It Was Just A PictureThen

07 October 2010

NO it's not our anniversary...I made this post because the other day, a good friend of ours posted a picture from our wedding on Facebook. Digital cameras were already out that time, but not as enhanced and not as popular compared today. In fairness, that single photograph  magically drew back fun memories from our first special moment as husband and wife, our wedding night.
Our wedding was not as grand but the celebration itself was very tight. Friends from both sides gathered together as one. It's one of the things that made our wedding different. Our friends were total strangers to each other, but that night, we saw how happiness worked its ways, how everybody blended in as if they knew each other. Nobody felt that he or she was being left out. A table consisted of different people , and they were talking and having fun.
sweet nothings
(Hindi pa uso ang photobooth, kaya group picture na lang)
Now this picture is already a treasure. Something that will remind us all the time, that hey, we did great! it was fun a night, our friends loved not only the food and the souvenirs, but also being able to celebrate with the rest--- the bride and groom's friends... it was an unforgettable evening for everyone. Every time we see our friends, from the music circle, high school, college and even our childhood friends, everybody never misses on mentioning about our wedding, and that was 6 years ago.


Jona said...

One's wedding is really a great moment to remember. Congratulations on your 6 years. Stay happy!

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Beth said...

This pic looks good. Ang sarap tingnan mga pics like this that brings back good memories.
When I got married, papauso pa lang digicam. Mejo luxury pa siya kaya parang wala akong napansin na meron me dala nun noon. kya the pics taken sa wedding namin are from the wedding photog. Konti tuloy :)