Got The Valentines Day Virus

15 February 2010

Been hearing about this virus for the past 3 years everytime Valentines Day would come. But I didn't realize that I will fall as one of the victims. My Personal Computer was attacked by a very strong virus. I can still access the internet and the programs but I have decided not to risk it. I was returning EC drops when it happened. Everything looked normal. Too kind, I would always make it a point to return drops in my inbox. To anybody or any site that visited mine. But in return, I fell right into a trap. As I went on opening websites from my Entrecard inbox, a pop-up blocked my whole desktop, removing my wallpaper and highlighting the desktop icons. From there, my PC kept on restarting. I was able to access the desktop after 3 restarts. And I can't even go back to trace that website so I can report it. I was just too scared that something worse might happen if I go back. It made me terribly mad because the desktop I'm using is brand new. My anti-virus got disabled in an instant.
Beware when doing your EC drops. Don't just open any websites. Might as well stick to your category or closest to yours. Beyond that, I suggest you think twice. I'm not blaming Entrecard by the way, it's really up to us to be extra cautious and to report these culprits.
I had an incident before with my food blog. Entrecard closed my account because some idiot reported that my food blog has a virus, a pop-up and music. I was thinking of doing the same thing (only, reporting the "right infected site" to Entrecard ). But like I said, it's hard to trace it back especially with my computer's current state. This experience made me paranoid to a point that I don't want to make drops anymore.
Access to my websites are now restricted, even Facebook. With this, I had to change all of my passwords for every account I have online.
Whoever created this virus: Bad! very bad! Karma will get you! I'm sorry for wishing somebody some badluck (which was never part of my system) but to you... to anybody who has all the bad intentions in the world and for some selfish motives, you'll have your time.

This virus that got my PC is the ultimate worm ever. IS because my PC is still infected. But I already relayed the problem to my husband. I trust that he will be able to fix it in no time.
You know: Husbands and computers go together nowadays :)
Good thing that I have no file or any photo pending. Everything was transferred to my External HD and most photos have backups in my Multiply. Thank God for Multiply!

note: My websites are still safe to visit. Last night my husband consulted with a friend who is a computer expert. He confirmed that the famous Valentines Day Virus did hit our system.

Sadly, the creator of this said Valentines Day virus is a Filipino. :(


eRLyN said...

good thing i took off my entrecard a long time ago.

bloghopping, care to exchange links?

Willa said...

Ouch! sorry for your predicament! Actually it was the same reason why I decided to create my own 300 drop list when I was still active. But now I only drop EC in my SmartBlog and I only drop to those who are in my side bar, all of you are in my favorites, so I know all the blogs are virus-free.

Ebie said...

This is one of the reason that I dropped my EC badge. I have not been doing any drops for a while. The only sites I visit are the ones that I am subscribed to.

It is a pain, but mine was infected a few weeks ago and my neighbor was able to fix it in no time.

Take care.

*MrsMartinez* said...

Hope you will be back on track in no time! xoxo

Jac said...

sorry to hear that Enchie. super bad talaga ang nag create ng virus na yan. Sana ma block na yung site na nag spread ng virus!! Kaka takot =(

Bambie dear ★ said...

that's terrible.. i knew it, feeling ko talaga pinoy ang gumawa nyan habang binabasa ko. SHE/He's a loser. I hope i-check muna ng entrecard admin yung mga nagreregister para maiwasan ang ganitong case, parang twice kana pala naging victim, just like your food blog, dapat chineck muna nila kung too yung report bago nila i-suspend diba.

Anyway, thanks for this. Na-motivate tuloy ako mag upload sa multiply coz its been awhile lol. Ill also change my password kasi sobrang easy baka ma-hack mga accounts ko..

Have a nice day =)

Enchie said...

@ Erlyn I would probably follow your steps. Sure we can exchange links.

@ Willa another option you have there. Will consider your strategy too.

@Ms. Ebie Hi Ms. Ebie! its good to know that you were able to fix yours immediately. You take care too.

Enchie said...

@ mrs. martinez thanks so much...

Enchie said...

@ Jac super natakot talaga ako. I was thinking that it might destroy even the hardwares. The programs can be installed again. But the computer parts will cost a lot.

@ Bams good idea to change your passwords. And Go for Multiply! Yun lang ang gusto sa Multiply, secured talaga and I do also hope that Entrecard will double their efforts f

Enchie said...

@ Bams good idea to change your passwords. And Go for Multiply! Yun lang ang gusto sa Multiply, secured talaga and I do also hope that Entrecard will double their efforts filtering websites.