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11 September 2009

If there is something that my husband and I really need and at the same time we badly want... that is a new vehicle to drive. Our car is old. It is a well- maintained car. But we still don't want to risk using it for long drives. Especially going to the North. There were times that we would cancel plans, because we feel that it is not safe to bring the car. Renting ? it wouldn't be as fun, if you know your time is limited. That way, every minute of your enjoyment is being metered.

This is not a paid ad. I just want to share what I have been discussing with my partner lately. And I am proud to say, that we desperately need it.
Smiley Face
Our eyes have been drooling over the new Toyota Hilux. We want a pick up for our next automobile. Something we can use on rough roads, something that has room for excess baggage, perfect for long roads trips and something nice to be handed over to our son.
Look at this hottie. Still happy to say, we can't afford it yet.Smiley Face

That's life, we gotta save for the things we want. We never use card or installment scheme when it comes to purchasing gadgets, tools and the likes. It is always in cash. We both learned it from our parents. Learning to wait is part of it too. Our parents did it. Might as well follow using their will power in order to achieve it. It will surely take a very long time though. Preparing for this big baby is next.


kittykat said...

gusto ko rin ng pick-up Mommy Enchie..pero I love DMax more..basta I love big cars..tapos ako mag drive..a woman driving a big car like that..it totally rocks!

Enchie said...

I agree Kat! I learned how to drive using a big van. And its so cool talaga, plus very roomy.

pehpot said...

kame naman I think we need a bigger one.. lumalaki na ang pamilya:)

onlinemommy said...

Very practical Mommmy Ench to have a pickup or bigger car especially if we have kids. Very comfortable for long drives. This is also our preference, if God permits us to have our own vehicle. But I will keep in mind what you've share, to buy it in cash. Cguro by that time na magkacash kami, Vintage car na ung Toyota Hilux. hehehe

""rare*jonRez"" said...

pareho pala tayo mommy! ako rin, i'm dying to have a new car pero di pa rin ma-afford. lol sige lang, it will come someday, right? keep dreaming! hahaha.

Clarissa said...

Yan siguro ang di namin pwedeng kuning sasakyan kasi mas mahilig ang asawa ko sports car ( our family car) and still a Honda lover pa rin hanggang ngayon.Hope that you can get your dream car someday,Mommy Enchie!!^_^

kikamz said...

that is one hot car ench, but i know it comes with a hefty price too! but i won't be surprised if one day, you get to own this one. di naman mahirap basta pinagplanuhan lang ng maayos. di ba?