On Comedian Adam Corolla

05 April 2010

You've never seen how beautiful the Philippines is, how passionate the people are, how loyal and true. We Filipinos care for each other, we support each other that in a day,  life has to stop in order to show how honored we are for that one person representing our country boosting the rest of his nation's moral and being a good influence.

You have issues Adam Corolla. We are happy with our country's nature, culture and traditions. You should respect that. Because if there's something to pin and point out  about your nation, it will definitely take a lifetime for the list to end. But we don't do what you do best, looking for mistakes and making  judgements. It's all about respect in this world, you need to learn how to accept and practice respect for others.

You're right, there's just so much going in your environment. To a point it made you careless, that made you inhuman and immoral.

Why don't you spare time pondering on your own issues than hit on a small country that clearly made a big mark in the world.

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