Pictures Lasts Forever

30 June 2010

First of all let us define the difference between a picture and a photograph. I was able to find the following definitions from my favorite photography magazine:  i-mag magazine

i-mag magazine always have a page in their every issue that defines the terms Photograph, Image, Print and Picture. It's a very useful section especially for photography enthusiasts. 

A different review on i-mag soon...

A photograph is basically anything that comes out of our cameras. Whether the medium is film, digital sensor or sensitized paper for pinhole cameras. If it is made according to the primary definition which is "drawing with light", it is a photograph.

A picture on the other hand is a print of a photograph.

After all the digital advancements and all the present modernization on photography, I still go back to the old -fashioned way of having a hard copy for every fine shot taken. These are photographs taken from late 2009 to present, finally, I was able to have them printed.
sweet nothings
Family pictures from various events, landscapes, some portraits and even our wackiest pictures. Going digital placed my mind off a bit from printing. The photo albums I have piled up in just a few months. Thanks to that Photo Contest, it gave me the initiative to have what's needed to be printed out. 

One important task I've done was having my favorite picture of my boys printed and placed in a picture frame. Now, it's right on my computer desk and beside my shelly souvenir . Even the Kodak people who printed it out for me liked this photo. They asked me to tell the story behind the picture. To complete this blog, I will also share it with you.
sweet nothings
This was taken in Nasugbu Batangas last October 2009.  Just to ease out the hardships we went through the day and the week after the typhoon and a month after we recovered from typhoon Ondoy. We just thought that a trip out of town would change things a bit. And it really helped because we witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets ever. Nobody else was at the beach except us with the calm waves of the ocean and the cool breeze. I stood by the shore with my tripod and waited for the right moment... and here it is in this picture presented in this blog. It's just being at the right place and time. This trip wasn't even planned.

All of this printing made me think of buying Canon's Photo Printer. It will probably cost the same. With a photo printer at home, anytime, you'll have a hard copy of your favorite photo in your hands. I've been contemplating on it for a very long time. I mean, I am also saving up for a brand new lens and other camera accessories.  Buying everything all together is not really a good idea.

Scenario:  It's been 2 years since I bought my dslr, it's about time that I also upgrade my gear and now, a photo printer which is also going to be useful on preserving memories. So what will it be? to Canon Selphy or not?

Thoughts @ 12 Midnight

25 June 2010

I can't turn on the A/C we've been having power surges the whole night.  I'm feeling hot and humid. I can't stand the heat. Good thing my son was able to sleep. I think now is the perfect time to go online and share my thoughts. Several things made half of my week very entertaining.

1. A short message for the drivers out there... 
  • Even if it's your right of way, that doesn't mean you're doing it right or you're always right. 
  • Some idiot double parked on the other side of the road opposite where my car was parked . The  no-no--- the guy didn't even care, (a short shout out removed) Good thing I didn't stay long.
 Being a defensive driver is also being a smart one. Take note of that. 

2. I lost my only pair of black pearl earrings. It's my only pair of black pearls, bought it years ago and  the size of the pearls matters to me.

3. I killed a baby snake in our garage. Well, it's not a baby anymore because the head was big enough to eat a worm. It was just gross! I'm very sorry to our environment and animal groups, but I got startled. My husband got disappointed at me for killing the snake. He believes that every critter brings balance to the environment. But the only thing that's so-o unwanted inside my house is a snake. I just  gotta do it.

4. I got a Photo Contest Invitation today from Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory. It's going to be on Saturday.


I will come as a guest not as participant. My camera model is too low and I'm not equipped with the proper gear. I'll take pictures of the participants instead. I'll enjoy some cocktails and canapes and the presence of some friends.

Come and Join!


5. I left 2 blogs for 2 movies hanging.  The A-TEAM and Shrek Forever After.
6. Just bought the a new chapter of the World of Warcraft online. Burning Crusades.
7. Just found out that Data Blitz will not be able to provide everyone the limited edition of Star Craft 2. So sad...
8. So happy!!! My food blog's PR3 is back. It's been getting ads lately, so yehey! more funds for my make-over plan.
9. I miss on meeting Mommy Seiko of Seikos Diary .

10. A very close friend will get married in October, she will be marrying her first and only love. I'm so excited for her. As to what she shared on FB, the countdown begins...

11.While doing this blog, I am also making a list of groceries for tomorrow's trip to the supermarket

12. I want a cheeseburger right now!

Toy Story 3

23 June 2010

After a year of waiting, here I am finally blogging about it. It's been 10 years since the last Toy Story came out. I followed Toy Story since 1996.  When I read about the news that Toy Story 3 is in the making, I got very excited. I bought the dvds for both Toy Story 1 and 2 so that my son can watch it too. Toy Story is the favorite cartoon movie of the family. We love watching it over and over again. And who wouldn't want a Potato Head :)
sweet nothings

sweet nothings

I am not going to make an all out review about Toy Story 3. All I want to share is the big difference it made from the first 2 movies.

A new Story,  A new Adventure and new Toys!

Toy Story 3 left a greater emotional impact to the audience. All kinds of emotions were extracted out of me. And we're talking about a 31 year old adult watching here. I laughed, I giggled, I smiled, I was in awe, I got scared for the toys and I also cried.  Oh and I just love hearing the children laugh. They were very entertained. My son loved it! Laugh your heart out with the Spanish Buzz Lightyear.
My favorite scene from the movie was the last part. I guarantee, the finale will surely melt your heart. I grew up not having a favorite toy. I was a kid of jump ropes , game boards and jack stones. I played a lot outside the house. You see, as a person who had a different  childhood experience,  I was still able to connect with the boy (Andy) and his love for his toys treasuring them as his loyal friends. I cried because I felt the emotional attachment of a teenager to his favorite toy. You see a young man but deep inside,  his heart was still of a little boy. Strings of fond memories he spent with his toys and the joy these toys gave him throughout his childhood.

Just like what Woody would often say. "We're not here to be played with, we're here for Andy when he needs us". It's filling up those tiny spaces in a child's heart, making him happy and jolly all the time.

You wanna go interactive with Toy Story 3? Visit:

4 Things I Juggle Everyday

22 June 2010

25% Chores- Everything I do to have a clean house and a healthy environment
25% Blogging- Online activities
25% Playing World of Warcraft- my ultimate de-stresser
25% Relaxing- Meditation. Detaching both body and mind from the world of WORK
What happens to family life (which is obviously not included above). Family is on a different level. When it comes to my 2 boys, I always give 100% of my time, whether work around the house is finished or not. Prioritizing the most important to the very least. Family comes first, the rest follows.

For some, socializing might probably be considered as part of the 100%. Others, their hobbies and work. Travel may also take a position. It may sound and look easy but it's not, because I am a busy mother. My life is spent inside the house 24/7 and without a helper. So far, after taking my everyday life on a different perspective, everything is working out pretty well not only for me, but also for my family. A person once told me that there is no such thing as time management, it's Life per se that we need to manage in order to achieve our goals everyday. Believe it? I do. Result? After a busy day for a regular housewife, I still manage to give that 50% of the day to myself. It's great! Oh! make that 75%.

Best Dads---Our Father's Day Special 2010

21 June 2010

This year is going to be different. Something new for the family will come. This year's Father's Day was celebrated last June 19, 2010. Yeah, we can't wait, we had to be together with our Dad and husbands the day before Father's Day itself. Like we've always done before, the whole family went to my hometown and spent the day with our parents.
Ver- Father to 2 kids
Dolf- Father to my son Franky

Daddy- Father to his 5 successful children and still working hard. Well he said he has no plans of retiring.

So what extraordinary surprise did the girls prepare for the boys?
We bought Red Ribbon's Father's Day cake
Some loot bags which contains a scroll of love, a Father's Day wooden banner and a cute cupcake for each. A special message? Our dad knows how honored we are that God gave him to us as our father. And we are truly grateful for his never ending support to us his children. He treats us fairly. He never fail to understand our needs as individuals and he even aides us with whatever we need even up to now, that most of us are all stable with our own lives.

We don't wait for Father's Day  in order to give thanks and just to be able to appreciate our Dad... That's why we have our Sunday as Family Day. That's why we send him and my mom messages asking: "how are you?", "we love you". That's why we make surprise visits on a weekday. Every chance that we could grab in order to show our love for our parents, we make the most out of it. Regardless of how and where.
To my husband: 

Happy Father's Day! Only a Dad can
understand the true meaning of hard work. Especially because you're not doing
it for yourself but for your family... You deserve to have all the break you need. I Love

Taal Volcano: View From Taaleña Restaurant

19 June 2010

It's a long overdue entry... At last, I was able to post another highlight from our short vacation 2 weeks ago.


I have never seen Taal Volcano this close and at this angle. On our way home from Canyon Cove, our convoy made a stop- over at Taaleña Restaurant in Tagaytay City for lunch. It was our first time in Taaleña, and they hold the best view of the famous Taal Volcano so far.
Taal Lake
It was a spectacular view. I've been to Tagaytay several times, but this was my first to take a clear shot of the whole Taal Lake with the Taal Volcano right at the very heart of it.
Franky's very fond of mountains and volcanoes, anything that he sees in books. It's a wonderful experience for a child to actually see and stare at something he can only see in various readings. When we got there, he knows that it is the Taal Volcano he looking at. I had fun observing him. His reactions, the excitement and the never-ending questions.

FYI: Taal Volcano is now on alert level 2. They've evacuated the nearby towns and closed schools for the mean time. I pray for everybody's safety.

Adorable Puss In Boots

15 June 2010

Isn't he adorable... I was  literally pinching my husband while watching Shrek Ever After, because I want to hug this fat cat!!!
 Feed Me If You Dare...
Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), became an overweight cat that couldn't even  chase a mouse that helps himself with Puss' milk.It's one of the highlights of the movie. Love it!

At The Blu Bar

10 June 2010

Check how magnificent Canyon Cove is by night... So relaxing right? Just a walk around the pool and hearing the waves from the beach makes everything perfect.
Canyon Cove Pool Area
Night of June 5, 2010 my husband and I decided to take a walk around and along the pool and the beach area. After, we spent the rest of the night At The Blu Bar. It was empty when we got there. It's my first time to see a cozy bar empty. I guess it was really meant for us. My husband brought his guitar with him, we chose a good spot over looking the pool then we ordered our first round of drinks.
Blu Bar Canyon Cove
At The Blu Bar we called some friends to join us. It was really cool to have the place all to ourselves.
 With Dave, Tess, Ria, Rowny, Frances, Aris and Master Alvin
It's very seldom that my husband and I have moments like these. We took the opportunity that somebody was available to look after Franky. It was great, fun, and exciting. My husband ordered 8 rounds of beer and 3 Mojitos for the 2 of us, some ordered food and we shared it all. We had Buffalo wings, Calamares, Gambas and to end the night, some burger and clubhouse sandwiches.
My first Mojito for the night
We talked on some things, some realizations as a couple and as individuals. Turning 6 is just like a tiny dot in the lifetime we're going to share for the next years to come. A tiny dot yet so big and full of accomplishments and milestones. We're very thankful to have this people around and shared a spectacular night with us. It's been a long time since we last had a drink and without rushing. Don't worry, after everything we took, we're  still standing and laughing.

The Blu Bar, thanks to you too...  the ever accommodating people at Canyon Cove. Even if their Cafe was already closed, the chef  was made available just to prepare food for us. Thank you...

Glimpse and Pieces Of Our Vacation

09 June 2010

Location: Canyon Cove Beach Club Nasugbu Batangas
June 5 and 6
  • Last Hurrah for Summer 2010 and 
  • in Celebration of our 6th Anniversary
Most couples would choose something grand or something outstanding as a celebration. Looking back at our wedding day itself, the event was as simple as the couple. All we wanted was to celebrate our bond with our close friends and families. Simplicity will always play a big part in our lives as husband and wife. Moving on, as long as we are at the very comfort of each other's arms....How and Where doesn't matter.  It's Who and What  is important.

This trip was never planned, it was a surprise from my husband. If you're going to ask me, the cake he bought on our anniversary itself was enough. The greeting I received at 12 midnight was something to cherish. When I found out that we're heading to one of the most beautiful beaches in Batangas, I was totally speechless. I didn't ask questions anymore, I packed whatever we have and most of all, I'm very happy because our son will have another memorable experience at the beach.
Canyon Cove
This year's trip to the beach wasn't about de-stressing. It's 100% pure fun and leisure with the family. To add, I invited my sisters to join us. But Les couldn't go. Still, Ella made us happy by coming along. We don't mind paying for the extra head and a little for our room. Like I said, family will always be part of our journey. From the very beginning, they (family) are the people who's been there for us anytime, everyday.
us at the beach
Canyon Cove is a Residential Beach Resort. They cater to weddings, conferences and day tour visits. We have plans of going back for Frank's, my birthday or Dolf's and to apply for a membership. I fell in love with the place in an instant. It's a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila, good roads, the people of Nasugbu are very nice, no vendors to bother you,  it's a private beach with crystal clear water and white sand. It's the mother in me working--- everything I'm looking for to fit a perfect vacation is in Canyon Cove. Not to forget, Tagaytay is along the way. (wink!)
Canyon Cove BeachCanyon Cove Pool Area
We originally plan for our wedding to take place in Caleruega. Registering and accomplishing requirements at the main parish of Nasugbu Batangas... This province has been in our hearts eversince. Our plans as a couple didn't push, but we're very pleased that now, Nasugbu's been playing a big role for us as a family. 

Shelly Souvenir

07 June 2010

Early Sunday morning, as my boys were making a sand castle, I was strolling  by the beach looking for shells. Most of them are Puka Shells. Instead of going to the souvenir shop, I had more fun searching for pretty shells. I also took home some sand. It's so nice to see shells of different designs and colors being washed to shore naturally. It's my first time to really appreciate it. Most of the time, I see dead corals, broken shells or  even dead fishes.
Canyon Cove is my new favorite beach destination. They say it's pricey, I say, it's just right.  The time I spent picking up shells having that big grin of excitement is one of the things worth paying for. We pay for the privacy the resort is giving us (as guests and clients), there's not a sign of any trash anywhere, employees are very courteous and accommodating, the beach is amazing. It's all about relaxation, leisure and fun put together.
And today I assembled my "shelly souvenir" in a candle holder and placed on my computer desk, right beside my monitor where I can see it and will surely remind me of that special weekend.

Life's A Beach

02 June 2010

First stop:

If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans,
even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me. - Psalm 139: 9-10
photos from my sister Ella
We're getting closer... Excited na ako!!!
Smiley Face

Laguna Hot Springs Perfect For Summer

My latest discovery: The Original Laguna Hot Springs perfect for summer.

A week before our small outing, I was talking to my dad planning a summer getaway. Since everyone is busy  and school's about to start, he suggested we go to Laguna instead of  the beach. From there, we started this debate whether the Hot Springs fits the whole summer feel. My point, it's already a "Hot Spring" and it's SUMMER. The words Hot+ Summer doesn't go well just thinking about it. Anyway, my dad a frequent visitor of the only Natural Hot Spring in Laguna told me that the waters of the Laguna Hot Spring isn't as hot/ warm during summer. Scientific explanation, I don't wanna hear. So okay it's worth a try, we'll never know until we actually go and have a dip in the pool right?  We packed our swimsuits bought food to be grilled and lots of fresh fruits to match.
The whole theory about the hot springs water? Well, my dad was right. The water from the hole isn't as warm, as a matter of fact the temperature is like of an ordinary swimming pool, but the spot where it's natural steam comes out, is still hot. Why The Hot Springs, not go to the beach? Hot Spring water is very therapeutic we didn't even bother to put suntan lotion on the kids.
I myself got healed after our swimming last Sunday. I developed this skin allergy right beside my left ear. It was very itchy, and I tried all sorts of  medicines and I stayed away from dried fish and shrimps (which was the cause). Considering that I pay for face steaming, might as well take advantage of the natural steam that comes out of the pool.  I went underwater so that my skin will absorb everything. You know what, the following day, when I woke up, there was no trace of my skin allergy on my face. Ang galing!
  •  Sulphuric waters for instance, can have a therapeutic effect on skin diseases, including: Psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections
  • Some mineral waters are also used to help the healing of wounds and other skin injuries -source-
The original Laguna Hot Spring is a natural "bucal" (waterhole) maintained by the citizens of Laguna. Located at the very foot of a dormant volcano Mt. Makiling.
Legends surround the mountain, many of which relate to Maria Makiling, said to be the 'guardian fairy' of the mountain. The contour of the mountain is said to be that of her in a reclining position.-source-
Try this contact (049)5452170
Address Laguna Hot Spring Resort Bo Pansol Calamba Laguna

Dream We Worked Out --- A Simple Life

01 June 2010

This week is all about self- expression. It just so happen that my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary, 10th year of being together and our sons 2nd year in school as Senior Kinder. 3 Milestones in a week. But what the heck with counting years and months when it comes to anniversaries.    Being together forever is a dream we worked out to come true. We maintained a simple relationship, we treated each other as best friends and so is our families. So here we are living that dream. An extraordinary togetherness for life. But the moment our son Franky came on board, life immediately became his. It's all about Franky. The three of us as a family. An upcoming 2 day road trip is on its way, packing our snorkeling gear and this time with an underwater camera. This trip is for our son. We never went anywhere for the past 2 months. After moving-in our new place, it's just school and adjustment for him.

Let me share an Inspirational Thought. This is a re-post, it is my favorite affirmation post. These  affirmations serves as inspiration to me. I read it almost everyday. The right words to start a nice day and to live a better life each day. This is also to pay tribute to the Simple Life I Am Living To The Fullest. Thank You Lord...

photo: By Earlette on Flickr
I give thanks often. I appreciate all the beautiful things in my life.
I remember my dreams. They show me answers and solutions.
I allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed possible.

I believe, once in a while, we should just let go of all the earthly things that usually holds us  and be free to enjoy nature, family and life as it should be.