Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009

10 July 2009

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Here is my list of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009. I divided my list into categories based on how these bloggers inspired me.

Family, Life, As a Blogger, Being a Foodie and My Love for taking Pictures.

1. The Mommy Journey - is a site where I grabbed some strength to be able to establish Sweet Nothings. Chris' site showed the meaning of being selfless. She is one of first Mother Bloggers I met early in my Blogger (pertaining to blogspot) career. Her thoughts about family and life continues to inspire me each day.

2. Smart Mommy- Fickleminded. I see Willa as a Mother gifted with special abilities. From digital photography, digi- scrapping, various food adventures and her love for her family. I followed this site from the very beginning I joined the community, and I was impressed on how colorful this Mother's life is.

3. Mom's Special Diary- First time I visited Mommy Jac's site, I felt warmness.I haven't met her, haven't heard from her yet that time. But it gave a good feeling that this Mom Blogger is a friend for everyone. And knowing her through her sweet messages and stories, she is indeed a great person.

4. My Little Angels- Is Reality itself. Jes is a very honest Mother/ person. Her stories signifies great truth of what life is all about. And it answers that, it is having a happy family.

5. Just About Anything- It is really Just About Anything! The free-flow of Life and Family. The Author and her family travelled most of the time. The stories from her travel experiences opened my mind to a different meaning of what an extraordinary life is all about..

6. Yummy As Can Be- My influence to post recipes and some thoughts on food. Liza owns several sites that featured recipes of different kinds. Cooking tips I've never known before. I was thinking of posting her other sites, but then, she already created a Cooking and Dining site. We actually created our food blogs both at the same time. And congratulated each other for this new blogging milestone.

7. A Great Pleasure - If I'm going to choose a site that says it all, it is going to be Jean's. It is one of the sweetest sites I discovered in this blogging journey of mine. I quote from a recent post: " The comments that her readers leave, signified a relationship not only between bloggers but as friends. "

8. Make or Break- Talk about having good and smart sense of humor. This site has all the positive a person could ever imagine. I like Mommy Peh for introducing the real side of being a person and a friend. This site contains equality and various posts that society needs to know. From events, stories on life, laughter, inspiration and interests.

9. Sassy Mom’s Corner - Short, but I have a very important reason why... I truly admire her photos! I'm even too shy to ask what camera she's using...

10. Musings Of A Vicks Inhaling Man- A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Every photo in this site has a story to tell.

Theres so much Blog Sites I wish to include... Every site in my blogroll has great influence in my blogging life. I even share with my husband how I love all of these sites. May I also take this chance to share that for every site that captures my heart, that site goes directly to my list. Regardless whether we exchange links or not. Any site that will make me smile. Thanks to those who embraced Sweet Nothings by linking it up.


Chris said...

hello Enchie! i am honored to be part of your list. Coming from you, it means a lot from me! thanks from the bottom of my heart!

by the way, dont forget to go to to post a comment about your post so that it gets counted :)

happy weekend!

Enchie said...

Thank you Chris...

dio t'ama said...

Thank you, Mommie Enchie for including me in your Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009.

It feels great that my simple blog we recognized by a great blogger like you.

Take care.

Snow said...

Congrats sa mga nominees! :)

Kelvin Servigon said...

congrats sa mga nominees!!! :D

Seiko said...

Congrats to your Nominees & congrats to you too,deserving to be nominated & it really shows a lot in here.Have a Blessed weekend!:)

pehpot said...

Thanks for including me on your list Ench :)

Make or Break

Janette Toral said...

Please note that FickleMinded, All About Elizabeth, and Sassy Mom's Corner started before May 2008.

All About Anything is already deleted. Please advise when you update. Thank you.

Beth said...

Hi Enchie,
Thanks so much for the nomination. I am so touched! But sadly, my blog is not qualified!!! though I just resurrected my blog last Oct. 08, after writing only 3 posts on 2007 then after nun wala na, I think di pa din siya qualified e. Kasi dapat daw after ng May 8 2008 na-put up ung blog.
Pero it is so okay lang with me, I appreciate this so much Enchie!!!
I will always remember this. Thanks thanks!!!

kikamz said...

Hi ench! This is such an HONOR! I never expected someone would nominate me, especially you. THANKS from the bottom of my "hypothalamus"! It means a lot coming from you, REALLY.. I really do enjoy reading your blog too. It inspires me to be an xtraordinary mom and reminds me to be humble. God bless!

anyway, we are back from our trip. we had to cancel the last two itineraries due to exhaustion. hope to post our travel experiences and photos pretty soon.

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, Enchie! I am so touched to have been nominated by you. You just don't how heart warming it is for co-bloggers to recognize me. Especially my photographs -- I am a newbie at photography... walang background. Btw, my DSLR is Nikon D60 which I just recently acquired.

Enchie said...

Thanks Sassymom!, Beth and Kikamz! you guys sure do inspire me.

Janette Toral said...

Hi Enchie. Kindly complete your qualified top 10 list on or before August 3 in order to be counted.

For inclusion in the raffle, please include the latest list of sponsors.

Thank you.

jan geronimo said...

Hi Enchie,

I'm Jan Geronimo of WritingToExhale. I write about blogging, writing and the social media. Can you consider me to your top 10 list? I'd be much honored if you do.

Let me recommend as well two great mom bloggers:

1. Dee of Tales from the Mom Side
2. Fedhz of Home Buddies/Fedhz.Com

Or 3 prolific creative writers and one great young blogger:

1. Roy of the StrugglingBlogger.168center
2. Doc Z of Zorlone
3. Angel of FatherBlogger
4. Kelvin of Kelvinonian Ideas.

Thanks. ",)

Dee said...


I hope you will consider nominating my blog as well as the other blogs mentioned by Jan above. Thank you.

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