Decorative Christmas Tag

09 December 2009

Introducing Mr. Snowman!
I was breezing through SM's piles and piles of Christmas wraps and tags, then I saw Mr. Snowman.

Mr. Snowman kasi... wala lang. (I just called it Mr. Snowman)

It was perfect for our Silver and Blue theme. It's made out of a thin card, with a metallic front. If you're interested, they have other tags in different designs and colors. So cute, that you wanna buy them all.
Maybe you noticed that there's not a single homemade twig on my Christmas Tree. The twigs landed on my altar around the statue of Mama Mary. I saw the beauty of my twigs right beside our Lady.
Mr. Snowman came in more than just a tag. I used it to replace the twigs for my Christmas Tree. I just experimented on it first, then my son loved it. I now call it a decorative tag. By the way, all of our Christmas greetings are going to be handwritten by Franky!


Me said...


Very nice snowman you have...and a lovely flag of scandinavian is there like Denmark. Iceland and Norwegian flags really cold in that places and perfect that you name it..." snowman"

I like it...

Happy blogging..

kikamz said...

the tree is finally up and complete! i love Mr. Snowman too!