Goodbye SMART Bro

17 July 2012

After 5 years of service, we bid farewell to the only broadband that aided our family with fast internet connection. Blogging will never be possible without Smart Bro. As my family moved to a new location in Quezon City a few weeks ago, we discovered that our unit doesn't cater to any signal using our Smart Bro canopy. No signal at all, a dead spot they said. With that I was informed that SMART automatically cancelled our account so we can look for another company who can provide us the signal we're in need of.

All I can answer was "well, that's sad..." I mean, for the past 5 years, I've trusted SMART because they take good care of their customers. And in our 5 years, we didn't really have any serious problems with SMART Bro. Gaming has always been fun. Friends and players online were very envious of our fast internet connection, lag was never an issue for us in World of Warcraft, Starcraft and now, Diablo, even getting updates on several accounts like iTunes and downloading. We thought that even if we move to a different location, it will still be the same.

I mean, we've moved from one place to another 4 times and we took our canopy anywhere we went, the signal if not the same, improves. That's why this suddden change was a big surprise and sad news for us.

Now we don't even know where to start and how we're going to gauge a good broadband service basing it on the services of Smart Bro. For the past years, we have been hearing complaints on it's competitors and it's always SMART that takes the top spot in the end.
As of the moment we're checking on Globe's 4G WiMax and Pocket Wifi. And as temporary connection, we are using our Smart Bro stick which has poor signal that can only run my iPad. Yes, I am blogging via iPad, not bad at all lol!

Anyway, the Smart Bro stick I have been using is the item that gives us our own connection anywhere we go as long as there's signal. We bought a cheap wireless router to match. At the mall or in a restaurant, we don't ask for wifi that often times doesn't work. We just use our own stick and it can practically share connection with any wifi-ready gadget and we've secured it with a password. Even inside our car while we travel we can all surf online using our phones and tablets. It works like a regular broadband, only, it's prepaid. In a way, we haven't let go of Smart Bro 100%.

I sure hope that we can find a new provider that can give us a problem- free unlimited connection soon, I've missed a lot for my blogs already...


Chris said...

hi Enchie! it has been awhile since I last dropped by :) hope you are doing well - and the rest of the family too!

Beth said...

wow, it's been a while since I dropped by. I'm back to blogging because I had a problem related to internet connection. When I had a vacation in the Phils, I forgot that I already cut my Smart Bro connection so I had to just chat and browse the net using mobile phone. I thought I will get to save by availing of the Smart's Trinet 30 but I was wrong. I ended up reloading almost every 5 hour. I decided that it would be a wrong decision too if I buy a Smart Bro stick since we will only be staying there in less than a month or so. I felt so helpless because I really wanted to blog! :)

Anyway, I hope you'll get a good connection soon. It's a necessity these days.

Take care, Enchie and enjoy your new home!