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19 March 2010

mommy moments

This would be my first MM entry where I won't be sharing any pictures at all. School year 2009-2010 being my son's first in school, made me expect that a fun field trip is one of the big events to wait for.

Mom with Expectations
It was pretty disappointing when I realized that school is ending and not a trip for the kids. I read blogs from other moms that they went to places and had a total blast. As a mom, it's only natural for me to have expectations.

A Deeper Meaning and a New Learning Also For The Mom
My son's school didn't arrange a field trip this year. They had several small trips instead and the parents wasn't asked to accompany the kids. They went to a Pizza Hut restaurant to make their own pizza, they went to churches. The small trips turned out to be more of a bunch of learning activities.
At the end of the week, the school arranges a trip where the kids can actually apply the things they learned. Now, I understand the whole process and their way towards child development. I really appreciate this unique approach. Just last week, Franky went to Shopwise to purchase 3 things from the grocery. I was asked to give him a list, then, he will look for it and pay for it at the counter. Early that week, they were taught about the different denominations, on how to handle money and it's purpose.
A Wonderful Experience
Over-all, my son's first year in school was just awesome. May this entry serve to honor the teachers who poured time and their love on Franky. My son bloomed into a boy, I witnessed new developments, milestones and it just keeps on adding up. The feeling is truly rewarding. Transferring Franky to a nearer school isn't final yet. If we're able to find ways to make the travel easier, we might just enroll him again in that very same school this year.

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redamethyst said...

the small trips are educational and fun too. I can just imagine the kids making their own pizza. it would be fun.

Here’s Mine

Willa said...

You know what, it is also the same with Kendrick's school here, they don't have those big trips yet, but instead, they went to the post office, to learn how people works there, fire station, to learn about the importance of fire safety, then McDonald, to learn how to order a food and all those place are just around the corner and I know they learn much the same way if they went to far places.

judys424 said...

Oh mommy, I can understand the disappointment. I haven't been allowed to join fieldtrips for 3years now. :) Congratulations on hurdling your first year of school. Enjoy the feeling because its harder as they get older.
More to come.. as in hehe..

Cecile said...

oh, sana one day i allow na nila parents to at least chaperon para naman makasama ka....

kikamz said...

that's a good school that you enrolled franky in ench. he gets to be independent and learn how to apply what is being taught in the classroom. kumbaga, may praticum sila. i love that approach. it helps the child appreciate the school better. hope you can find ways to make the commute easier.

have a great weekend!

kimmy said...

i think that would make up for the field trip, a 'hands-on' experience. nice post!

Chris said...

that is great enchie, its just like homeschooling.. you have enrolled him in a good school :) they get to appreciate what they are learning and apply to life!