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06 July 2009

First Blog I Really Admired... Jean's

a great pleasure
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Time Goes By

A Great Pleasure was one of the sites I often visited. I only have my Multiply back then. She was very warm. Crossing from Multiply to Blogger wasn't easy. Some bloggers snubbed me. I found it very rude. Blogging will always be blogging regardless of what domain you're using.

In order to break the sad feeling from that unpleasant experience, I created my own Blogspot and worked my way to connect with other bloggers. This time, I searched for people with humility. One of them was Jean.. She welcomed me to the Blogger world with open-arms.

A Great Pleasure is a site composed of her stories featuring her artistic side, inspirational thoughts on life and especially her love for food. Through her site, I met friends (like Janice of This Is A Miracle) and I got introduced to various tags and memes such as the Weekend Snapshot. Not only that, she made me feel even more special when she created a Multiply account just to be able to comment on my blogs.


Isn't she the sweetest! Jean is a very thoughtful person. I haven't met her yet, but I know she's that very same being, or even better when I see her. Jean's site reminded me of friendship. The comments that her readers leave, signified a relationship not only between bloggers but as friends. By the way, Jean does Blog Makeovers too!

Tired of your old look? Get Jean to do a blog makeover!
Lastly, I am thanking Chris for opening this opportunity to give thanks to the blogs that inspired us from the very beginning.
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onlinemommy said...

Marami ngang snub mommy, lalo na ung mga mataas na ung PR :(

But just like you, I feel blessed kse may mga bloggers na very friendly and accommodating. You are one of them. Isa din si Mommy Chris, Mommy Jes, and Mommy Tetcha. With you people, I really feel the sincerity of your friendship, though we don't know each other personally ;)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis! ^_^ been busy lately ...but i am here now visiting you ^_^ have a great weekend. maybe sometime i will visit din ang mga blogs you posted here ^_^

Jacris said...

You have a point Enchie mukang marami nga snobbish blogger and I had a same situation before prang ang hirap i-introduce yung sarili mo,but thank God because marami paring lovely and sweet bloggers na ma-meet then eventually magiging friends mo like you!!! Lovely post Enchie, I will visit Jean's blog thanks for sharing.

Have a blissful Tuesday =)

Karen said...

Sorry that you got to experience that but i too have had the same but what matters are the one's who are nice and kind. Yaan mo sila ahehe so true din sabi ni onlinemommy pero they have to remember also where they came from.

Have a nice day :D

Enchie said...

Thank you ladies!!! you're all such great friends and bloggers :)

Chris said...

I would like to thank you for joining me at You Are Inspirational! :)

Hope to see you again next week!

By the way, dont forget to enter your name and URL MckLinky on my site so others can drop by at Jean's site too..

Clarissa said...

Masarap talagang maraming kaibigan kahit dito mo lang name-meet sa ere.I have also found friends here and I'd like to thank YOU too for being friendly,Mommy Enchie!!^_^

pehpot said...

that is so true, I have the same experience and to think na I already on my blogging feet then..

It's a good thing that Chris utilized my Blog review?featured site idea and turned it into a's a good way to earn back links and at the same time meet new friends

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