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04 August 2014

Let me start this post with the beautiful image of the Zinnia which I took a couple of months back when my family was invited for a stay at the Tagaytay Midlands. I came across this photo again while I was grouping some pictures to summarize my busy life. 

Since school started for my little boy, it's been quite hectic for me too, but it's just one of the reasons why I seldom make posts. Also, our internet connection has been on and off since the last typhoon  toppled down posts here in Metro Manila. That was just right after we had our broadband updated to a faster speed. Well now, it's working perfectly fine and faster.

Boy, this bunch of Zinnia is so refreshing of look at.
Not that I'm required to explain my absence from blogging, it's just that... The things that kept me away were also the very factors that inspired me to write a post. Within the past 3 months, a lot happened. 

After celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary, Father's Day was next. Usually, we pay our dad a visit and cook for him. This year, we wanted something different and planned a surprise dinner treat at Yakimix, Podium.
After dinner, we continued  spending quality time with coffee and tea at Cafe Mary Grace where both our parents love to hangout.
It's been a long time since we had dinner with just the 5 of us and our parents. My husband and my sister-in-law were very supportive of this idea.

And if you noticed, I have shorter hair. I've been sporting a "lob" for 2 months now. They say, "lob" stands for long bob. Well, I just needed to trim- off some inches from my long hair because it went dry over the past summer.

End of June, my other- half went for a long management retreat, so I was left alone with the kids. Every time he's away, my sisters would keep me company. We window shop, we go on a food trip, but most of the time we hangout at home. For the past weekends, we find ourselves at this newly opened tea shop near our house.
A lot of good times shared, but  there were also moments of sadness. A good friend of ours passed away recently. He was a musician friend, a great artist. My husband paid tribute to our friend by creating a composition which also opened doors to join his old Jazz band and play once again after years and years. It was an emotional moment for us. We lost a very talented person, but we know he's in a better place now playing music to our ears.
Going back on the positive side of things, as always, life will never be complete without seeing our friends.
We ate in a Japanese restaurant in Sta. Rosa. Good food shared with good friends has always been something that my husband and I look forward too. Being with our friends is also a form of therapy for us because they make us happy and a day with them is not enough. So here we go again as we plan for another getaway just to be with each other's company longer.
And not to forget, the lovely visits of our relatives from America. With my relatives from New Jersey, to my husband's family from Virginia and Atlanta... We treasure every moment with them because they make us feel we're just near our Mama, Ats and Kuya, and we miss our family in America so much.

Hopefully, in the near future, once we're settled in our new home, travel is the next big thing for me and my family. It' might be our turn to visit them.

Life was made extraordinary through the simple things like family, friends, delicious food and even flowers.

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