Awards Doesn't End Here

08 December 2009

They say that apologies are unnecessary online. Especially if it has something to do with blogs. Like missing posts, unable to comment at some point or not being able to blog hop. With mine, my only concern is not being able to post awards and tags that was shared to me by my fellow blog mates and friends. Awards and tags are very important for me. Not that it's an "award" per se. I'm after the thought and care that my fellow blogger showed- remembering me for that certain award.

The past months became an adjustment period for me. I was coping with being a mom who does multitasking everyday. I started family life without any helper around. It's just me and my husband helping each other. I do realize that since my son started going to school, my blogging pace has changed. I know that the responsibility will be greater as my child grows up and as the family grows bigger.

If I missed posting some awards and tags, please accept my apologies for not being able to...I am very thankful and grateful for the people who always remembers Sweet Nothings inspite of its slow pace in the blogosphere. Hugs!

Now after all the drama. I would like to thank the following bloggers :

Let me start with Mommy Jac. Thank you Mommy for being sweet and thoughtful.

All 3 sets of awards are from Mommy Jac. I had to do a collage of everything. It was overwhelming to see tons of awards given to me, one after the other.

Thanks to Mommy Tetcha for being so thoughtful.
The Butterfly Blogger Award, Most Inspirational Award and Heart of a Dragon

the mommy journey
To Chris---I owe you lots and lots of MM entries. I sure do miss joining weekly memes. I have one reason why most of the time I can't join MM. My Picture folders are in total chaos right now. I'm really hoping that I can fix it soon, so I can get pictures for my entries.
Thank you Chris for this award and Thank You for serving us inspiration through Blogging.


To Kikamz and Mommy Jac... Thank you...
"There are no random acts... We are all connected... You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind..."


Chris said...

its good to know that you are okay and you surely are loved by these bloggers.. so much awards! congratulations for earning so much friends online..

Clarissa said...

You deserve all the awards here,Mommy Enchie!!Ang sarap ng may mga kaibigan kahit na dito lang sa ere!!^_^Thanks for being friendly,too!!

Enchie said...

Thank you Chris...

Enchie said...

Hi Clang! I very much agree with you... I've met so much good people online, like you! ;)

Jac said...

Hi Enchie sorry at now lang ako nka drop by I got busy lang last week na confine kc sila Kei and Rio sa hospital..
Thank you Ench,naku na lula ako sa dami ng awards mo you deserve all the awards..God bless!!