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28 September 2010

Einz of Mommy tots this award is something. It means a lot, especially, I've been out of the blogosphere for quite sometime, and here you are remembering my site. Thank you... And with relation to my absence, I  would like to share to everyone that 2010 has been a pretty busy year for me. Experience- wise I've grown to keep a part of my life in private, sacrificing a little of who I am online. I didn't find it hard,  but  I'll be honest, I do look for my regular routine since I joined Blogger. From making drops via Entrecard, blog hopping, and discovering, making new friends with other bloggers, even joining events. If I'm less active online, I kinda brought back my social life a bit. I hang out with our friends , I spend more time with my family, we enjoyed going on joy rides around the city, walking around parks and malls and I don't bring any of my cameras as much. It's just life without the gadgets. Nature, fun, family and friends made up most of my year. This award defined my present life. That I can adjust to anything and I am ready for anything.
Here are the rules:
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
Here's mine:
1. I'm into anything Zombie. Movies, Books, even games. To name a few: Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days and Weeks Later. Games: Left 4 Dead, and of course, Plants vs Zombies.
2. I am a certified chocoholic.
3. I love sharing my wishlist and dreams. 
4. I am a 2nd courser. Meaning I took up another course after graduating college. Hotel and Restaurant Management (2001), then Nursing (2003) and my knowledge greatly applies to the life I have right now.
5.I have a new favorite show (Ghost Adventures) I watch  the latest season on You Tube, since it's not shown here in the Philippines.
6. I am a paper towel person. I use it a lot, especially in the kitchen. Also on road trips.
7. When I pray, I talk to God. I share my feelings, everything that's inside me, my emotions and my concerns and as much as possible I always give thanks for the life he has given me.


Clarissa said...

Same here--I always spend time with my family and don't have much time sa social interaction except sa blogosphere--dito ako nangungumusta to my friends.

Paper towels is convenient to use most especially in the kitchen.

-=einz=- said...

Keep it up! love visiting your site...

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

You and my hubs have a thing in common, he's also into Zombies/horror movies,not me,I'm such a scaredy cat!lol!

darly said...

Me on the other hand, hates ghoury movies. At my age i still get nightmares whenever i watch scary movies. lame? i know :)

I totally agree with you on praying- ganun naman talaga dapat ang prayer personal and not generic. We should be able to tell God everything like a child conversing to her father.

God bless you always, and saw in FB nagka-dengue si hubby mo. Hope he feels better now.

after months of hibernation, im finally able to update my blog, visit me too when you got the time. Tata