Saturday Was So Close Night

30 August 2009

Its a Saturday. Sunday and Monday are still to come. Its a long weekend for everyone here in the Philippines. My husband and I decided to stay at home and relax with some homemade chicken wraps and a movie called So Close. We have been choosing between SEVEN (Brad Pitt) and So Close an action-adventure Hong Kong film. We chose So Close. This movie came out in 2002, I can still remember seeing the movie poster in Megamall while on a date, with still my BF then, now my husband. It really didn't attract me, thinking that it's another chick- action movie. Last night, I gave it a try. Besides, its nice to watch old flicks that is not from my usual preference.

My Chicken Wrap (recipe to be posted soon)

I didn't get disappointed, its the best action chick-flick I watched. Sorry to say, its better than Charlie's Angels. It's not that I want to compare, but the last chick- flick I watched was Charlie's Angel.
Smiley Face

So Close was distributed by Columbia Pictures. The movie went around the story of 2 sisters who grew and were trained to be hired assassins, computer hackers and espionage specialists. Who used their late father's advanced secret satellite technology to give them access and advantage over their enemies. At the beginning of the movie they assassinated the chairman of a top Chinese company. The older sister played by Shu Qi as Lin was the one taking action while the younger sister Zhao Wei – Quan assisted via satellite, studying the location and possible solutions for a clean mission.

In the aftermath of their successful mission, an intelligent Police Detective named Kong Yat Hung (Karen Mok) (the third lady in the poster) was assigned to their case and was able to track them down. The story became more complicated when the sisters became targets of the very people who originally hired them. More Here.
The fight scenes were the ones that got really into me. Its different for girls to go and battle the bad guys with various Kung Fu techniques. I bet, the cast studied and trained Kung Fu to give justice to their characters. Bravo!
So what's up for today (Sunday) and tomorrow? We'll see, we will be having lunch with my parents today. Later, might go some place else again... Tomorrow, might be a total rest day, for another week of work, school and chores. Have a lovely day!
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Red and Chic For 199

26 August 2009

I just recently received a white Liz Claiborne purse from my aunt in NJ. I imagined that it would be cooler to have it in Red. I found one today. But not Liz Claiborne and a lot cheaper.
I don't really care much if the bag is cheap or what. As long as I am able to use it properly, the question on how long will it survive is out. Of course, a bag this simple should be loaded lightly. It's fashion for me. I can carry this around shopping, strolling and I can use this on a date with my husband. I have been attracted to red accessories eversince, red is just so attractive. Well, here I go again with my nothingness. Have a nice day!

Healing Touch For Children

My dad gave me a book on Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure for Children by Mary Atkinson. As early as our little one's first month, a good massage helps with the development of the skeletal, muscular and psychological aspects of the infant/child. A parent's touch gives a full blanket of security to the child. Being a parent is the most rewarding that can happen to a person. But it is also the most demanding task. Modern living brings out stress, competitive nature and unwanted pressures. That's to us adults, can you imagine the effects of it on a child?

A mother or a father's touch helps to make them feel relaxed and at ease. This book I am going to share will give opportunities for us parents to establish again the importance of our healing hands. The gift of security is vital for the child's early growth and development.

Here are some benefits I found in this new reading: In both long and short term caring touch can...

  • Encourage better-quality sleep, leading to an improved temperament.

  • Encourages a healthy immune system, helping to prevent fight infections.

  • Provides a valuable opportunity to share time together---having fun.

  • Builds trust and intimacy through non-verbal communication.

  • Tales away child's mind from worries and doubts.
Avoid Massage, reflexology and acupressure if :

  • Child has been vaccinated previously.

  • Has an infection.

  • If child is undergoing medical care. Best to seek pediatrician's advice

  • Working over cuts and bruises

  • Be aware on skin allergies if you're using oils and creams.
Basic Massage Routine---head, shoulder and back

  • This series of movements takes around 7-10 mins. Perform it gently with soothing strokes.

  • First fold---resting your hands on your child's shoulders

  • Back Circles---Stroking your hands up and around your child's back at the shoulder blade area.

  • Back Rubbing---Rubbing across the upper back, tops of the shoulders, upper arm in small zigzag movements.

  • Shoulder Kneading---Gently knead the soft flesh beneath on your child's shoulders.

  • Beating On The Upper BAck

  • Back Stroking

  • Arm Patting

  • Arm Kneading

  • Shoulder Stroking

  • Neck Rubbing

  • Head Rubbing

  • Hair Shampooing

  • Tabla On the Head---Gently drum the pads of your fingers in a random fashion all over your child's head.

  • Head and Shoulder Stroking

  • Temple Circles

  • Forehead Stroking
This is just the basic. There's a lot more that will greatly help in giving your child a healing touch. I suggest you go get the book, especially for the Moms. Its Healing Touch For Children by: Mary Atkinson.
There are also massages on treating common ailments such as asthma, hayfever, cough and colds, sinus problems, sleeping problems, eye strain. All the techniques in order to provide comfort for our children are all in this book.

Photo Here, Photo There, Photos Everywhere

25 August 2009

Let me clear that I am doing this as a hobby. As promised here is the entry from my picturesque weekend. The photo shoot was a sudden activity. Saturday morning, I went to my hometown to do some things for my mom. Went to DFA'a satellite office with them to help them get their passports. While waiting, my sister and I talked about headshots, facebook, multiply and the likes. I got excited and asked if they want to take pictures that very same day too. And so we went on with the plan called my cousin Soqui. We ordered a bucket from KFC, enjoyed a fantastic dinner and talked about stuff. It was like a slumber party. My cousin Jordon, who is a make-up artist was suppose to join us too. But he had an activity prior to our invitation, so we ended up doing our own faces.

My Mom actually lent us her new set of make-ups. I really didn't have anything. So thanks mommy!

Photo shoots for me is a fun activity. Its playing around with the camera. Only, the camera is bigger and has better features. We coached each other on the poses and copied some from a magazine. It was very fulfilling to be able to get great pictures. If not great, shots beyond the usual.
In our guestroom, I turned on the AC and I assembled my set (as if I have the real photo set-up) just some lamps, and my reliable black back-drop. Black makes the subject stand out that's why I love it. But don't worry, I do have intentions of using lighter backgrounds, natural light and more props. I started with my sister Ella.
As we all know, she's my favorite subject. There were daring shots. I'm talking about half-naked pictures (see my FB if you're my contact). It turned out nice, but since blogspot is an open network, I decided not post everything.

-My sister Les-

She was the hardest to capture. She has braces! She's not really the only one, we both don't know how to strike a pose.
 It will take hundreds of test shots for us to be able to nail a pose and a smile. Over-all, the pretty girl with braces was able to find her forte.
And finally, SOQUI. We all knew her from my last set of portraits.
If you noticed everyone was wearing their t-shirts. We totally forgot to change to our intended clothing. But I liked the color of Soqui's shirt. Its the face not the shirt. There was something I didn't like that night though... I got fewer shots compared to the first batches. I was really tired from a full day of activites. While shooting the last person, my eyes got all watery and blurry, I couldn't see clearly through the viewfinder. It was really bad. I could have gotten more. I apologize to my sister Les, for not being able to give my 100%. With this empty space that made me feel incomplete, I asked my dad to accompany me to go on location for another shoot. I will take my time, have fun, and be 100% ready.
It still brought a great feeling. I was able to bond with my cousin and sisters, we enjoyed laughing making-fun of each other's poses. It was awesome. And thank you to my blogmates who gave such wonderful comments on Facebook (you know who you are).

I Badly Need A Watch

24 August 2009

My Dad just recently bought a luxury watch for a very cheap price. I mean, when he went to the shop, its the only Rolex in the delicate glass stand. But doubts are there if its real or not. Watches ought to be of good quality and of great value. We all know that we will never get quality for a cheap price. I am all willing to pay extra for that so-called quality time.

It's been years since I had a nice watch. It was stolen together with my son's baby bag. What is it doing in a baby bag, if you might ask. Well, so precious, I had to remove it because we had to travel with our car windows open. As we went to have some snacks in a restaurant, I left the baby bag in the car, got whatever is just needed. When we got back, the car door was open and the bag was gone. I can't believe that the thief would even get a baby bag. Well, I guess he sensed that there's something important inside.

As I was surfing the net for possible sellers, I found You know what, they exactly have the watch my Dad bought just a few weeks back. And its on sale. I would love to have one too if given the chance. And I want this Rolex.

Its like the Rolls- Royce of watches.

HE Painted Over Our Weekend

23 August 2009

My picturesque weekend started last Friday. My husband took me and Franky out to the Mall of Asia. Originally, we're suppose to check the Science Discovery Center. But when we got there, the majestic sunset and the Manila Bay caught our attention instead. Well, the sun went down already... but that didn't ruin our afternoon. Looking at the people by the bay, made us appreciate family, nature and what a looonggg weekend is about.
The clouds above was naturally painted with red and orange... My husband took most of the pictures. He said: God just finished a new wonder...

I looked up and it was very beautiful. Then, I looked around, families everywhere enjoying the fantastic day. It was heart-warming seeing Filipinos have a good time.

Photographers from all over came to shoot the sunset...little they notice the sky above them.
Later that evening, as we were strolling and looking at some guitar shops, we heard a loud bang. My guess was right. Its fireworks time!

It was amazing.
I didn't get nice shots, or at least clear ones. I ran all the way from the guitar shop to the bay area.I was everywhere and my camera too.

My picture-full weekend didn't end with fireworks though...
PORTRAITS will be posted soon.
Smiley Face
Have a lovely week!

How Old Is Old?---Updated

20 August 2009

My apologies to Cathara of Cathara and Secretly Sinning, thanks for letting me know that this is part of your contest...

Thanks to Kikamz of Just About Anything and KittyKat of Amazingly Me who shared this tag with me asking How Old Is Old?

Is the question asking how old the word "old" existed or is it asking on our point of view on what really "old" pertains to.

Here are my answers basing it on 3 different kinds of perspective:

Physical--- the skin gets all wrinkly, cool gray hair takes over, movement and comprehension is slower. But still capable of doing a lot of things.

Age--- We shouldn't worry about aging. It's an experience (getting old) that we should fully live and enjoy. They say that as the person matures over time, the "true" physical beauty comes out.
And I see it in my husband. I look at him everyday... In my eyes, I see a more handsome fellow, than before when we first met. It makes me fall in love over and over again.

History--- Considered as something from the past. An event, thing, experience, person. That or who, once existed or has become part of.
"Getting old is also an opportunity to live again the life we had once when we were young. Only, with gray hair." Less responsibilities, more free time and a more relaxed life as we retire.

Bloggers I would like to hear from:

A Life That Is Less Ordinary
Mom’s Special Diary
Pensive Thoughts
From This Side
Heavenly Delight

To join the contest, visit here: Cathara

Travelling The US

19 August 2009

It has always been our plan to visit America. October of last year was suppose to be the month of our grand vacation. Grand for me, because it is going to be my first and I poured so much time in 3 months just to get Visas for me and my son. But it didn't push through. As we weighed our priorities for 2009, we decided to move our travel to a more convenient time. Keep those fingers crossed. Of course, I got very excited. Especially after receiving my visa. We did prepare for this trip, including our itinerary. I may be visiting one country, but what a big one.

There's a lot to go to in America. First thing we had to figure out is our accommodation for every state we will be visiting. From Georgia, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. Surely, Chicago is one of them. We thought that Chicago Apartments is going to be one of our options when we visit Illinois. Chicago Hotels would also be great. With these options, I think everything will run smoothly when we get there.

My husband mentioned to me that it's also nice to visit California. We have a relative in San Francisco and my husband has been there several times. He stayed at various San Francisco Hotels.
Looking for a good, yet reasonable place to stay is not going to be a problem. Well, I pray for that convenient time to come sooner. Right now, school and my husband's hectic schedule at work is keeping us. We surely need a big break!

Goodbye Canon Ixus 70

18 August 2009

I started to love taking pictures when I bought this baby...the Canon Ixus 70. It's one of Canon's old digital cameras, I know.
Believe me, I was choosing between this and Olympus' new waterproof cam. I still chose this. Aside from being sleek and light, this camera has a viewfinder. Once you've ran out of battery, the viewfinder is always available to assist you in taking more pictures. And to add, Canon was the first to release digital cameras (if I'm not mistaken, they started with Poweshot 600 in 1996). Then the release of PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH or Digital IXUS in other regions (2000). Of course, as to what have many told me, Canon holds the best lenses too.
You wanna see some pictures ?

All are taken from the Canon Ixus 70. It's nice to have a small camera to bring around. By the way, these are all old pictures. I really concentrated using my entry DSLR since I bought it. The only difference is the weight and size, and yes, a digital camera is more convenient to bring around.
But I am after taking better shots with a better camera... If I have the will to get my hands on it, I made sure that I also have the strength to bring it (dslr) around.
It was quite an investment (dslr), its such a shame if I will only leave it at home, and still end up with my digital camera.

Color Accent 101
And today, I am officially saying goodbye to my Canon Ixus 70. I sold it to my Dad some months ago. My sister accidentally dunked their digital camera in the toilet bowl. That time, my Dad was bound to leave for Singapore, and he desperately needed a camera. Later on offered to pay for it. I can still use it though... But I already have a new camera. Besides, if this is the case, there's something new to look forward to next year... a new digicam!
Giant Xmas Tree Araneta Center Cubao
Joe Lovano Playing Double Sax
All photos taken with Canon Ixus 70.

The Dreamer Will Stop Dreaming In Her Dreams

17 August 2009

This may be something negative on first impression...please read on.

"I am free of the past and the future. The moment I live in is now, with no history affecting my choices in the present".

If there is something greatly attaching me to this world... that would be my dreams. Its nothing negative on my part. I have been telling myself that for every dream, it will come in the right time, and live what is in the present.
I guess, I had a hard time stopping from dreaming... and I ended grasping for some breathing air, running after what I wanted (plans & goals). Whether it is for my family, myself or for others.

Over the weekend, I was awakened to stick with what is happening at the moment. And I will start to go through the week taking it step by step living each day fully. Once in a while we need to have a little enlightenment of what we used to have as a perspective in life. Well, I thank God for the life he has given me, and I'm able to take dreams as inspirations not as an aiming point. If it's really meant for me or for my family, why not, we will glady accept it with open arms.

Work and stress combined, makes us think beyond the life we have right now. And we exceed with the use of so much time, we drain our brains, and physically, we get exhausted. When in fact, if we were only thinking of the task to be finished that day, we should be excelling and preserving our strength for another successful day. Which will definitely, still contribute for a brighter future. We don't lose anything and we will still gain a lot.

Have a great week ahead!

Mommy Journey's 1st Blogversary!

15 August 2009

A good friend's blog is turning 1 on September 10! The Mommy Journey!

Congrats in advance Chris! You did a lot for the past year. You brought inspiration to us moms and smiles to our hearts. You're one blogger that I surely would like to meet in person...

the mommy journey

It is very easy to join:

Just write about this blogiversary celebration at your site.

1. Please make sure your post has a link to this contest page and that you copy the prizes with the sponsor's links.
2. Please leave a comment with the URL of your post.

1st winner
blogspot makeover by Momgen Designs
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5th winner
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Creating A Photo Blog

Its been almost a year for Sweet Nothings, more than half a year for my Food blog (From My Kitchen and Beyond). Now, I am thinking of creating a new site for my photos. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. Its not easy to maintain 2 sites alone. Adding another might just make things a bit complicated.

Just in case I come up with this Photo blog, a webhosting solution should be the first thing to consider. As for me, I like a webhost that offer free domain names. Its one of the things I greatly like my sites to have. My own domain name.I want to make this 3rd blog of mine, to be a bit personal.

I checked several webhosting sites and I found some that might cater to my ideas. And it ain't easy. Finding the best webhosting service for my website is very confusing. There are endless options from the top hosts or the least expensive service.

Since I'm at the verge of taking my time, a detailed review of these webhosting sites should be done. from their rates, reliability and speed, especially on the technical support aspect. I sure do hope that by the time I'm able to make up my mind, a good webhost is also ready to cater to my every need.

My Hair Got Axed!

12 August 2009

First of all, I'm not really afraid to try any hairstyle. As a matter of fact I think I already tried almost everything. Not to the point of shaving my head.
From super short hair...
To having some bangs...
Over-all, my hair is happy if its long. It's easier to manage in a sense that you can do anything with it. Tie it back, tuck it behind your ears, it also looks good with some bangs, and most of all, women always look best with long hair flowing around their shoulders.

In 2007, I decided to cut my hair short. But my husband didn't really like it. He's used to seeing me with long hair. As requested, I grew my hair back since 2008 up to the present. My last visit to the salon (before today) was last December. I am determined to grow my hair right below the armpit area. I had plans of having it permed by the time it reaches that length.

Today, I went to David's Salon to have an inch taken off and to get my bangs back. To my disappointment, the hairstylist wasn't paying attention to what I am instructing him. He trimmed my hair shorter. Worst of all, he gave me layers. I hate layers for my hair. Its hard to manage. I thought he knew what I was telling him, he kept on answering yes, ok, yes. By the way, he is not my real stylist, that's why... My mom's stylist is also mine. But I can't find time to go all the way to my hometown just to have my hair trimmed.

The result was ok. Its something different, something new. Its way better than having a shorter hair (as seen above). But I had goals and plans. I have been growing my hair for 1 1/2 years now. Half of it got axed even before reaching the desired length. That's the disappointing part. I had to email this picture right away to my husband just to know his opinion. As long as he is happy with how I look. Everything is fine with me.

Planning To Use EON?---Updated

I chose to use EON for my paypal transactions solely because I don't want to put any of our savings account or credit card no. at risk. For security purposes on my part. My EON will only contain my Paypal transactions- nothing else. I was a victim of hacking sometime last month. Though, it was only my Facebook that got hacked, it is still hacking. Anytime, someone or a group might just tap your usernames and passwords. We'll never know... Besides EON doesn't require a maintaining balance.

The good news for Philippine Bloggers: Yesterday, I shared a list of Philippine Banks with Mommy Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts in case you still want to use your personal savings account to get your paypal money. Or you may ask your bank if they cater to Paypal transactions.

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Bank of Commerce
China Banking Corp
East West Bank
Phil National Bank
Security Bank & Trust Co
Landbank of the Phils.

With regards to the verification of your Paypal, a debit or credit card is required. With what I read on some websites and info from fellow bloggers, if Paypal is not verified, widrawal of money is impossible.

If you're interested with Unionbank's EON Debit Card, for new users like me, you can go to any Unionbank, fill up their form, bring 2 valid IDs, your T.I.N and SSS. Make sure that your banking name matches your paypal info from the account name to billing address. I had the very same dilemma as to what Mommy Tetcha encountered.

Let me clear this, you will be needing 4 identification nos.

from 2 valid IDs
T.I.N no. (no. will do even without ID, but make sure it is yours and it is valid)
SSS no. (no. will do even without ID, but make sure it is yours and it is valid)

There will be a 7- working day waiting period until you get your card. Upon receiving your card, you will be asked to pay 350 Php annual fee. Deposit at least 200Php. You will be able to activate your account the following day at any Unionbank ATM (as what they instructed me). And through the net, got to: EON Cyber Account to acivate your online banking services. Activation will take another 2-3 days.
A set of number code from your bank is also required to widraw your paypal.

Then, you're all green to transfer and use your hard earned moolah. Yipee!
Smiley Face

note: Inactive EON will have a monthly penalty . Keep it active.

I hope this entry will help you , my fellow bloggers. I was once filled with questions too as I was figuring out how to get my online earnings, without sharing any of my personal accounts.

Keeping An Open Mind

10 August 2009

My batteries are low today...I don't know when I'll charge back. I enjoyed a cool weekend with my family. We went shopping for my new jacket, enjoyed a pan of pizza and a wonderful movie. But it seems like my brain isn't cooperating well. I think I enjoyed our weekend too much (hehehe!). I want to describe how our weekend went (like the usual), but no words are popping out at least to start it.

I'm making this blog instead.

You know what made my weekend exciting? I found a store that sells the DSLR Protector that I intend to buy on Ebay. So yehey! Because I hate making transactions online. I didn't buy it yet because I didn't bring my camera. And I already bought so much in one day.
The jacket alone, ate all of my cash (but it was a worthy buy). Its the only clothing my closet lack.
And to keep the blues away the whole week, I plan to go on some "Me Time" this week. Get a haircut, buy that cam protector, buy another jacket and some new clothes for my son. If not, ah well, I'll just save.
Hopefully by Friday, I'll be able to get my hands on some blogging money too.
More yehey! yehey!yehey!
And keeping an open mind will still make me a contented person, in case none of my plans will push through. Spending quality time with my family is good. Like really good.
So there, I ended up posting my affirmation for the week .


03 August 2009

I am officially going to start posting affirmations every Monday. Defeating that Monday blues, let my weekly affirmation help brighten you up as you begin a new journey every week. Posting affirmations helped me cope greatly throughout my week. Battling- off stress and unnecessary emotions that tends to keep a person down. Last week, I was down with colds and flu. I can't barely talk. With this, I was still doing everything by myself from taking my son to and from school, chores, trying my very best to prepare good food, and keeping a light disposition. I've become aware on new things as a mother. Even if you're sick, you just can't sit and watch, or lay down and let the day pass without doing anything for the family. It makes us "as the light of the family" feel incomplete. On the other hand, resting and taking care of oneself is also essential in order to provide a healthy day. Being fully aware of our needs as an individual, helps maintain a good relationship with the family and it makes you glow.

Aside from family life, there are more things that inspire me everyday. 3 other reasons that makes me whole as a person.
Being a food lover. Kitchen has always been part of the family tree. Coming from a clan of Kapampangans, I learned to love the kitchen through my Mother and Grandmother. Cooking is an easy thing to do, almost everyone can cook. We become unique, with the flavors we make and the recipes we concoct.

The only passion I keep for myself right now is creating notes online. It makes my mind stay active and for the past 2 years, it slowly brought out a new person. I never knew that I'll be able to create stories and various articles. I was never a writer at heart, I never even liked reading books. I was just an ordinary girl next door.
I keep blogging as a form of outlet. As of the moment, I take time and on a slower pace, making room for one more hobby.

Photography. I am now loving it. As a contributing factor on being self-aware, I am opening myself fully to this new interest. I still don't have the time though. For now, all I can do is to equip myself with readings and join forums online to be more knowlegeable. I am very particular with Potraiture. As I was going through some readings in National Bookstore, I was happy to find out that I am moving on the right path.
Portrait photography is just so fascinating. I get to study the face of the subject, develop a close relationship with the person, and become more creative that will help enhance my skills. This book gave justice why I needed a DSLR.

SLRs gives more professional results and because of its cost, size, and speed of use, it is the choice of many. You can change lenses for different effects. Ultimately, you have greater creative control. I don't have the skills yet (how I wish I do) and the proper knowledge. I only own a basic camera kit. And I'm not saying I am good at it. But that doesn't also mean its not possible to be able to take great shots.

my sister ella (taken at the La Mesa Ecopark)
This is an opportunity for me to grow and develop more as a person. Thinking on justifying the right gadget or not, it brought me second thoughts on committing on this field. Scared to fit in the world of Photography. Another realization though, if it is really your heart's desire, just go for it! Regardless of what people might think. Take criticism as a healthy option. By the way, constructive criticism and unsolicited advices are truly different from each other. Don't listen to those who gives discouraging words. People tend to act as if "they know it all" just because they were there first, they had it first or because they studied about it. We become experts through constant learning. And learning is gained 'til forever.

Later, I plan to enroll and study Photography. I think that's the best time to invest on a new cam.
When you look back at your life, will you remember the journey?Conscious living is about taking the time for yourself to think about and choose the life you want. It is about understanding and changing any negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours we may have.-source-