AVATAR 3D On Christmas Eve

28 December 2009

Who would think of seeing a movie on Christmas Eve? Clearly, that's us! It is the busiest Christmas we ever experienced. I had to wait for my husband, because December 23 he was still working. I on the other hand, was busy wrapping gifts and giveaways for our friends. After work on Dec. 23, we immediately headed to Cubao to finish and to buy whatever it is that we still need. Thank God for extended Mall hours. Sm Supermarket was open 'til 12midnight and Shopwise Cubao 'til 2am.

Morning Christmas Eve, we went to Promenade Greenhills to watch AVATAR in 3D. We wanted IMAX but we had no time. Just as predicted, there wasn't much people, we were able to reserve good seats. Had Popcorn, drinks and our 3D glasses. Sorry no pictures. It was a date with my husband too. And I prefer dates to be extra private. At least with our own time together, no camera to bug us.
Avatar is our Movie for this year. If it's great on a regular big screen, what more on 3D. Every movement, facial expression, tear drop it was so real. The movie was very moving, I got teary-eyed when the humans were destroying the heart of Pandora."Avatar" is a program that will allow humans to transfer one's consciousness into a Na'vi body and be able to communicate and study the natives. Later on, this program was used for some greedy purpose that triggered Jake (Sam Worthington) to switch sides in order to save the natives, their planet and to be with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).
The love that I saw and felt between Neytiri was heart-warming. You'll really know that it is true love that binds them. According to Yahoo Movies, an estimated $278 million in weekend box-office revenue broke the previous record of roughly $253 million set in July 2008, the weekend "The Dark Knight" was released.The Avatar 3-D epic alone, topped all the movies that came out, earning $75 million for 20th Century Fox, according to studio estimates Sunday. James Cameron is making it a Trilogy and I bet that it is a set that's going to be worth watching and remembering. Great movie, Fantastic, Awesome, BRAVO!


Chris said...

i should get to see this movie!

Chris said...

yes they did enjoy :) kaya enjoy din ako.. kanina lang kami natuloy eh :)

Anonymous said...

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