25 February 2009

30 is the most talked about age. For some, 30 means their getting old, aging as if tomorrow will never come. And others think that reaching 30 is fabulous.
I just turned Treinta (30) 3 months ago. And it was one of my happiest birthdays ever. What made it the happiest? Well, a great surprise did. I was gifted by a dream to own a DSLR.
The reasons why I made it so special are the following:

* As for an ordinary person like me, it would be a ga-ga thing to splurge on something that is mostly for professional use.
* My reason of improving our photos clearly, didn't support why I need to have one.
* In the present economic crisis, it is really not applicable to buy something that is not of priority.
But he bought me one. I have it now and I'm enjoying every moment with it.
A good friend from highschool tagged me with a one of a kind Q&A. Thanks ISA for this tag. It gave me another chance to share some more of these thoughts I have in my head.
This post was from a survey Isa answered. It's entitled "30 Things A Woman Should Have and Should Know By The Time She's 30".
According to the author, by the time I'm three decades old, I should have:
1. One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you've come.
Nobody. I already have my husband.
2. A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.
For sure. My husband and I are very concious on taking care of our stuff.
3. Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.
A good pair of well-fitted pants (not jeans), a plain long-sleeves with the top part unbuttoned a bit. The hair and make-up will cover for the rest. By the way, I prefer mentioning pants than slacks.
4. A purse, a suitcase and an umbrella you're not ashamed to be seen carrying.
I will never be ashamed to carry anything that will keep me protected and at ease.
Especially, if its for family's sake.
5. A youth you're content to move beyond.
I am happy that I have experienced a normal childhood/teenage life. And I am still enjoying it with my sisters around. I see myself in them, I give them advises, I'd go shopping with them, we hangout in Starbucks (like any other highschool kid, who thinks it is a "cool" thing).
6. A past juicy enough that you're looking forward to retelling it in your old age.
Juicy in a way that my husband and I see ourselves in some of the young couples. That proves, that we've moved on to a different level in life. And we appreciate seeing something we once enjoyed and experienced.
7. The realization that you are actually going to have an old age - and some money set aside to help fund it.
I'm there, I'm very aware of it. And being a SAHM makes it a bit complicated. Right now, I am merging with my mom to form a business. I still want to hold onto something that will secure our future. On my part, that is.
8. An e-mail address, a voice mailbox and a bank account - all of which nobody has access to but you.
I made sure that my husband has access to all of my emails. Bank---my own. Voicemail---nope! I don't rely on it that much.
9. A resume that is not even the slightest bit padded.
I have my life as a Mother to back up this statement.
10. One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.
So far none of my firends made me cry. We'd always laugh and talk about funny things.
11. A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra.
I am for all 3. Especially the black lace bra. Even if its an undergarment, it's best that we still look good even under. Screwdrivers and cordless drills, my husband's toys.
12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.
Lacoste polo shirts. I swear I am very much into it. I started wearing them when I was a teenager. My Aunt would send us shirts from the States. Until such time, from shirts, it upgraded to make-ups and perfumes.
13. The belief that you deserve it.(supporting #12)
I love the feel of it. I don't have problems on what bra color to wear, because of its thick cloth. It's doesn't get worn out easily. And yes, I still find it ridiculous because, it's too expensive for a shirt. Let me clear this up, realistically speaking, 3000 bucks (Php) is "kalokohan" for a t-shirt. Especially if you buy it here in the Philippines.
What I do? I save up for it. At least in a year, I get to buy one. Lucky me, my husband knew what I wanted, he bought 2 for me, last Christmas.
14. A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don't get better after 30.
Just my big tummy issue. Tea and work-out are my solutions.
15. A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship and all those other facets of life that do get better.
I'm happily married even before reaching the age of 30. I'm a happy and satisfied Mother & Wife.
16. How to fall in love without losing yourself.
It's true that you need to use the mind more than the heart. That way, you will also understand the other person's needs and objectives.
17. How you feel about having kids.
I say, it is the most fulfilling.
18. How to quit a job, break up with a man, and confront a friend without ruining the friendship.
I'm through, done and over with these things.
19. When to try harder and when to walk away.
When you tried everything, and still, it doesn't work. That's the time to walk away.
20. How to kiss in a way that perfectly communicates what you would and wouldn't like to happen next.
Getting harrased. Or forced.
Let me end here. 10 more questions to fill, which is going to be the Part2 of this entry. This tag is open to anybody. Let me know, so I can visit you :D

Senior Chat City

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A very powerful song of love and inspiration.
I haven't been sharing anything about my love for music. I listen to everything. I give those 'everything' a try. So far, I learned to love each song. The music that's been keeping my ears alive is a soundtrack from the Macross Frontier full version anime series. Sheryl Nome starring May'n. My husband introduced it to me.Half-Filipino, half-Japanese Megumi Nakajima also took part in the series as Ranka Mei .
After listening to the song, I wanted to learn Japanese :D Its a good thing that they also have the English (top) translation available in the video. And singing along, made me realize how emotional this song was. Best lyrics I have ever read. Talk about pure inspiration and reason.

Healthy Salad Recipes

24 February 2009

I started to get serious with health issues when I had my own family. A fast paced life greatly affects one's health. That includes fastfoods, restaurants, instant meals and the availability of options for easy cooking. These I call culprits to the diseases that are making noise in this generation.
What Is Life 123 has the answer to these health challenges. A list of healthy salad recipes with the freshest ingredients will surely make you drool over a set of delicious recipes in store for you. The bonus part, it's healthy! Who said you need to use something green and leafy to create a healthy salad recipe? Simple healthy salad recipes are fresh a delightful way to enjoy lunch or to serve as an opener to an elegant meal.

LDS Chat Room

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That includes Latter Day Saints women chat lines and Latter Day Saints video chat rooms. Make new friends, learn a new perspective in life, or just make a change and come out of your shell. These are some reasons why LDS chat was made possible. Reasons to make your relationship with your friends and loved ones stronger and to live in all honesty. Because you know there is a way to get in touch with just one click.

Panda Sneezes

The Mom's reaction was so funny, the baby's soo-o cute!
It will truly make your day...:D

Me On Facebook

Hi friends I just recently made a Facebook account. My husband kinda encouraged me to create one. He said that it's quite different from the rest of the networking hosts. Yesterday, my son went to bed early, had all the time available, no opps at hand, played some yahoo games, eventually I was on the edge of everything. There's nothing else to do, so I ended having a Facebook.

And it wis fun. It's easier to find friends. You can chat in an instant and I can share some notes too. By the way, this is not a paid post. I just want to share some thoughts on my first impressions. It seems like everyone prefers it than Friendster. After a few minutes of finishing my profile, I already have a friend, a relative from abroad. I mean, that's how people love it. It's like every minute they're online checking their accounts. I was online the whole night trying to make mine look interesting.

I thought that Facebook best applies to our friends from other countries. It is a worldwide trend. But it feels like you know everybody. Unlike with the other networking site, it's kinda concentrated in your own country.
Well, I like Facebook even better.

Your Web Hosting Choice

23 February 2009

Web Hosting Choice is a free search guide to help us, users choose the right web host for our personal sites. Their focus is on providing a simple, easy to follow web site to help users choose the best web hosting plan most applicable to small sites or for a large e-commerce web site. They have a list of the top 10 Best Web Hosting sites. To find out on what's in store, just click on the visit site button of your choice.

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Let's Us Talk About Marriage

21 February 2009

Marriage is one of the things couples should seriously think about. Some are afraid to enter this sacred bond. That later on, it might disappoint them, by not meeting their expectations. Don't be. First of all, marrying the right person will make marriage a lot easier to understand. I find marriage an awesome experience. It made me bloom to become a better person. You see, according to some advices and tips from marriage counselors and experts. It is us who will contribute to make our marriage work, not the other way around.

One of the things that helps in making one's marriage work, is being one with the rest of our married couples out there. It would be nice to share and exchange thoughts on how to work up a relationship. How to make it sweeter as you move further in life. Married Chat Rooms are now available for this. Where plenty of Married users from everywhere, around the world come together and chat. Married Chat City hosted this great idea. And I think, with this, it is going to be of help for the married couples to seek for advices. You don't need to have make your married life to be a big problem, just to chat. Whether your happy or not, Married Chat City is open to all, anytime, anywhere.

Argue With Everyone

20 February 2009

I just recently had my fair share of the government system we have in this country. I am a citizen reaching out to the people responsible to get things working the right way. Especially government offices that handles public transactions. I was mad and pissed-off. I wasted a week just gathering the right requirements and in the end, they'll just say it's not enough. This experience led to an argument or let's say a debate with some people. People who viewed the change of transaction system something positive. Yes, it is clearly an improvement, but an improvement that needs further studying and research.

I didn't bother to argue. There's a right place for this kind of things. An open, free speech zone where you can debate topics.

A political debate forum was made available for this kind of matter. From war-related topics, political agenda, personalities of great influence and simple topics that affect our daily lives. will let you express yourself on whatever issues you feel like discussing. All you have to do is to register.

Looking Clearly Without Bending The Budget

19 February 2009

The New York Times was out to help the citizens to look forward clearly without spending too much. It is very important to be equip with the perfect eyewear to protect our eyes. Something that's not too expensive and yet can be reliable. I for one, was prescribed to wear eyeglasses by my eye doctor even if I have a 20/20 vision. The eyeglasses will serve as protection from radiation and others that causes severe migraine.
New York Times, just recently shared how Zenni Optical can be of big hand to our eye needs with over spending. According to The New York Times , Zenni Optical sells generic frames which includes lenses for as low as $8.

This particular eyeglasses is my ideal wear. I am very fond of girly colors, and I want something that will make me look chic and smart. Zenni Optical is known for their affordable stylish and high quality prescription eyeglasses. They sell their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget. That makes their prices easy to reach. Zenni Optical sells a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

Chat City For Catholics

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With Free Catholic Chat us Catholics will be able to voice out our minds without the threat of offending anybody who is living a different belief in life. I have experienced to see people debate about their own faith. And to be honest, it didn't really sounded nice and cool to fight over something we believe in. We are all entitled to that belief. It's a good thing they made chatrooms for those who really wanted to say the ideas they have inside. It's also hard if we keep it to ourselves. With sharing, we'll never know, we might just help another person understand The Word deeply and appreciate it more.

Catholic ChatCity's registration is 100% free. Just fill out the form for instant access to Catholic Chatrooms. Catholic users from everywhere in the world join and enjoy themseleves. You can go online like in a regular chatroom using your webcam. You will find a lot of religious chat lines and live Catholic users.

Costume For The Month

18 February 2009

Every 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month, my husband's company holds a Friday's Theme. All employees, from Managers, Staff and even The Directors are required to come to work in costume of the chosen theme. It is a fun activity. Prices are given away. And these are not just prices. I'm talking about BIG Prices... sometimes, they give out cash $100, I remembered somebody won a PS3, a Wow Magic Sing and last November (for Halloween) my husband won a Microwave Oven, dressing up the Guitarist from the KISS band.

It wasn't really easy to look for a costume. We tried making but its very tiring and more draining for the pocket when it comes to the materials. And we did went online to look for the perfect costume. Now we're months away for the next halloween. I wonder what will be the theme for this year... Halloween is one of the most challenging costume month, people come up with brilliant costumes and ideas. They already did the 80's and the 70's. I hope its something from the 20's. A flapper dress for the ladies would be perfect.

Costume Cauldron holds the best Halloween Costumes. The store has over 10,000 masquerade items for you to choose from. They sell a wide variety of masquerade items, costumes and other products to liven up your party.

Tea Talk And Others Related To Health

Just last week I posted an article about tea and the amazing results it gave me.HERE
Let me make it clearer to everybody.
I am just an ordinary person trying to make the most of what I have, everyday. Like I said, Tea has been part of my family's diet since childhood. My parents are health buffs. We've gone organic since I was a kid. The result: Not a single member of the family got hospitalized until now.
Tea is good with digestion. It burns fats. It will only go haywire if you don't eat and you take so much of it. Simply because there's nothing to burn. Anything taken less or too much is bad for one's health. Its a matter of balancing. Eating a well-balanced meal, simple exercises best support this tea issue.
With the Simple Exercises I mentioned, I am referring to the following:
-brisk walking
-regular chores around the house
-playing and running after your kid
-even errands
We all need movement.
A well-balanced meal comes with great moderation. Tea helped me acquire this. At the same time, you will still be healthy with all the vitamins, fiber and protein your body needs. Tea is good. And it really did made my tummy smaller in 3 days. Not as flat, but you know there's improvement. And I took it without even exercising. What more can it bring if you get some movement go with it.
Drink a hot cup of tea with meals. Some people tend to gulp cold beverages such as milk, soda and water with their meals. Having a hot cup of tea will encourage less liquid while your eating, which is much better for digestion. People tend to sip rather than gulp with a hot drink. Green Tea is very famous for weight loss results. source
I personally, don't take anything that is being advertised a lot or has become a trend (that includes organic). Red Rice is the only organic product I rely on at the moment. The rest I trust, are the ones my parents are using. And besides I can't go organic all the way, I have a growing kid who needs a balanced meal everyday. And tea is the one that's helping me balance my own in-take. The one I'm using right now is not available here in the Philippines, maybe at some health store. It's Bergamot. An herb, a type of English tea with a balanced aroma, colour and strength. But again, it's not the only one around. Dried jasmine i love too.
The Lifestyle?
A doctor told us that the diseases which are making waves at the moment, are acquired thru the food we have been eating through the years. It's not the food we are taking- in now. Of course it's clear that if we continue this unhealthy lifestyle, it might just cut our lives short.
And to be honest, I can't say that I have a healthy lifestyle. Reality check: Eating in restaurants, especially fast food, instant meals proves it. But nobody is perfect. Nobody can say that your lifestyle is right or wrong (except the experts). And Again..."Anything taken less or too much is bad for one's health".
NOTE: This is not a paid review. All statements are of the author's only. Based on experiences and conversations with experts.

How Did You Spend Your V-Day?

16 February 2009

It's very seldom that my husband & I would celebrate Valentines Day...We often just greet each other, give some hugs and kisses, and that's it. I was thinking, maybe we're just to occupied with establishing the family, that we unconciously set aside "The Love Day". Well, this year was different. We found time to exert a little more to make The Red Day extra special.
My husband intentionally went home late, (spent the whole night in his office) so he could surprise me with these...
He bought breakfast and when I pulled my chair by the dining table, there I saw the red roses, that made everything perfect. I didn't have anything ready for him... but a kiss, a hug and a thank you...also made this year's hearts day lovely.

Him in His Favorite Shirt with his favorite----Mojos

Late in the afternoon, we decided to take my son out. Although, its suppose to be a couple's day, we made it a family day. Of course, we want to celebrate it with our son... We had a quiet stroll around Cubao. Visited the newly renovated AliMall...(you should check the 'ol mall's new look), walked all the way to the Gateway Mall, and went to Rustans. I say, it was indeed one of our more relaxing walks. There were so much people around. Yet, we feel so relaxed and cool. To top the night off, we had dinner in a family restaurant. Had a basket of Mojos, Large Pizza, some Chix n' chips, and the new Parmesan Garlic Fries.
I was very happy to see couples, young and old, having a good time in each other's arms. Making the most of this special day. I was very delighted to see the "guys" buying flowers, stuffed toys and cakes which we all know are gifts for their special someone.
Everybody was just so happy and in love.
On my other site, I dedicated a song for My special someone...I have been listening to OPM lately. And a song from The Company, Now That I Have You best described the overwhelming feeling I have of being with the right man, the one who truly changed me and loved me for who I am...
Now that I have you
Everything just seems so right
Now that I have you I'm alive
You are the song that
I'll beSinging my whole life through
I'm living in a brighter world
Now that I have you...
come and sing along HERE
Hope you had a relaxing weekend...and a Blessed Week to spend.

Sample Shot---I Heart V-Day

14 February 2009

Everything in life is temporary, because everything changes. That's why it takes great courage to love, knowing it might end anytime but having the faith it will last forever. -by Francine-

The photo's the top part of my pen.
How was you V-Day?

Are You A Gadget Person?

13 February 2009

Well I am. One of the things I like sharing online are the gadgets I own. And the ones that are still dreams in the making. I enjoy discussing the specifications of a particular product. Opening my posts to suggestions and opinions from other people who are also on my level of interest. So why not put both gadgets and those common thoughts under one roof.

Acobay is a new consumer network where people share their things or their so-called stuff and they connect by sharing views on their experiences with a particular gadget they own.
Then they interact with people of same interest, and get personal recommendations. Register and promote your own blog! Connect with other bloggers of your same category. The more stuff you share, the more people you connect and the better Acobay works for you!

Easiest Way To Hair Removal

I think this is a common problem for the ladies. We all want to get rid of unwanted hair. And yes, it is very irritating and uncomfortable. With various ways available on how to get rid of it, I would still personally consider laser hair removal. It's painless. All the body will do, is to relax while undergoing the procedure. Laser treatments is now cosidered as a common procedure, an essential for permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is one of the top five non-surgical procedures for both men and women. Most people want to do it for cosmetic reasons, lifestyle and for convinience. A video was made available to understand the procedure more.

Laser Hair Removal Video

Here is the video demostrating the exact procedure for laser hair removal. With this, you will learn the step by step procedure.laser hair removal for the face, armpits, bikini area, back and legs. As well as the science for this amazing new option open for both men and women. The video also provides how laser hair removal works, its benefits, guidelines eyeprotection options and contradictions, methods geared from yeras of experience. The DVD runs for a 1 Hr. and 44 mins.

Replacing My Cup Of Coffee With Tea

11 February 2009

I have been drinking tea since I was a kid. My family loves it. It has always been part of our diet. I enjoy drinking it, especially Jasmine. But as I aged I discovered a lot more about this magnificent drink.
But I stopped when I started studying Nursing. I was on coffee and cigarette diet then. I had no time to fix myself a warm cup of this refreshing goodness. But now, I don't choose the type of tea that I drink. As long as it's the real one. I also make iced tea using the very same traditional health tea we know. How To? will post it on my food blog soon ;D
Taste good cold. You can also add milk and sugar. From the usual tea cup, I upgraded it to a full coffee cup. I take- in 3 to 5 C daily. And I saw a big change. I noticed that my tummy has gotten smaller and I feel lighter inside.
And so, I changed my usual caffeine fix and replaced it with tea. I would normally take tea after eating, but lately, it's different.

I love drinking it while in front of the computer, doing my stuff. I also stopped craving for junk food, I now eat in moderation. Feels like the tea's doing the eating for me. Cravings? a cup will stop it.
*can you see your Ec in the picture

I Am Very Particular With My Jewelries

I am the type of person who gets allergies everytime I wear something fake. And it is hard to cope with this dilemma. Real jewels are known to be expensive. You just don't buy them with change. So, I grew up wearing accessories made out of Sterling Silver, Pearls and Crystals. These are the valuables you will find inside my jewelry box. Nothing extravagant, but still elegant for everyday use. Quality Fashion Jewelry has the best and most elegant pieces I have ever seen. Aside from Crystals, Pearls and Silver, they also have costume jewelry made of shells and beads.

Crystals are one of the best choices we have in the market. Fits all types of ocassion and clothing.

I am so much into pearl earrings. Quality Fashion Jewelry may have these in other forms and sizes to match your every outfit.

If i'm so much into pearls, with Silver? It is the one I truly love...It doesn't fade away...And believe me, during my wedding, I was wearing Silver jewelries, the only thing that's gold ,was my wedding ring. And, I might just buy this silver necklace. I have been looking for this type of pendant for a very long time.

If you're also very particular with your accessories, visit Quality Fashion Jewelry. They sell high quality fashion jewelry in unique designs, at a very affordable price.

Relying On A Good Family Dentist

10 February 2009

In a few months, my son will be experiencing his first and formal dental check- up. Same dentist who took care of my husband's teeth, now mine, soon my son. It is important to be comfortable with the dentist and his over-all clinical environment. I don't want my son to have a traumatic experience. I want him to love his dentist.

Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry is a good example of a family-oriented clinic which offers the best on dental care. They have been of full-service to the people of Natick, Massachusetts and the surrounding communities for more than a decade. Holding a mission to provide the best possible dentistry to every person, adult and child, at all times.

They have a new website that you can visit: It contains all possible answers to questions you might wanna ask regarding dental care.

Some services offered are: Teeth Whitening Children's Dental Hygiene Services favorable for our Senior Citizens
Dr. Aleid is on his best dentist skills to senior citizens at reduced rates. Their dental health should be a priority and that their teeth should not be neglected.


Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry strongly believes on the core principles of dentistry. Preventive dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, using the least invasive dental procedure possible and giving an honest atmosphere with all their services to their clients. This is our ideal group of dental care- givers whom I know can be trusted and are knowledgeable in all dental aspects. Requesting for an appointment is as easy as a click on your monitor screens. And once you sign up for their newsletter through their website, you will get updates and specials.
The new website also includes clinic hours and their clinic address.
What else do you need to know. Your one click away! visit:

A Mother's Heart Reflects God's Compassion

09 February 2009

Here I am supposedly on a blog break.
As I was doing my motherly meditation, I came across a passage. Still familiar with My Personal Promise Bible ? For sometime, I stopped sharing some good words online. But I never took a break in real life. This Promise Bible my Mother gave me replaced every book I planned to buy for my past time. Instead of occupying myself with other stories, I meditate on a passage. Mostly applies on how a Mother reflects God's love.
And today, I landed on a page where A Mother's Heart Reflects On God's Compassion. photo
Compassion is a feeling deep within ourselves. And it is also a way of acting of being concern by the suffering of others and moving on their behalf. Most people who overcome me with this feeling are those who are burdened to work hard but they don't get as much in return or nothing at all.  Since it's all hard up now, they agree with whatever their employers will give them. And the OFWs who are always in battle just to provide a good life for their families. The street children who are forced to work. Everytime I see these people, my heart cries. I wish I can do something for them and I always pray for their safety and security.

You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and plenteous in mercy and truth." -Psalm 85:15-

My Mother once told us (her children) that if you think you're poor and deprived from this world, a greater glory awaits you in the kingdom of heaven. These are our Mother's comforting words.  Why did she say that. There came a point in our life as a family when we had nothing. My Father needed to give up his job, that involved moral issues. As kids, we frequently ask questions with what's going on with our lives. Its her motherly instincts talking. She doesn't want us to feel bad, or get confused. And up to now, I look up to those words. It made my own family's life easier. We stopped setting expectations in life we're very contented with what God provides.

Do You Want A Private Number Plate?

06 February 2009

Even before I started learning how to drive. I have been very curious with plate numbers ending with same 3 digits or combination of letters of all kinds. I asked my dad, "how does one acquire such plate?" as he explained, it is made available for those who want a personalized plate but there's a certain price for it.

Despite a weak world economy, people in most countries are are still concerned on how they’ll be able to stand out individually. One way is by choosing Private Number Plates . Private plates are now considered as a status symbol. Is it fashionable and fun. Wouldn't it be nice to have a personalized plate for your awesome car? I'ved talked about this with my husband...we find it cool for our car. My brother has a personalized plate with his children's initials and their wedding date. Northumbria Numbers offers Private Number Plates services. They have been supplying thousands of private number plates to thousands of happy customers over the last decade. Get one for your own car now!

Living In The Present

When I was younger, I kept on thinking of what the future will offer. I was very anxious on what was in store for me. When I got married, I stopped. I said to myself: This is the "IT" for you. Live your moment as a mother and wife.

My family is my main concern Now. It is very common for a mother to think of the future of her child/children. Crossing the path of the statement above opened my mind to concentrate on who and what I am "now". The Present makes up the Future. If I ruin our present, I ruin our future. Whatever we need to accomplish today, finish it first and on with the next. On the practical aspect, we need not to rid the purpose of planning and goal setting. For me, it is a must for decision making and weighing some situations.

So here's what I gotta say, Live Life Now.
Enjoy every moment of it.
Think positive all the time.
Learn from mistakes.
Accept what life has given you and make the most out of it.
Get rid of the things that pulls you down. May it be someone, a thing or a situation. Don't be afraid to let go. It is your life your dealing with. It's not about the thing or the other person.

This is also my first time to finally say something. I let go of an old friend. I didn't have any regrets because I thought it would be the best thing for the both of us. I apologize if I didn't hear her out but I had my reasons, which I think don't matter anymore. We're 2 different people living 2 different lives.
But that's the past, it's time for me to move further and leave it all behind.
Discover how you can be grateful for the journey of life regardless of circumstances.Enjoy the process and co-create your life from the present, moment-by- moment, breath-by-breath.
-living in the

My Disclosure Policy

05 February 2009

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Kill The Termites

My family owns a old house. One problem we have right now is dealing with termites. Anything that is made of wood, eventually, it is going to be a big head ache. My dad did several treatments of his own. The main reason we went for this kind of treament is because the liquid version works immediately and it is cheap.When I got married, my husband and I move to this old apartment. The landlady pre-warned us that every month a group of people will visit for termite control. Now, that confused us a bit. Why control if there are ways of eliminating these critters. If there are ways... I hope!

As shown, in these termite pictures they are very small and obviously with their size and their ability to eat up the biggest wood available... they also multiply fast. At they're featuring guidelines on how to inspect for termites, basic ways to protect our houses and 3 kinds of treatments. The liquid treatment is the most famous. It uses a pesticide called "termiticide" (because it kills termites) it creates a barrier around your house with chemicals, so that termites can't pass and come in to start a colony. That explains it!

Sample Shots 3---Speed of Light

04 February 2009

Here are some pictures I would like to share for this month. Most of the images were taken by my husband. And I am still figuring out, up to now, how he did it. He keeps telling me that these are just experimental shots or in short--- he was only playing with the camera. Last saturday, we went to The Mall Of Asia for our usual weekend getaway. It just so happen that another fireworks display was about to happen. So we waited, and while mushing around waiting, that's when he took all of these. (Except for the first image) that's mine.
This first photo was a firework at play.
Here, you will see a set of scribbles.That's actually the moon and a star. He is not telling. He wants me to learn and figure it out myself. These streaks, was from a set of Christmas lights in front of us.

And my favorite. He was able to capture an image, which I can only see in magazines or on television.

I find these photos cool and amazing. First, I didn't take the shots. And I am looking at it, as an individual just browsing through a folder of images. The funny part---I own the camera. And he's not really serious on taking pictures, even with an ordinary digicam.
Now, who's taking the good ones.
Have a lovely Thursday!!!

Camping Trip In The Making

In a few weeks we're set to go on a camping trip. We decided to try something new and more adventurous. We found out that my brother-in-law has a nice set of camping gears, and a famous park near our place is offering camping facilities. In a way, I am having seconds thoughts. Just in case, it is going to be my first time. I have no idea on what to expect and experience. Will I enjoy it? I am more fond of nature tripping during the day. I can't imagine how everything will turn out when night falls. It would be nice if we're also equipped with a night vision. To elaborate some more. Night vision is the ability to see in dark places. This was built to help humans see better at night.

Optics Planet holds a great line of goggles, binoculars, and monoculars. Free UPS Shipping on orders over $29.95. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and much more. Optics Planet offers a wide selection of night visions on the net. Now, there's one thing to pray for. With Optics Planet available with just a click away, I hope my husband will agree to buy one to complete our first camping adventure.

How Mommy Inspired Me To Write

My mom's been a SAHM for 34 years. She never visited any office of any kind. She told us (her children) that she wasn't expecting that she's going to be a housewife. Thinking, that she's one of the most active students in college. She joined seminars, activities and the likes to equip herself with proper background in order to nail a good position in the corporate world.
She was the editor in chief of the school's organization, Gold winner in poetry, became president of the Film Society in College, Secretary of the Scientific Film Society of the Philippines, where, that time, the late Ernie Baron was their President.
As we (her children) grew up, she tells us stories on how wonderful her life had become staying at home. Maybe (she said) I will also be successful if she worked. Looking at her and knowing her as an intelligent, hard working person, I think she'll make it in the world of working moms too. But then, she was given another path. A path that brought out the ultimate being in her.
My mom loves to write. I saw her articles, tons of them. She never miss to write about something. Anything that inspires her. Last April 2008, she celebrated their wedding anniversary with my Dad in Singapore & Malaysia. It was her first time visit to those countries. At their hotel, she wrote a story about their travel experience. The impact in her life. She wrote about her new discoveries and the simple things that made her day extraordinary.
Even on my wedding. I found a message she wrote. It was meant to be read on my wedding day. But her speech was different that night. Anyway, I loved the message she shared with us that evening.
Let me share part she wrote:
She (Enchie) is truly a believer, she said it to herself, "I can feel God's graces and presence if we put Him first in our lives." Enchie, tonight is the beginning of your life with Dolf. Thank you for being a daughter to your parents, the eldest sister to your siblings and a bestfriend to everyone. Remember that there is only one God, The One who will be with you forever. And to Dolf, you are always loved. Love and take care of Enchie, be a good father and husband.
Enjoy life together...
I was encouraging her to make her own site and share her writings. My Dad was very supportive, he's ready to buy her a laptop. Wouldn't it be wonderful knowing that your mom is doing exactly what you're interested in.
We're both housewives. She gives me traditional tips and advices. And I also give her advices plus tricks dealing with household issues the modern way.
The inspiration? It's Us living the very same life.

Confused With Area Codes

A few weeks ago, we were trying to reach some relatives in the U.S. for my father-in-law's death anniversary. All of my husband's relatives and his family are now residing in America. Some in New Jersey, San Francisco and Georgia. Since not all can go online, we had to call them, one by one. And to be honest, the area codes a bit confusing. If not, second thoughts if you dialed the right one will bug your mind. Phone Number Hunter is a solution to every area code problem. They have the codes you will be needing for the biggest cities in the U.S. State by state, city by city.

Not only that, location information, geographic information, and population information, is also available for every active area code.

A Perfect Rehabilitation

03 February 2009

I have been following news and articles on Hollywood actors. Some of them have issues with drunk driving. And it is in a way, very alarming. I have been driving for several years now, but I never let myself get involve with drunk-driving. Whether you're a celebrity, a famous person, a VIP or just plain ordinary, other people's lives are at stake, once you're on the road.

To make things easier for you controlling this kind of dilemma, a famous alcohol rehab is ready to cater your every need to overcome issues such as DUI or driving under the influence (of drugs or alcohol).

Promises is designed for clients who are used to high level of privacy. That includes celebrities, business executives, government officials, and others. High quality addiction treatment with a beautiful setting and where the highest privacy standards are required.

Located at the Santa Monica Mountains with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean, Promises will give you a memorable experience. It is surrounded with a rehab facility for anyone wanting the finest quality while experiencing the highest quality addiction treatment program.

Let's Talk About Perfume

02 February 2009

Basically, perfume is a mixture of fragrant. Oils, and other essentials taken from flowers, plants, fruits and even wood. The only difference it makes is the selection we will consider to fit our body's chemistry. On a hot and humid day, you might want to stay away from musky or hard scents that will leave you sticky at the end of the day.
As I was browsing, I found this interesting new perfume blog. It contains reviews of perfumes, its description and mixture of scents. It also includes results on the perfumes' final smell after taking a few spritz. It is an interesting site for people who loves perfumes and for those inspired by scents.
I have several perfumes to fit all types of occasions. It is an essential to me. Plus, the fact that I married a man who's very much into colognes too. We (my husband and me) believe that the smell of a person, reflects his/her personality or being.
The better you smell, in a way, says that you're a clean person and vice versa when people find you smelling weird.
I personally don't know how to gauge finding the right one. I just try everything and later on, a particular scent will stand- out. And it will go all the way, years and years, until you can find a new one. Another interesting smell to replace it.
Need help on finding one Talk Perfume may help you out.

Develop A New You!

Just a few months back I had a major make-over. I just felt that it would be healthier if I redo, my over-all look. One benefit you'll get is a sky-rocketing self-confidence. After experiencing my own version of a rejuvinating change, I felt that I was on top of everything. I never felt better and pleasant my whole life.
MYA has one the best line to an Amazing New You. MYA offers lines from both cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgery. From liposuction, body reshaping, dermal fillers, smoothening of skin lines, breast reduction and breast enlargement.
Breast enlargement, is very common nowadays. It is considered by those who wanted a bigger cup size, ladies having post pregnancy problems, such as breast feeding dilemmas or even weight loss issues. Looking at it as an ordinary person, I can feel the downgrading effect if nothing is done about these problems. With the state of the art Breast enlargement procedure, it best fit in solving the mentioned scenarios above. It is one of the most tried cosmetic procedure. You will be handled by one of their best surgeons that has a line of successful procedures. There will be an agreed size of the implant and it is going to be inserted through a small cut in the natural line of the breast. The patient is required to stay over night at the hospital for monitoring and simply to give peace of mind that everything is all done and good.
If it can boost one's self-confidence, why not, for a happier new you!