The Much Needed Haircut

28 September 2011

Counting back, my last visit to the salon was way  in March of this year. Yeah, I must admit, it's been a pretty long time. Usually, I get the tips of my hair trimmed every month or every 2 months depending on the load of work I have here at home and things scheduled. It may look easy staying at home 24/7, but with the life being a hands- on mother and working around the house on my own, I can call myself a "Supermom and even the Macgyver of the family". And considering that I had to stay home for months during the first trimester of my pregnancy, ha! it's been a struggle in terms of hair maintenance. My hair gets dry when I'm pregnant and not to forget, I'm also not allowed to get hair treatments until I give birth. So put these things all together, it's horrible! I find it dull and uninspiring to take snapshots of myself.
But things have changed, finally I was able to get that much needed haircut. At first, I thought of having my hair cut short, like all the way to my neck. But then, based on previous experiences, since I have a wavy hair type, it's also hard to keep looking presentable with a short, wavy hair without getting frustrated. Other than that, I have plans on getting a hair treatment after giving birth and I am still considering the option of having it permed that's why length will really matter. For now, I had 3 inches removed and requested the stylist to bring my bangs back.

It feels lighter and I feel great seeing myself in front of the mirror with a more sophisticated look.


pinayrichmom said...

nice, bagay sa yo, lalo kang blooming. :)

Chris said...

glad you got your much needed "me" time and haircut! :D

Jona said...

suits you better Ench! by the way, did you lose weight? take care of yourself and baby :D

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simply kim said...

uuggh! i really REALLY HAVE to find some time to get my hair cut just like you did, lol!

by the way, do you mind checking out on For What I Am?