A Traumatizing Evening In Sm Megamall--- Part 2

28 January 2013

All happened in 1 hour and we didn't see a single police. All we saw were guards in white uniform and that's it. I asked a guard on what happened and I asked if there were any guns involved. He said none and they're still investigating. Right there, a lie was told, a misleading statement. I am so sure I heard gun shots. Just to let you know, we have the right to information as victims of this traumatic event. We don't wait for someone to get hurt physically just to be able to justify that there were victims. Those people who ran in confusion are all victims. The people I saw crying are victims, the kids who were crying are victims. No one was shot, but I'm sure deep inside our minds and hearts, for most who were there, we're all scratched and traumatized by this event. It turned a fun evening for families into a nightmare. Personally, it will take some time before I can get over this.

Why am I so affected? I felt I was trapped in a situation where there's no room for escape. At the same time, I need to look and act straight for my children, or else, the effect is going to be on them, which is worse. My husband was calm the whole time. He had a previous experience 3 years ago, where a hitman gunned down 2 men near his table. Not only that, the hitman went back and made sure that both targets were dead and shot them again. My husband and his colleagues crawled their way out, with their heads down so they won't be able to take a glimpse of the killer. This recent event in SM Megamall reminded him of that. But he made sure to look calm at the same time, you know he is ready to protect us, his family.

With the small decisions we made during that night, the simple urge to order another round of barbecue, made a huge impact. Because if we didn't order and waited for those 2 sticks of barbecue, then we would have been caught inside a worse scenario. We're set to buy Krispy Kreme donuts and milk for the boys. Both the supermarket and donuts are at the ground floor. It's the "what ifs" that's been bugging me.

I told my husband, that if he panicked or if he showed fear, I would probably have gone hysterical. My thoughts and my emotions were driven by my husband's take on the situation. I saw that he was calm, so I thought I should stay calm too. Deep inside, he was trying to balance everything, as he was also keeping a positive vibe so that our eldest son Frankie won't get scared. He was thinking of alternatives to get out and as defense if the situation would have gotten haywire.

On safety and security? why do we always have to wait for something bad to happen before we improve the security system. Those CCTVs have a purpose. We don't use it after the culprits have gotten away. We use it to monitor all movements in and out of establishments. Any suspicious move should call for immediate inspection. At least, a head start to call for back up, more security while an incident is ongoing.

Follow up report via TV Patrol: The group was composed of 5-6 men and members of the group called Martilyo Gang. It was said that after the heist the group separated ways and blended with the crowd.

Now whoever was forcing the metal door of our restaurant to open--- I don't know... big possibility it's one of them pretending to be one of the civilians.

With this event, in order to cope and continue with life like the usual, I thought that it would be best to move on with the regular things we do. But this time, we are more aware, more sensitive and cautious of the things, people and events that goes around us everyday. And that--- I am going to bring my family away from any jewelry shops, money changers, banks or any store that sell valuable items, anything that can be a target for another heist. Especially if I don't have business with any of these at all.

I braved to recall the things that happened night of January 26 because I know that I also need to release my thoughts and emotions over the matter. I told to my parents, I kept on talking to my husband about it... Now, to my readers...
I thank the Lord for the blanket of protection He laid over us... and for the continuous guidance, strength and wisdom to overcome such events.

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