10 May 2010

Rarely do we find in Philippine history that Ateneans and fellow Lasallians come together for a common cause. Yet on May 7 at the Miting de Avance of presidential bet Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. at the Rizal Track and Field, even the arch-rival blue eagles have become brothers with the Green. The unity and brotherhood arose, not just from rival schools but as well as from people from all walks of life, all marched together under the inspiration and leadership of no other than Gibo Teodoro. Gibo has shown us a new face in Philippine politics, an emerging hope of leadership and capabilities.

Yes, rarely do we find in Philippine history a truly bright man as that of Gibo, a man of good values and example too. He is the ONLY ONE who has never uttered any deregatory word towards the other presidential hopefuls only to gain votes or following. He is the ONLY ONE who has never used emotions nor capitalized on the financial hardship of our fellowmen only to gain popularity. No celebrity endorsers nor parents or relatives of historical influence onto which a campaign relies on. Truly Gibo’s true character emerged gracefully and respectably in these few months of campaign period. He has worked on his own merits and garnered the admiration and respect of the silent majority. He is the only candidate who has a clear platform with specific timeframe and guidelines.

Realizing how blessed we are to have a truly brilliant yet humble Filipino leader such as himself, his good examples only inspire many of us to cast and guard our votes for a better Philippines!

The Gibo Miting de Avance is a life changing experience. I was there with my whole family, my husband Xavier, our 7 year old daughter Aril and 4 year old son Xacariel. Standing behind us is a middle aged man who looked like he just came from a hard day’s toil. There was also a group of youth who you could notice are of humble beginnings, not bothering their old torn clothes but are only mindful of their zeal in getting near the stage to have a better glimpse of the man that inspires them. Then to my left are some Lasallians, and to my right are some Ateneans who are noticeable with their green shirts stating “Atenista para kay Gibo”.

It is no doubt that Filipinos have acted rightly and honorably to the call of a changing time. A call for change, unity and progress.

Frankly I cannot wait to see my beloved country progress inevitably. I cannot wait to see the street children already being sheltered in their homes and in the arms and warmth of their family. I cannot anymore wait to see these helpless children go to school and become the hope of our tomorrow rather than seeing them exploited in the streets or sold to prostitution and child abuse. I cannot anymore wait to see the elderly with smiles on their face enjoying the love and comfort of their children’s children while savoring the dignity of old age, rather than have them as scavengers wandering in the streets looking out for garbage to sell and thrown away left overs to feed on.

I cannot wait. All the more I cannot wait for another 6 years of wasted presidency and dirty politics in the arms of the incapables. They themselves are lost in their own personal battles and agenda, greed, unfinished businesses and interests. They themselves are lost in finding answers to their own quest. I do not want to be lost along with them. I want a forward direction towards peace and progress, unity and goodness. I desire a better and respectable life for all of the Filipino people. We deserve only the best. Our children, our brothers and sisters, and our elderly only deserve the best. And NOW is our chance to finally make a change and unleash ourselves from the bondage of psychological and economic slavery dictated upon us by the capitalists, the opportunists and dirty politicians.

Filipinos should, and have come together as one people to brave the many challenges that befall our country.

Let us not be afraid. Let us not be lured with empty and broken promises. Let us not trade our vote for someone who the privately funded surveys dictate us to think as a sure win. Do not compromise. No more heart aches nor vengeance. Let your voice be heard. Choose the best.

While we celebrate Mother’s Day today, let us not forget to remember our own Motherland. Tomorrow, where the sky is bright and the horizon is clear, let us show our love and gratitude to Motherland by choosing the best person as the next President of the Republic of the Philippines.

For me I have chosen the respectable Gibo Teodoro. Even from day one I have already made my choice. Not for reasons that we hail the same alma mater nor for self-interest, but for love and care for our country and for our fellowmen. A truly positive campaign where there is no bickering nor mudslinging, fellowmen, it is high time to bring all colors together as one, blue and green, even yellow and red, for love of Motherland.

I raise my arms in prayers for this cause. Together, forward we march for a better Philippines.
Sulong Gibo!!!! Sulong Pilipinas!!!!!!!!!

by: AV

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