Saturday Was Date Night

09 August 2010

Last Saturday, my husband and I decided to take a day-off from our usual. Friday, from his office, my husband called me just to ask me out on a date. I really love it when he does that. The manner of asking was just too sweet, as if he was courting me again. It's nice to keep the very same spark that made us one since the day we met, to those moments that binds us to this lifelong relationship.

As a matter of fact, being traditional was one of the things that made my man different from the rest of the guys I dated.  You know, asking a girl for a date, dinner, a movie we both want to see, then coffee. It reflects how respectful he is.

Even now that we're married, we still spare some space for our "Us Time". The day started by bringing our son to my parents house. Then we went to Greenbelt 3. Greenbelt is one of our favorite hang-out place. Everything is there. We didn't have a hard time looking for a restaurant. We visited our favorite shops too. Saturday was just for us. We took our time and we cherished our moment together, the food we like the most and the movie we've been dying to see.
sweet nothings
After reserving our sits for Inception, we had dinner at Marciano's. The food was really good, the conversation was lively, we laughed, we made plans, we smiled... love is in the air.
And yes, we were very excited about the movie. We're both Sci-Fi fanatics, and we love it every time a flick introduces something new or extraordinary to us. INCEPTION--- on a different post. 
After the movie we went to Penguin bar where my husband was set to play Jazz. Met a few  more people from his circle, enjoyed my Margarita. Later, 2 of our friends came, and we were very happy that they joined us on this special night. we looked for a coffee shop around Makati after, but it was raining hard so we opted for the nearest McCafĂ©.
My husband and I would rather spend for food or for the perfect place where we can have some private time, than buy expensive gifts for each other. I mean, we can spend hours in a restaurant just talking and even debating while we're munching. At least our relationship blooms not because of some material thing, but because  we  still continue to discover each other's common interests and even our differences.


Lucia ♥ said...

Awwww <3 This post made my heart melt away :) It must be a great feeling to have such a sweet husband :) Simply asking you out, even though you are already married is un unconventional way of saying I LOVE YOU, and I'd also like to have someone like that by my side.

Enchie said...

Hi Lucia! Thank you. I'm very happy that this post inspired you. All I can say is, take your time, Mr. Right will come along the way. :)

Joy said...

You're really blessed Enchie to have a sweet husband like Dolf. Nakakakilig naman to be asked out for a date. :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Enchie, this post made me miss my peanutbutter♥...I miss our Date Night..

Enchie said...

@ Joy thank you. I'm happy it made you smile.

@ Peachy awww... don't worry when he gets back, total date night na talaga :)