Mommy Moments--- Treasured Pictures and Happy TGIF!

18 September 2009

mommy moments

Every treasured picture that I have will always be of my boys. Not with me, just them, taken by yours truly...
This picture of Franky melts my heart all the time... It was really a blessing and a gift that Ms. Carlota saw the beauty of this picture.
My inspiration, my best friend, my partner...I took this photo just recently in one of our family dinners. My husband is not a picture guy or a camera person. He's not into solo shots. But he gave me a good smile that night. It was a perfect shot for me.
Lastly, a Slinky shot taken by my husband. It was a creative idea. His imagination working. Like I said, he seldom holds the camera, but when he does, something different is presented.
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With this post I will be sharing the top things I am very thankful for throughout the week. This meme was originally posted by Willa of A Life That Is Less Ordinary. I think it is wise thing to share. Really, at the end of the week, I always shout out Thank God Its Friday!!! But I never look back on the things that made my week great. So thanks Willa.

- I am very thankful for franky' s productive week in school
- For the Stars that he got
- For giving me a ride with an honest Manong (Tricycle driver) ---for giving me back my change. Sometimes they don't and I don't want to argue.
- That I was able to spend time with friends from America.
- I was able to do my laundry on time.
- I was able to fix the hole under our cabinet.
- That I finally joined an event for bloggers. Red Ribbon Cake Launch.
- Met new friends. Mommy Salen, me and Mommy Peachy. (Another post from the event to follow).
- I won a Php600 GC from Red Ribbon. So Yehey! we have cake for Franky!
- Enjoying my Friday with the family. Preparing for Franky's 5th birthday!



Chris said...

beautiful post mommy... :) happy weekend! im glad you joined us today...

Tetcha said...

These are really precious moments captured in photos.

Clarissa said...

Good for you,Mommy Enchie!!Congratulations for winning at Red Ribbon!!Very fruitfull ang week mo--let's cheers to that!!^_^

I really love on how you took the pictures of your family and yes,it really amazes me,too!!^_^

Enjoy your weekend,too Mommy Enchie!!Mahaba din ang holiday dito so absent muna ako sa ere.Give my regards to Peachy!!^_^

Yami said...

I love your son's first pic. Its so simple shot pero it has something na parang mata-touch ang emotion mo. :)

congrats sa blogger event and for winning a prize. :)

To Franky, Happy Birthday in advance. :)

SASSY MOM said...

I love Franky's photo! And I am so glad that we have met personally.

Have a happy weekend!

♥Willa♥ said...

I love that pics of Frankie too,
and your TGIF post, I love it, really, most of the time we always wait for the big and great things before we say our Thank you prayers to God, but we forgot all this li'l simple things that surround us everyday.Like what you said, be thankful for the nice trike driver, for the friends, just be thankful for everything.
Happy weekend, Enchie :)

teJan said...

yah.. your boy looks so nice there;) Happy MM mommy Enchie!

Lulu said...

i love the picture... i like picture yong tipong stolen shot

kikamz said...

that's indeed a lot to be thankful for this week ench. i love franky's photo too! it speaks so much of wonder, awe, simplicity, innocence and beauty.

Mys said...

I love the photo, but I miss the photo of Franky looking as if he's whispering sweet nothings to you. Kontra ba? Great photos and what a great entry! So fulfilling to read.

Mys said...
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Bambie dear ★ said...

wow i love all the shots, especially Frankie's toothless smile, so pure. Hubby also showed a perfectly natural smile..Ang galing mo na talaga A. Enchie =)

DhoyM said...

Hi Enchie, Love this mommy moments! The first picture is gorgeous. Loved the black and white photo. I hope you already have a big copy of this pic hanging on your wall.

Jes said...

ang kyut ng mag ama =)