: Hey Richie, I was scared to tell you earlier, but the whole time we played, I was missing a string.
Sir Richie: I didn't noticed. As long as you play from the heart, it doesn't matter.

Which is true. My husband enjoyed his play, his improvisation was great, it was one of the highlights of our evening.

Saturday Was Date Night

09 August 2010

Last Saturday, my husband and I decided to take a day-off from our usual. Friday, from his office, my husband called me just to ask me out on a date. I really love it when he does that. The manner of asking was just too sweet, as if he was courting me again. It's nice to keep the very same spark that made us one since the day we met, to those moments that binds us to this lifelong relationship.

As a matter of fact, being traditional was one of the things that made my man different from the rest of the guys I dated.  You know, asking a girl for a date, dinner, a movie we both want to see, then coffee. It reflects how respectful he is.

Even now that we're married, we still spare some space for our "Us Time". The day started by bringing our son to my parents house. Then we went to Greenbelt 3. Greenbelt is one of our favorite hang-out place. Everything is there. We didn't have a hard time looking for a restaurant. We visited our favorite shops too. Saturday was just for us. We took our time and we cherished our moment together, the food we like the most and the movie we've been dying to see.
sweet nothings
After reserving our sits for Inception, we had dinner at Marciano's. The food was really good, the conversation was lively, we laughed, we made plans, we smiled... love is in the air.
And yes, we were very excited about the movie. We're both Sci-Fi fanatics, and we love it every time a flick introduces something new or extraordinary to us. INCEPTION--- on a different post. 
After the movie we went to Penguin bar where my husband was set to play Jazz. Met a few  more people from his circle, enjoyed my Margarita. Later, 2 of our friends came, and we were very happy that they joined us on this special night. we looked for a coffee shop around Makati after, but it was raining hard so we opted for the nearest McCafĂ©.
My husband and I would rather spend for food or for the perfect place where we can have some private time, than buy expensive gifts for each other. I mean, we can spend hours in a restaurant just talking and even debating while we're munching. At least our relationship blooms not because of some material thing, but because  we  still continue to discover each other's common interests and even our differences.

A Scanner

It's kinda weird that until now,we haven't bought a new scanner. It's easy to buy any scanner. But with the life of the old one we had, we wanted something the same. Something that is durable and will last for the next 5 years. An a3 scanner is a good option. It's still on top of our list. We're just waiting gathering our funds, because we have other things t buy too.

Portable TV

It has always been a thought to me on whether I should get a portable TV for our car. When stuck in traffic, I sometimes take a quick look at the car beside us, and I see them watching the evening news in the car. When alone or out of town and handheld TV is one of the things that's easy to pack, and at the same time will keep you company.

Of Leveling Up and Multiply

06 August 2010

Hey guys! this mom is quite busy and pressured with a lot of things. Well, one of the pressures I have right now is leveling up my W0W character to 80. Yeah, pretty serious for me. Especially because every month, I shed out cash just to keep my game going. It's fun by the way, so money is not a problem.  I have ZERO posts again. Most of the things that's been happening to me and my family are too personal to share here on my open blog, I post it on Multiply instead. I uploaded some photo albums too. I've been busy planning some family activities for the next 2 months, and boy, time goes by so fast. The next thing I will be preparing for is the holiday season. 

Next weekend, my husband's not going to be around, I'm really sad. But he promised me something for tomorrow. So there, a quick glimpse of what I've been doing lately. Over-all, it's just all about the World of Warcraft and Multiply.

Let's pray for a sunny weekend! Have a great one guys!