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13 July 2009

I have 2 sets of Blogrolls. A list of the Blogger Moms, and a set of random sites I enjoy going to and would highly recommend for you guys to visit. I just filtered my bloglist after getting my new template. This entry is going to be based on the new bloglist.Both blogroll are randomly arranged.
For the Xtraordinarymoms, Mommy Jac's Mom’s Special Diary is first on my list. First time I visited Mommy Jac's site, I felt warmness.
I haven't met her, haven't heard from her yet that time. But it gave a good feeling that this Mom Blogger is a friend for everyone. And knowing her through her sweet messages and stories, she is indeed a great person.

The Awesome Sites first feature on the list is the Weekend Snapshot.

My very first meme since I joined Blogger. Weekends are always spent freely. We choose to do whatever we want. And I found the idea of posting a weekend snapshot a perfect way of sharing an experience at the same time photos for shutter- bugs.
I met most of my online friends through Weekend Snapshot. The Weekend Snapshot is now being taken cared of at Slack-Jawed. Please still join this Weekend Meme!
I will be back as soon as I settle my tasks.

Do join Us at: You Are Inspirational


pehpot said...

mukha nga friendly si Mommy jacris :)

Make or Break

Genejosh said...

Mommy Jacris is indeed friendly..she's on my list too...

have heard of weekend snapshot too...visit this some other time...

here's my entry:

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Tasty Exploration

Seiko said...

You're absolutely right about her Mommy Enchie,this the second time I featured Jack here in you're inspirational.Happy Tuesday!
Btw,thanks for the visit & left me a comment as you go:) Hugs!

Chris said...

she has a very inspirational and warm site indeed! thanks for joining!