Our 3am Routine

30 April 2010

My husband and I developed this 3am routine just recently... On a personal note, I'm used to waking up in the middle of the night checking every door and going to the bathroom. Sometimes, if my husband needs to go overtime at work, he comes home around 3am. Every time he comes home from work around 3am, I always ask him to buy me food. From there, we sit and chat while eating our midnight snack. I don't mind staying up in the middle of the night for him. Well, one of the reasons why I married him is because I enjoy his company. If not sharing food at the dining area, we just lay in bed facing each other and talk some more. 
Our conversation always starts by asking each other how our day went. Tough times, good times. Then we reminisce on the good 'ol days, laughing at our most embarrassing moments.Last night, we spent our 3am routine by studying our new laptop.  At 3am, I think we're the only couple who's awake and watching  Blizzard Cinematic Trailers on You Tube. Our night was filled with Wows!, Ahhh!, Hmmm, "Can't wait for that", "We should save for those games". Even the smallest things makes us happy as long as we're in each other's company. My husband was also mimicking some of my mannerisms that made me laugh my heart out. I mean, I didn't imagine I looked so funny. I guess these simple things makes our  life less complicated by the minute. And through these, I can tell that our relationship has moved to a different level. Right now, all we care about is the time given to us. The time we have for each other, regardless of where and how we spend it.

The 10th Photo Tag

28 April 2010

Thank you Chris of The Mommy Journey

This was the 10th photo I posted on Sweet Nothings all the way back in December 2008, which explains the Christmas lights behind us. Taken in Trinoma.

Here are the RULES:
1.Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted. 
2.Tell us a little about it. 
3.Tag five more players. 
4.Let the fun begin!


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Ella @ 22

22? That makes me what? 32 lol! You're all grown up! You bloomed into a fine young lady. Let me take this chance to thank you. How you inspired me being your sister. You girls (with Les and Mommy) complete my life. For the past 25 years, my life went around our family. I treasure all the moments we shared and I'm sure that we will enjoy and cherish the next events to come. I am very thankful for the gift of having siblings like You, Les, Nano and Kuya Ver. You guys are my best friends too. We share a lot in common. I am very happy that we didn't have to go through any misunderstanding throughout our lifetime. Let's continue to keep our bond clean and happy as sisters and as best friends.

 My very first shot with my d-SLR November 2008

My sister Ella has been my model since I developed my interest in taking pictures. She's always there for me whenever I want to try something new. And knowing that she took modeling lessons from Abs-Cbn, I didn't have a hard time during my first try using a d-SLR. She knows what to do, she knows her angles. All I did was to shoot, shoot, and shoot.
 December 2008
Why Ella?
1. She is always available (lol!)
2. She's open for anything
3. She's comfortable to work with
4. She is already knowledgeable of my interest or even ahead of me

With Ella, I was able to try all the things I have in mind. Ella knows that I have limited time, she was understanding enough to spare some time of her own so I can grow and develop.
August 2009
I consider you as my partner in this field: Portraiture
You didn't think twice on taking this journey with me and my family.
Thank You...
Hooded Ella
 January 2010
Happy, happy Birthday... Thank you for sharing your blessings with me... Looking forward to more Photo Adventures with you. Let's do Outdoors next time!

It's Not A Planner. It's A Journal.

27 April 2010

One thing I totally forgot to get myself  for the new year is a 2010 planner. There were lots to choose from back then. So I thought, a planner can wait.
Lesson learned- get a new one even before the year ends. My computer table was piling up with post -its just taking note of things I need to attend to, plans, important dates and events and stuff for my husband and Franky.
As I was browsing through some shelves in Fully Booked Promenade yesterday, I came across a bunch of cute journals. Actually, it's for kids. But I couldn't resist the cuteness and touching messages inside the journal itself. The label alone is already something to ponder upon. The things I love about this journal are the drawings. It's a girl wearing an apron loving every moment she has. Tea with the love of her life, mixing happiness and love in the big pitcher of life. I kinda connect myself.
All the time you worry about lots of things to assort. We are happy to show a new life for you.

The purpose of life is to live it to taste experience to the utmost.
Life is a beautiful journey.

Photography Where Do I Stand After 2 Years

1. Learning  never stops

Some people asked if I will be upgrading to another camera. Yes, I will be upgrading but not yet. One reason why I want to enroll for Photography lessons is because I want to become knowledgeable of the things that works around in this field.

I want to go through the process. Study, Learn, Experience and get Certified. From there, it's going to be managed well. They say it's the eye and the imagination working. True. I strongly believe in that. Because for the past 2 years I have been using the cheapest gadgets you'll find in the market today, and I'm proud to say that my work has been getting credits. They may not be great, but seeing the fruits of my imagination in a picture  is something. Using a basic kit will put you to the test. 
  • Maximize the user manual, the cds that came with the kit. 
  • Everything is going to be useful and always take your time. 
  • Don't pressure yourself with what's hot and what's not. 
  • Join forums, buy readings (magazines, books), subscribe to Photography lessons online,
  • Don't be shy to ask fellow enthusiast
  • Learn from criticisms
  • Look beyond the usual and
  • Practice, practice, practice.

2. Photography is not yet a passion for me. I define passion as something that our hearts truly desire. Something that  we wouldn't miss in a day not talking about it or even not thinking about it. Passion is something that makes us feel complete. 
Dictionary meaning: Boundless enthusiasm

As for me, I stop when I don't feel like it. I know it contradicts the whole fact that I want to take lessons. (which will lead you to point #3 if you'll read further) I'm still  in the process of making discoveries. Photography is not going anywhere. And as time goes by, even a non- professional knows that new tips and tricks will just add and add and add, it will never die out.

I discovered my interest for taking pictures 5 years ago when I already have my own family. The idea : is loving to capture moments and milestones.

Just last Sunday, my Dad gave me a new backdrop for my portraits. Actually with that sweet gesture, it made me realize that I've  pulled-off from taking pictures for a very long time.  That's why I'm blogging about it right now, it made me think again.

3. Only time can tell

I used to have the luxury of time. Now, I still have the time but very limited. I'm kinda stuck in the middle right now. I thought that I will be able to achieve a goal this summer. Too bad, I wasn't able to... I was looking forward to summer because I was hoping to enroll in Basic to Advance Photography.

With one event, everything changed. After Typhoon Ondoy's wrath, my husband and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to transfer to a safer location. That sudden move made a deep impact to our line of priorities and goals.

The turn of events from moving out to moving in, adjusting my son's travel to and from school, following up refund of deposits made, and to add the heat summer has brought us, at the end of the day, all I want to do is to go straight to our room and rest with the Ac on full blast.With these activities, I was even caught unaware that in a few weeks, it's time to enroll Franky for school again. Where do I stand now? when is the best time to study Photography? As a mother, I always give way for my family's sake. You know what, time will tell. As of now, all I wanna do is concentrate on my family first. I want to open myself to whatever life has in store for me. "In Life's own time, not mine"  Besides, even if I'm old I can still take pictures. I just want to take it step by step and make sure that I will not miss a thing  with Motherhood, which is very important It works best for me this way.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners.

Dial A Massage

22 April 2010

Our new location may not be accessible to public transport but I can still say that everything we need is just around the corner. Today, my husband and I called for a massage. We all know what this means. They call it Phone- A- Massage. Health and Fitness Articles has been very particular when it comes to physical and health awareness. Believe me, regular spa visits and massages enriches not only the body, but also the mind.

Here are some benefits from Massage Therapy:

Helps relieve stress and aids relaxation
Promotes deeper and easier breathing
Strengthens the immune system
Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids
Reduces blood pressure
Reduces muscle spasms

Now, a good spa treatment is just a dial away. The location is across our subdivision. They will bring the Spa to the very comforts of your own home. Regular pampering helps you be in your best mood ever. With a relaxed body and an open mind, it will make work easier to deal with, makes it get rid of stress, it makes you sleep well and eat well. My husband and I would often go Spas located in a mall. It's a bit pricey that's why we're very happy to discover Phone- A- Massage. We pay half the price for 1 hour of Swedish Massage. They have 3 branches: Makati (South Super Hi-way), Quezon City  and Paranque. They also offer other home services such as: Body scrub, Foot Scrub, manicure and pedicure and more!

I recommend regular massages not only when you're stressed out or you feel some body pain. Massages on a regular basis makes you be in control when it comes to acquiring stress. It may be a form of prevention from getting too tired.

Everytime I Get Sick, My World Stops

21 April 2010

Finally, I was able to catch up on some chores today. Getting sick isn't fun, I miss my chores. I mean, I'd rather do my chores everyday, drown with laundry to wash, have a full sink with dishes, multitasking galore...... but getting sick, no way!

With my colds and sore throat, I can't even taste the food I  prepared or enjoy my favorite drink at home. It's my first time to get sick for 1 week. This heat is just terrible. Not to forget, my body was aching so bad. Sorry for the rant but I really missed a lot on some things. I can't give my son a super duper hug and a kiss thinking he might catch my flu,  my head was too heavy to stay online and I miss doing errands.

It feels good to know I'm better again, though my head is still heavy. With my colds gone, that's fine with me, I'm happy. It's the most uncomfortable, especially at night. 

Hot or cold, it's the same, we all get sick. Be extra healthy guys. 

Let me just post this shout out: 
THANK YOU I'm able to kiss Franky again,  THANK YOU for giving me a  loving husband,  THANK YOU for giving me a sister who's always ready to help, THANK YOU I'm able to enjoy my food again, THANK YOU for bringing my chores back (hehehe!), THANK YOU for giving me strength to live my life according to how I want it to be.

Sweet Nothings of Mr. Cruz

19 April 2010

I have been sick for almost a week now. Fever, clogged nose, sore throat, the works! My husband never really left me. A very hectic day at work, he checks on me all the time. One evening , I  sent him a message if he could give me some more of that TLC, but this time with Double Yum from Jollibee .  Double Yum with TLC :D Well, he gave me more. He bought everything, all the stuff I like from Jollibee. Palabok Fiesta, Spaghetti, Burger Steak and of course my Double Yum with TLC. Talk about all the  real TLC in the world.

By the way, Double Yum with TLC is Double Patty with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.

Anyway, over the weekend, I  felt that I'll get more sick if I just stay indoors the whole time. I've been a home buddy for the past 5 years, all a sick housewife like me needs is to stay away from this hot weather and  breath on something new. And really, the moment I stepped inside the car, I was already feeling  better.

The first thing I requested my husband is a cold drink from Bubble Tea. Being at the mall and having a relaxing conversation did it. I mean, I think that did it, it was enough to put me in  a better mood.
 We also went window shopping.
During our short window shop I made a list of things that I really need to buy soon: And most of them are books. Yes, my interest on reading is growing. That only means that I'm given extra time for myself . Now , that my son is all grown up, independent and responsible.

To continue, we visited 3 malls yesterday.

1. SM Megamall
2. Gateway Mall
3. SM City Cubao

From our small window shopping, we actually went shopping all the way. Well, my husband gave me and Frank a little treat. He bought new clothes for me from M& S, toys and colored pens for frank and the coffee table we wanted.
I gave my husband the freedom to choose the clothes. I love watching him shop for me, all I have to do is wait in the fitting room. There's a touch of adventure. I mean, here you are waiting and you have no idea  what clothes he'll hand you. But knowing my husband as a person with good taste, I didn't fear anything at all. It's fun. Our small shopping adventure was the ultimate cure for me. I enjoyed every moment of it. The set of clothes he bought... perfect. Exactly what I needed and what I wanted. He knows me too well...

 Thanks for the treat baby!

Thank You Lord, We Are Truly Grateful

14 April 2010

"The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful"

Thank You Lord for the gift of time, because my husband was given flexible time that he's able to spend long hours with the family than at work.

Thank You Lord for the food we eat, for the countless easy and healthy recipes I'm able to share with other people.

Thank You Lord for every good news that comes and for every bad that makes us stronger and patient.

Thank You Lord for bringing us home safely and for protecting our family from all evil elements, and from people with evil plans.

Thank You Lord for the gift of simplicity. We are truly thankful and we are embracing the small things life has been delivering to our door steps everyday.

Thank You Lord for the gift of family. It is the most precious that you have granted me and my husband.

Thank You Lord for the blessing of Good Health. We are always at our best to eat and live properly. 

Thank You Lord for shedding laughter in our humble home all the time.

Thank You Lord for the gift of wisdom. It aids on making decisions and right choices.
Blessings Graphic #22

Thank You Lord, for being there all the time... For taking care of our family, friends and loved ones. We are truly grateful and thankful...

Great Finds: Summer!

13 April 2010

I rarely share stuff on my latest finds on my blogs. But sharing on the personal side adds color to my site. Well, at least once in awhile, but not too much of it though.

This post has something different in it.

1. I found a pair of native slippers at KULTURA Mall of Asia for only php99. It is made out of "banig" I don't actually know if I'm describing it right. The slippers are very comfortable, the fit was perfect, considering that I didn't have the chance to try before I bought it. It's a great  pair in substitute for my Havaianas this summer.
2. It's very seldom I fall in love with the color purple. But I gotta make an exception. The size and the design of this Kenneth Cole bag are enough to convince a person to buy it. When I first saw it all I blurted out was: "gusto ko niyan!" ( i like it!)... 

The color is nice for summer.Perfect for roads trips, as a carry- on, mommy bag, school bag for the kids and even as a shopping bag. Just take it anywhere you go. All we need  now to complete the set is to go and take that dream vacation of ours ;)
3. I also bought a new pair of sunglasses. I always make it a point to have at least 2 pairs. When our car went under water  during Typhoon Ondoy, it ruined both my old sunglasses in the car compartment. Good thing my sister-in-law sent me a new pair. It's a very nice set actually.  To preserve it, I finally bought a second pair so the other one can rest. Now I have choices again. The price and the brand? Let's just put it this way, when it comes to protection, I spend.

Summer is one season when I consider to do some major shopping. Change of clothes to lighter ones, more colors to add, big bags, and nice slippers. All these (shopping) on different occasions and as needed only, and most probably stuff that I can still use all year long.

A Beautiful Long Weekend

11 April 2010

I can't wait for Monday to share all these. I can't wait for the weekend to end without sharing anything.

Let me enumerate the things that made my and our weekend wonderful. I was only expecting 1 activity for Sunday. A family reunion from my father's side.  

Friday and Saturday, I thought that it is going to be my usual hot summer day. I was wrong, I got excited, it was a surprise, a blessing, those fun days...

 Friday morning we drove again to Enchanted Kingdom. This time, I wore the lightest clothes that I can find in my closet. I enjoyed the wind, the summer sun, got a sun burn.

Rode the Flying Fiesta which is my favorite ride by the way.  My husband and I enjoyed the swing. Feels like being a kid again.

 It was my first to ride a real Go Kart. We're all out. The day is not going to be complete if we don't try it. Even chose it over Rio Grande, The Space Shuttle and  Anchors Away. Even the skirt I'm wearing didn't stop me.
I was the driver and my sister was my patient passenger.
  My boys rode it too. Everybody found it cute when they saw Franky riding with his Dad.
Some ice cream and cold water made everything more refreshing.


Saturday, my husband and I went to Mag:Net Cafe High Street Fort Bonifacio to check out an event for musicians.

It's the Annual Gear Show for 2010
It's like a date. For the longest time, we finally went out just the two of us. If some husbands have their cars, cameras, computers, sports and other gimmicks, my husband has his music. From a sinlge note, the art of making good music, to gadgets, Ibanez guitars, accessories, Jazz legends, and music icons.
It's the very same support I give him, to what he gives me.

Pusakal on center stage

Sunday, a family came home from New Jersey. It was also the moment when everybody from my dad's side got together. Aunties, Uncles, cousins and our Grandmother.
We all enjoyed buffet at Cabalen Mall of Asia.

We ended the long weekend watching the sunset at the San Miguel Bay Area. It was so relaxing. The very same reason why it was so hot, made our day soothing too :) The sun. 

sweet nothings
Took few pictures, but most of our time was spent watching the sun go down. It was just amazing. Loved every moment of it, especially because I'm with my family.

Mom It's A Foot!

06 April 2010

Remember this cloud formation I posted almost a year ago? Coming home from Franky's summer school graduation, while waiting in traffic, my son pointed to the sky and shouted "it's a heart mama!" From then on, his interest on cloud formations grew bigger. He is always fascinated by the sky.
sweet nothings
My son's imagination is one of the things that keeps me going as a parent. Cloud formations are one of the small things that I didn't realize when I was a kid. I'm appreciating it now through Franky.
This afternoon, I went out with Franky. While he was biking, he shouted in excitement "mom, it's a foot!" and pointed at a cloud formation just above us. Good thing my camera was out I immediately took a picture.
It's not as clear as the heart, but even an adult will see and imagine that it does look like a foot. A giant foot.

So what made your Monday extraordinary?

Just Living My Day How It Should Be

05 April 2010

It's been a long time... Yeah a very long time since my last post. And it is a very unusual thing to happen. I'll be honest with you guys. I just noticed that I pulled-off from blogging lately. Like , I intentionally pulled myself -off from blogging. It brought the life I have before I started blogging. It's nice to take a break. But believe me, I have been wanting to do my regular drops and blog hop, I guess, since we moved to our new place and getting my computer infected with a virus, toned down my presence online. You know, feeling the new place, unpacking, redecorating over and over again. Plus I'm more careful now on visiting websites. I'm still using my old anti-virus (well not really old), but I have another one standing by just in case.
The computer is not really something big to dealt upon. It's our new home. We practically lived in a condo since we got married. Being able to live in a real house, in an exclusive village is really big for us, especially  with our location, it's on top of a hill. The highest point in Quezon City, which made us feel more secure in case it floods again (which we hope will not happen). And being a worker at home, it's total adjustment for me. Learning new tricks and discovering new tips from new policies. In one word or two "I'm adjusting".
For example: TRASH
In our old condo, we bring down our trash anytime of the day. Most of the time, the caretaker gets it straight from our door. Now, the trash guys gets our trash once a week. It's a policy... What do I do? I can't store trash inside the house that long... Bought a super big container and thick garbage bags where we can store our garbage safely. Trash cans are not allowed outside our gate. Which makes the whole village clean. You litter, you pay a certain penalty. Had to do a little sacrifice this time.We need to wake up early on "a weekend" just to take out our trash. Early, because we might miss the garbage truck (again). Big difference, really big compared to when we were still in a condo.

These adjustments are meant to be there. It's not always about being  spoon-fed. We went through that adjustment period, now we know, we're getting used to it and it's fun. So what else have I been doing lately? I'm just enjoying the week of waking up late, having brunch, sometimes playing computer games with my husband if his time is flexible. Just the simple things.
Trying something new in the kitchen, going through my closet making room for new ones, looking for a new digital camera and SLR accessories.
Just living my day one at a time and how it should be this summer.

On Comedian Adam Corolla

You've never seen how beautiful the Philippines is, how passionate the people are, how loyal and true. We Filipinos care for each other, we support each other that in a day,  life has to stop in order to show how honored we are for that one person representing our country boosting the rest of his nation's moral and being a good influence.

You have issues Adam Corolla. We are happy with our country's nature, culture and traditions. You should respect that. Because if there's something to pin and point out  about your nation, it will definitely take a lifetime for the list to end. But we don't do what you do best, looking for mistakes and making  judgements. It's all about respect in this world, you need to learn how to accept and practice respect for others.

You're right, there's just so much going in your environment. To a point it made you careless, that made you inhuman and immoral.

Why don't you spare time pondering on your own issues than hit on a small country that clearly made a big mark in the world.