Of Leveling Up and Multiply

06 August 2010

Hey guys! this mom is quite busy and pressured with a lot of things. Well, one of the pressures I have right now is leveling up my W0W character to 80. Yeah, pretty serious for me. Especially because every month, I shed out cash just to keep my game going. It's fun by the way, so money is not a problem.  I have ZERO posts again. Most of the things that's been happening to me and my family are too personal to share here on my open blog, I post it on Multiply instead. I uploaded some photo albums too. I've been busy planning some family activities for the next 2 months, and boy, time goes by so fast. The next thing I will be preparing for is the holiday season. 

Next weekend, my husband's not going to be around, I'm really sad. But he promised me something for tomorrow. So there, a quick glimpse of what I've been doing lately. Over-all, it's just all about the World of Warcraft and Multiply.

Let's pray for a sunny weekend! Have a great one guys!

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