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14 January 2011

mommy moments

It's been a long time since I really shared something about my little boy... It's nice to join Mommy Moments again. This week's theme wants us moms to share the new things our little ones have. My son's new toys are mostly his Christmas gifts from us and his aunts and uncles.
My son developed his interest in arts and crafts when he started going to school. But he is more into building his own, drawing his own and creating his own images. You'll know that it's based on his imagination, because most of the time, he creates things that he loves. Well of course, school activities are there, but once he's done, he'll proceed to his personal drawing table and do his thing. For Christmas, we got him a Crayola Art Set, which is composed of 2 sets of Crayola Twistables Mini, a 96 ct. Crayola Crayons, Crayola Explosion Pens, a rim of bond paper, a drawing book and colored papers.The Crayola Explosion set came with a small glue and a pair of scissors.
The next new toy he got was a Gameboy Micro. We thought of getting him his own PSP, but we thought it's too much for a 6 year old. It's not really good for kids to have this thing hang around their necks, with their eyes glued to the screen not minding the world around them when they should be playing hide and seek, playing tag, climbing trees. Well, I guess that will depend on the parents, on how will they manage the child's time, because we still got our son a Gameboy. It still has a screen, and he can also hang it around his neck. Usage is restricted.
Another new toy is the upgrade of his old Ben 10 Omnitrix X10.  His Tita Ria and Rowny bought him Ben10 Ultimate Alien to add to his Ben 10 collection.
Lastly, we never fail to add an accessory for his Thomas Train Set. His dad is into it too. My boys likes changing train tracks making them longer, sometimes setting it up higher. It's one of the perfect father and son bonding time.
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Tetcha said...

Frankie is into arts and crafts pala. My little boy likes doing things with his hands, too, but mostly he writes and draws things he learned from school.

Chris said...

wow, you have a budding artist din pala! :D my daughter is into arts and drawing too :)

and my son is also into thomas and friends too. so we slowly add to his collection as well... :)

glad you decided to join us again at mommy moments.. :) hope to see you again in the next week!

FanBoy said...

How much did you bought for the Gameboy Micro, is it available in TOY KINGDOM? (specifically MEGAMALL)

Enchie said...

hello FanBoy! we bought ours in Greenhills. It was being sold for 2700 pesos then (2010). And yes, they have it in Toy Kingdom Megamall, but I'm not sure of the price though. Thanks for dropping by :)