Chubby Cheeks

15 December 2011

I was alone in the car when I took this picture today... looking at it, with the chubby cheeks, I just realized that I've finally gained weight after months and months of hardwork trying to pull the ideal pregnancy weight. It is a good sign indeed because after everything I've been through, the baby and I are both on the right track. Though my plans in terms of getting a slimmer post pregnancy bod might have just  flown away again... I guess, that's how it is for moms like me. I just need to exert a little more effort on claiming my old body back.


simply kim said...

hmmm.. good for you, girl! don't mind post pregnancy body yet. what's important is you and the baby are healthy..

a visit from kimmy!

Tetcha said...

A little chubby, but still pretty. I don't think you'll have a hard time going back to your pre-pregnancy weight because now you'll have three boys to take care of.