The Wizards' Christmas Ball

20 December 2012

I made sure that I'll be back for this year's celebration. I really like the whole witches and wizards theme. The venue was perfect. And as usual, it will never be complete until I share the fun moments we had that night.  Let me share the highlights of our 2012 Christmas Ball.
My husband and I were one of the early birds. Since we're coming all the way from Antipolo where we dropped -off our kids and we have free access to Enchanted Kingdom, might as well report early and enjoy our afternoon at the amusement park.
We spent our afternoon walking around Enchanted Kingdom. We sat on a bench under a tree and watched the people as they enjoyed their time with their family and friends. We took our time to relax especially  with the cool breeze. It was perfect for some "us time".

When we got back to the tent, which was the venue for our Christmas ball, we registered and went around to see what's in store for the evening.
You know what makes this yearly event extraordinary? The tight security. They've always kept our venue clear of strangers, that includes the designated parking area for guests. Helpful personel in polo barongs--- they're everywhere.
Inside the tent--- at 5pm everything was all ready for the witches and wizards.
Met new friends along the way too.
This year, I thought of wearing a nice satin cloak and a nice long wig, an elvish thing. But for practical reasons, my husband and I agreed to wear black cloaks so we wouldn't be spending too much.
Watching the Lord of The Rings again gave me an idea, so I ditched the wig and why not go as a Nazgul (Ringwraiths). You know the cursed kings that went after Frodo in the Fellowship of the Ring? they were just wearing cloaks then, all shadowy and mysterious looking. It's scary.
I contemplated going as the Witch King of Angmar. See The Return of The King, he is the Nazgul crowned, fought and destroyed Gandalf's sword. It would be the coolest thing, but I didn't have the time to make my armor--- the head piece, gauntlets and boots. Anyway, my costume met my expectations. I didn't win best costume among the guests, but I  got everyone's attention including the photographers.
Winner Best Costume (guests category)
The night will never be complete without The Authority Band led by Juan Miguel Salvador. Talk about great dance music!
 Ladies of the Night
Remember them?
Getting my Mocha Frapp.
 Of course, there will always be additional treats. There's Starbucks, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Auntie Anne's and Fiorgelato for everyone (which went unlimited later in the evening).
Since we're at Enchanted Kingdom, we were also treated with some fireworks and photobooths galore! This picture above turned out to be the only with our faces seen. And looks like I'm getting a load of so much sweets :D
May this post also serve as a tribute to the 5 themes we have been celebrating to for the past years. This Christmas Ball has always been the biggest, the much-awaited and the most prestigious event for us every year . To the organizers--- kudos!

 2008 Hollywood

2009 Pirates, Arrr!

2010 Titans' Christmas Ball

2011 Intergalactic- I wasn't able to attend last year's Christmas Ball because I gave birth to our youngest.

2012 The Wizards' Christmas Ball

It feels good to rock and to party once again. With old friends, new ones and of course, with my dear husband who made sure that we will be able to go together even with our hectic schedule at home. Papa and Moma took some time off :D  
It was truly a spectacular night!!!

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